Wordless Wednesday | My joy

20130529-212524.jpgHow you have grown, dear Faith. Mommy and Daddy love you very much. May you continue to be full of joy.

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Wordless Wednesday | Expanding my collection

Just so that I will not take food pictures using the same old plates and bowls every time, I have gone to my mom’s and gathered some to add to my collection. Now, I just need to find the space to store them. No, it’s not a good idea to place them on the countertop. No…no….no…

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Wordless Wednesday: French Food Rules

Finally completed the reading of French Kids Eat Everything. The rules above are a reminder to myself. Countdown to starting solids on Faith starts today!

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CNY eve, according to my iphone pics

20130210-054251.jpg1. Morning breakfast @ Starbucks. I really do love their green tea latte.
2. Baked Hokkaido cupcakes with Pris’ recipe. They turned out better than the previous attempt’s.
3. Reunion dinner @ Koko’s. What a lot of scrumptious food and Peranakan, of course!

picasion.com_7cb4335577e09288b0d89b7f7f30d1dfAnd it’s sooooo difficult to get a decent photo of Faith…

quek familyAnd a family portrait of the Queks!

@ 33 weeks

For the fun of it, I asked the hubs to indulge me and helped me take some photos of the bump. Just for fun.

And so as of today, I have gained 10kg thus far. Goodness! The tummy seems bigger and obviously heavier. Had trouble sleeping and the shoulders and back ache so much. When is this going to end?

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