Stamping Ground Coffee

One of the perks of being a SAHM is to be able to have brunch with fellow moms during the weekdays and more often than not, you won’t meet with a crowd. Of course, if you can get someone to help mind the baby for just a short period of time, it would really be an awesome ME time activity.

A few days ago, I checked out the Stamping Ground Coffee along Upper East Coast Road and was totally mesmerized by the interior. What a relaxing place! I just love everything about the decor!


Since it was a weekday, there were only a few customers and I felt totally at ease with Daniel.

Soon, my mommy friends arrived and we had a heart-to-heart talk about things that matter to us. It was really serene and I would recommend this place!


I had my usual cafe latte and since we met for brunch, we had a go at their food.


I must say it’s satisfying!

The other side of the cafe houses a beautiful space where floral arrangement and jamming could be conducted – Dawn Q Floral Design. It’s such an inviting space! I must find time to have a floral jamming session, just for the fun of it!

Definitely going back for more. Grab a book or something. It’s a place for retreat!

Stamping Ground Coffee
87 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455223

Kith @ Robertson Quay

We have heard good stuff about Kith so da man and I decided to visit the cafe for ourselves. There are three branches – Robertson Quay, Park Mall and Sentosa Cove – and we chose the first because we saw from a website beautiful pictures of this branch. There is even a play area for kids and Faith would like it!

How disappointed we were.20130823-062859.jpg

The seemingly ‘big’ play space that we saw from the picture turns out to be just a space outside the shop. The cafe itself is small and cannot accommodate any tables; you can only take your orders. The tables and chairs are found along the corridor and the space outside the shop, giving it an alfresco setting which is nice.

Thankfully, the service and coffee were good. The breakfast that we had was okay, not excellent, but all right. I was expecting more but I guess I have pitched my expectations to be a tad high. Come to think of it, maybe I ordered the wrong stuff?

Another plus point about Kith is that they open very early – 7am – and perhaps this is the reason why there were so many families around when we reached. It’s a nice place to chill despite the limited seating. We were just wondering what would happen if it rains.

Kith cafe

Kith cafe

Play area for kids

Play area for kids

Alfresco setting

Alfresco setting

Ham & cheese croissant & latte

Ham & cheese croissant & latte

Da man's big breakfast. Not too exciting, I regret to say.

Da man’s big breakfast. Not too exciting, I regret to say.

Faith got to play for a while. Hello, my friend!

Faith got to play for a while. Hello, my friend!

This is a family-friendly cafe indeed. There are boxes of toys and books for kids to get busy with. If you are not too concerned about cleanliness, the kids can just play by themselves as you sip a cup of coffee with your pals.

Kith @ Watermark
Robertson Quay
7 Rodyk Street
7am – 7pm

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Brewed coffee the quick and easy way


The hubs and I have a habit – we need to have a cup of coffee every morning to start the day off. Since we are both rushing for time, we resort to having our caffein  fix from 3-in-1 sachets. There is a whole range of such instant coffee in the market and we are certainly spoilt for choice. However, there is perhaps one main problem, as I see it -these 3-in-1 coffee contains high sugar content and I’m really not fond of that. Sometimes, I felt as if I’m drinking a cup of sugar but hey, where’s the coffee?

The solution? Coffee maker!


I like this Philips coffee maker because it is compact and does its job well. For those of us who do not have big kitchen, good appliances which do not take up too much of the countertop space is brilliant. Have I mentioned that this coffee maker is easy to clean and maintain? Isn’t this great?

If you are like me who have never used a coffee maker, allow me to show you how.

IMG_1606 IMG_1615
IMG_1621 IMG_1622
1. Fill the water tank with water.
2. Fill your favourite ground coffee.
3. Start brewing the coffee.
4. Enjoy your cup of coffee!

It’s that simple! And all these within a few minutes. Now my family can enjoy good filter coffee in the comfort of our home. IMG_1634

Read more about the coffee maker here.

The Philips Coffee Maker is available at a very affordable price of$38 (RCP: $49) during the Great Singapore Sale! So, what are you waiting for?

If you spend a minimum of $200 on selected Philips products in a single receipt from 1 June to 31 July 2013, you can participate in a lucky dip and win shopping vouchers! Another great reason to continue shopping!

Do follow Philips Twitter page at and participate in the Twitter games to win up to $100 shopping vouchers!

You can find out more here –

Disclaimer: I received the Philips Coffee Maker for the purposes of the review. All opinions stated herein are my own.