From a young age, I had been the plump girl in my family. Not a very comfortable label, you know? I gained more weight after 16 years old due to an inactive lifestyle and naturally became very insecure and lacked confidence. However, one night (it was a rainy night), I decided, that I would lead a healthy lifestyle and that had to start with my diet and to complement that, jogging.

It was a decision made and it has stuck with me for years. I shed my excess weight and along with it, developed a love for running, cycling and swimming.

I started taking part in 10km races in my mid 20s. Oh! The excitment and adrenalin rush in a race were just so amazing! I love races and then I decided, after completing a few 10-km races to try for a half-marathon which is a really comfortable distance if you have been trying 10km for years. In 2007, I decided to go for a full marathon. I love the completion not the training =p

I found triathlon when I realised that cross-training is good for me when I was concentrating on running. The muscles need to rest but in cross-training, I could allow the particular set of muscles to rest while working on others, making me physically stronger too. I started with a mini-triathlon by borrowing a bike so that I could compete. Of course, I was terrible with mountain bikes and was frustrated with my poor timing and decided to go for road bikes. Subsequently, I also signed up for Olympic-distance triathlon and eventually in 2008, I went for my first half-ironman. The best thing about all these sports is that they not only grant you relief from the stress of work, they also give you an opportunity to meet like-minded friends!

Fast-forward to being a mom…

Since having a child, my fitness regime has taken a back seat. I still jog and swim occasionally though I wish I could do more. I attend Pilates classes to strengthen my pelvic muscles and I guess doing household chores help to continue to keep me fit a wee bit. 😉


I hope to continue exercising for the sake of my children. In 2013, I did a stroller run with Faith and it was most delightful! More recently, we ran together in a mother-and-daughter 2km run!


Nike She Runs 5k

Boston Athletic Association 5K run
Boston Half Marathon

Sundown 10km Women’s run
New York ING Marathon


Total mileage: 677km @ 7 Dec

OCBC Cycle Singapore | 22 Feb –>3rd for age group (1:10:28) / 2nd for Team event

Aviva 70.3 | 22 Mar – 53:20/3:06:01/2:21:55 – 6:26:15  T1: 0:02:51  T2: 0:02:06

Bintan Tri | 23 May – DNF  0:41:27  T1: 0:01:08
Port Dickson Triathlon | 12 Jul – 0:47:19/ 1:32:02/ 1:00:31 – 3:21:22
MOE Olive Run |15 Aug | 5km – 26 min
AHM | 16 Jul | 21km – 2:15:28

dsc01272.jpg shox 


Osim Triathlon 13 July – 1:01:02/1:27:22/1:07:28 – 3hr 35 min
CSC Run (4.4km) 16 July
CGI 6-10 August
Marina Bay Run (Half Marathon) – 24 August – 2h 18min
Nike+ Human Race (10km) – 31August – 61 min


Standard Chartered Full Marathon 2 Dec 07 4 hr 53min
GE Run 07  10km – 57:45:45
Triladies super sprint Swim – 10.06 min; Bike – 27.22 min; Run – 16.05min
Shape Run 07 10km – 57 min
Sheares Bridge Run 12km – 1 hr 14 min
Saucony Run 10km – 01:01:07
Standard Chartered Half Marathon 06 – 2 hr 28 min

4 thoughts on “Fitness

  1. WOW!! How do you feel about fitness after you had Faith? I used to be in pretty good shape but that’s pretty much gone since I had two kids back to back and I’m finally getting the energy to get back to working out again.

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