Christmas wreath, 2015 edition

December is here! And that means Christmas is approaching! Similar to the previous year, I would be busy scouting for craft ideas for Faith and the first craft that we did was the Christmas wreath.


For the 2014 edition of the wreath, all Faith needed to do was to tear some papers into pieces and paste them onto the round cardboard using double-sided tape. This year, I got her to use the glue and wrap the cardboard using green and red origami paper.

The materials are all recycled and I used whatever stuff I have in my craft bag.


So Faith just needed to follow the red, green, red, green pattern to complete her share of the wreath which was an easy task, I feel. Thereafter, I got her to flatten some small cupcake cases and paste it on the cardboard.


Her part. Completed.


Next, I used a brown string and encircled the wreath with it, followed by attaching two bears at the bottom of the wreath. The wreath would look better with brown bears but those are the ones we have. It’s better than nothing!


These bears will welcome you if you visit us. I’m hoping I could read more stories about Christmas to Faith and spend some time working on more craft. Let’s just see how things will progress. 😉