Completion of our first Safari Zoo Run 2017

Over the weekend, our family participated in our very first Safari Zoo Run and it was indeed an enjoyable morning spent! We chose the 2.5km family dash because the girl was just 4 years old and we wouldn’t want to drag an exhausted girl all the way to the finish line. Moreover, we brought Daniel along. 5km run can wait.


Our run was the last category to commence at 9.30am which is a comfortable time for young kids! However, that would mean that parking could be an issue. We made our way and reached an hour before the starting time but had a slight problem looking for a carpark lot. Thankfully, there was valet available.

img_7251Reached finally and all eager to start!

We were among the last few families to assemble at the start pen and were at the last wave to be flagged off. We had to wait for another 15 more minutes but it was all necessary due to safety reasons. This being the ninth year for the Safari Zoo Run, we could definitely count on the expertise of the organisers in making the run a smooth and safe one. Just imagine the bottlenecks if all of us started off at the same time.

Thankfully, the weather was superb that day.

Flag off! It was a pleasant start to the run because the participants were all gracious and friendly and looked out for one another. It was really a joy to see so many parents participating with their kids. Faith was all excited and started running in the beginning but slowed down soon after. We were expecting complaints and whines but thankfully, the animals distracted her!


She got all excited along the way as she could view the various creatures. “Mama, come and see! Look!” So our family dash was interrupted by the need to gaze at the animals and you could just sense the kids’ wonder and amazement. Daniel who was in the running stroller truly enjoyed the sights.There’s wasn’t much fuss from him. It is, after all, his first time to the zoo! 

Doesn’t look like a run at all! Families were stopping along the way to snap pictures!

Waterpoints that weren’t crowded


I must remember to pack in snacks when we participate in a similar type of run the next time round because the kids cried for food after just 1km of activity.


The family dash was truly an enjoyable experience for us. We met the lions, white tiger, kangaroos, monkeys, polar bear and many more which made our run a tad longer than expected. After we reached the finish line, the girl still wanted to see more of the animals which was totally possible since participants were entitled to free admission to the zoo and River Safari on that day. The Safari Zoo Run provided us with not just great family bonding opportunities but the chance to share with the girl about wildlife conservation.

Did you know….


And with that, we completed our first run for the year as a family! We had an awesome experience throughout. The collection of the race entry pack at Marina Square was smooth and fast and the race itself was fun and totally enjoyable. Well-organised. Thumbs up!

Oh yes, we even got to visit the Zoo-Rassic Park where the girl had been asking to visit. We certainly are looking forward to participate again! 

Disclaimer: HiVelocity Events has kindly sponsored our family with the Safari Zoo Run Race Slots so that we could experience the race for ourselves and share it with our readers. No monetary compensation is involved and all opinions are my own.


DNC : SpongeBob run

DNC means Did Not Compete & Complete in this case. I was looking forward to have a good family run at Sentosa but it didn’t turn out the way I envisioned it to be.

I assure you that we set off for the race with much anticipation. We were all smiles especially Faith. Alas….

For those of you who have signed up and completed the race, I could only envy. But the fact is the walk to the starting point from the carpark was a tad long and by the time we reached the carnival, the girl was complaining of tiredness. To add to that, she did not like to walk on sand and was whining the whole time, thus exasperating me.

It was overcast as well and half the time, the hubs and I were contemplating if we should head back lest it poured. We didn’t want the kids to fall sick as a result of being caught in the rain and in the end, decided that we should just head back.

It was really crowded at the actual scene. I think if I was to come with friends, I would have enjoyed it, never mind the sand which is a terrain I’m not keen to run on. There were so many opportunities for good pictures to be captured but we only managed these two.

I think I’m too ambitious. Faith is not ready for a long distance run (what was I thinking???) and the most she could do is perhaps those ‘quick dash’ or 800m run. I must also make sure that it’s concrete road that she will be running the next time I sign her up.

In the end, we went for Bak Kut Teh. Sigh! No output but input. Oh well…

Run with peace of mind

We are days away from the upcoming Spongebob run in which we would participate as a family. I’m a bit apprehensive because I know that the girl wouldn’t last that distance – 5km – and we are ready to get her to hop onto the Hauck Viper stroller while I carry the boy in the carrier.

I thought I should just take advantage of the Customer Care Program that comes with the purchase of any Hauck product.


So we went down to the showroom last week to get the stroller checked and serviced. Now, we can certainly run with peace of mind. Hopefully, the weather would be awesome!


Spongebob Run Singapore

Following the previous run, I’m looking forward to yet another one. This time round, I hope to be participating with da man and the kids.

Enter Nickelodeon’s first ever SpongeBob Run in Asia which will flag off in Singapore on 6 August 2016 at Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa. Join SpongeBob SquarePants in search of his missing best friend Patrick Star via this fun run which will see participants cover a five kilometre route showcasing iconic landmarks from the underwater city of Bikini Bottom, including the Krusty Krab, and the houses that SpongeBob, Patrick and Squidward Tentacles live in.


I thought this fun run could encourage families to get out and run together, especially in the lead-up to National Day, no?

