Mother’s Day 2019 edition

This year was the first year that I received something meaningful from the kids for Mother’s Day. Nope, I’m not huge on surprises or any grand celebration. I just need… peace. ✌🏼 It’s an easy request yet a difficult one to fulfil, at this point in time. 😅

A dear mom friend whose kids are young adults now always reminded me to cherish them when the kids are at this adorable stage. They are chatty and a lot of fun. This period won’t last.

I hang on to her words tightly and ask the Lord ever so often to help me enjoy them, despite the many frustrating moments. My kids help me see the many flaws in me and how much I needed Jesus.

The girl penned down her thoughts for her mom after being urged by yours truly to write an appreciation note to her. The words were completely her own and as I read that, I felt a little encouraged that all these years of nurturing her hasn’t been in vain. What do I hope to see in her? That she would learn to be thankful and that she would follow the Lord all the days of her life.

That morning, I was served breakfast. Well, sort of.

So there’s no Mother’s Day dinner or whatever but I’ve a family that the Lord has blessed me with. I’m contented.

Ending this post with a song sung by the boy. So cute. I’m biased, I know.

Blessed Mother’s Day, to all the moms out there. 辛苦了。