The race course is lined with many trigger-happy opportunities for participants to snap a #wefie with SpongeBob and his friends in life-size cutout boards, such as Sandy Cheeks in her pressurized suit and SpongeBob’s pet sea snail Gary. Fun, isn’t it?


There are two categories of race entitlement packs:

:: For BASIC (S$49.50 per pax), participants will receive an official event t-shirt, an event medal and a runner’s license.

:: For NORMAL (S$59.50 per pax), in addition to receiving an official event t-shirt, an event medal and a runner’s license, participants will go home with an exclusive SpongeBob Run Singapore plush and drawstring bag.


On that day, a carnival filled with nautical-themed activities, food and beverages, awaits SpongeBob fans and their families. At the end of the race, fans can enjoy a screening of three episodes of SpongeBob SquarePants with their loved ones. The first 30 participants who finish the race will get the opportunity to meet SpongeBob and Patrick.


Sounds interesting? If you are ready for an evening of fun for your family, do register for the race at the SpongeBob Run Singapore 2016 website.

Oh, wait a minute! Before you do that, you could use this promo code SBXLYNN to get $5 off for any of the 2 categories. But do hurry as this promotion is valid only till 4 August 2016. 

We will be taking part as a family and I need to start training the girl already! Two more months to go! For your information, only strollers are allowed in the event and free admission is granted for children below 0.9m in height provided they are accompanied by an adult taking part in the race (Terms and Conditions applies). However, they would not receive any race entitlements.


See you there?

SpongeBob Run Singapore
Saturday, Aug 6, 2016, 04:00 pm 08:00 pm
Siloso Beach Sentosa Singapore, Singapore

Disclaimer: We were invited by X-Change Republic on behalf of Nickelodeon and sponsored with a pair of complimentary tickets for SpongeBob Run Singapore. Images and information pertaining to the run are provided by them. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are as usual, my own.




Shape Run 2013 with Capella’s ConyTM (S230T-13)

IMG_8525Faith and I participated in the Shape Run’s Stroller Fun Run and I must say this is perhaps the most ill-prepared run that I have had. Though it was a short distance, running with a fussy baby in a stroller could prove challenging.

The stroller fun run was postponed by 30 minutes which was a good move by the organiser since young children need their beauty sleep. Mabel, Cherie and I reached the site at around 7.15am from Crawford Street, skipped the security check (oops! loophole!) and waited for the rest of our ‘team’. The other categories had already commenced and we waited for ours to start. I was really praying that Faith would not be cranky as she didn’t have a good rest yesterday. Other than that, it was a great day for running though we were hoping that the weather could be cooler!


Our group of mummies has been training for this run with the Capella ConyTM (S230T-13) strollers and finally this day has arrived! A group picture first before we start our engines! 😉


Faith was crying her heart out during the photography session and refused to sit in the stroller. I had to resort to something which I don’t normally do – give her biscuits to pacify her. Oh well, perhaps she really was hungry and warm! It’s a hot day after all.



The thoughtful organiser gave us colourful balloons to the mummies in a bid to distract the babies when we were running. Oh, I think we really need them! I’m not sure about the other kids but Faith sure looked happy with those balloons! And with that, we started the 2.4km fun run!

There wasn’t a lot of participants for this category and thus the space was wide enough for us which is good. For me, the only aimIMG_8557 was to quickly finish the run so that Faith won’t fuss in the stroller. From experience, Faith couldn’t last more than 2km in the stroller and would want to be carried after that. So, I tried to run jog as fast as my legs could carry me. Midway through, I felt incredibly thirsty and then I realised I didn’t bring water along and there’s no waterpoint for this category! Gosh! All the more, I need to get this run over and be done with.

Thankfully, Faith didn’t fuss! During the run, she turned her head and looked at me with a smile and the tired mom had to force a ‘hi!’ in return. The other mummies were encouraging and cheered one another on. That’s the spirit! The road was smooth and this made the run really enjoyable. The stroller was easy to manoeuvre and survived the run. Hurray!



The run was over in about 15 minutes and I was exhausted! Must have been the heat. Overall, this was a pleasant experience and I really enjoyed running with the other mummies.

After the run, guess what we did?


Guess what we are going to do?


Taking selfie!

Taken by the selfie expert, Mabel!

Taken by the selfie expert, Mabel!


Having loads of photography time

And Faith was visibly tired

And Faith was visibly tired


We made it, baby!

With this, I completed another item on my to-do list! Check!

Till the next race!

Till the next race!


From the first day I received the Capella ConyTM (S230T-13) stroller to the race day, the stroller has served us well. It has gone through rough handling (I’m not that dainty, you see) and a few hard knocks, travelled well on undulating terrains and granted us a few good training sessions. Though it is not a jogging stroller, it still provides a stable, secure and protected ride for Faith especially when we go jogging. A good all-rounded stroller, I must say.

Find out more information about Capella’s strollers via their facebook page.

Disclosure: I was gifted with one set of the Capella ConyTM S230T-13 Smart Travel System for the purposes of test and review. Registration fee  and transportation allowance for the Shape Run were provided for. No other compensation was received and all opinions are mine.

Photo credits: Amazingly Still & Capella Strollers Singapore