I got a little emotional when K & I went down to OSIM Tri to see see look look. I missed the sports, the training and the race. I signed up for it but decided that it would be unwise and irresponsible of me to attempt without training. With the recent near-fainting incident, I had better not try anything funny.

The thing is, I signed up for 4 events this year and did not participate in 2 of them already – biathlon & triathlon. I didn’t attempt because I was busy with the wedding preparation and other commitments and training had to take a step back. In the end, I didn’t go for them because I believe that one has to train for an event. You cannot ‘suka suka’ go for any race without adequate preparation.

I have 2 more to go. Both are runs – one in May which I really hope to run with my gfs and of course the ONE important run which really kind of determine what I would be doing in Boston. So now, it’s time to dig out my marathon notes and my diary to plan for the training.

Well, sad is one thing but I’m glad that my friends who were not into such thing are now participating!

I made White Chocolate Chip cupcakes with a heavy heart because I also lost my NIKE wristband! (CRY). Cutting the amount of sugar and chocolate chips, they seemed ok. I think I would add more chips to them because they taste like the ordinary vanilla cupcakes now.

Ok. So I had signed up for the following:
Biathlon in March
Triathlon in April
10km run in May.

So exciting!

She did it! Again!


She is really superb! Wonder when another triathlete will take her place. Let’s wait and see. Meanwhile, congrats! Another inspiration.

I enjoyed the Port Dickson Triathlon!

Don’t get me wrong. There wasn’t any good timing. In fact, it was bad, thanks to so little training but as I have already told myself to just aim to have fun, I really had!

I guess this time round, there was company compared to the so many times when I had to do alone. The company was great, if not, crazy. Drove in and my heart was in the mouth. They were driving so fast and my car did not really have the power! If I should have any cardiac arrest, it would not be from sports, it was the speed at which they drove and the concern for my passengers. Thank God, we arrived safely after about 3.5 hours.

The Sat pretty much was about preparing ourselves, YY sleeping most of the time ;p, taking photos of participants, eating and more eating. The carbo-loading dinner was good, totally enjoyed the spread of food.


Sun. Our race. The sea was unclear, much like Singapore’s (but no jellyfish!). It was rather rough (but YY commented it was normal!!), esp in the swimming back to the shore. As usual, my sighting was damn poor and swam soooo far off (really very far) and then wasted time again to swim back. My gosh! Anyway, since I have prep myself that it was not a race, I took it real easy. When I came out of the water, it was already 47 min. My gosh..BAD!

The bike leg. I learnt the lesson of never underestimate training. Had only used my new bike thrice and did not really train in it. So when I attempted to switch Bravo, the chain came off. Well done man. Fixed it and then lost momentum, it’s cruising time. Vic went by, EJ and then Genevieve! Then I realised that I was really cruising and picked up my speed. By then it was a bit late…oh, never mind. No stress, have fun =)

Transition. I couldn’t find my bike slot and spent time looking for it. Mabel guided me (thanks!) and went off. Thanks to all the moening and afternoon run, the last leg was the best that I have attempted for the past few tris. There was muscle cramp initially but I just want to continue and ran on. I felt strong and wanted to finish with a smile and I did! Saw many YF people too and the encouragement received was great!

And so, of course, some of YF people were among the top 10 winners (how I miss training with you guys, the laughter and siao siao coach). I thought Maia could be top few if she really trains for it. She has got so much potential.

Overall, I enjoyed the tri. It feels good having no expectation and just do your own race. The organiser was thoughtful and ensured that it ran smoothly. It did and they deserved praises!

Now, awaiting fotos from Gen and YY.

Brace up!

With my very poor performance at Bintan, it is enough to tell me that I cannot underestimate training and be lazy. Like Nchan had put it,”You will be able to overcome all difficulties in sports if you put heart into it. Like everything in life. It’s all in your control.” I think I was really not serious in training and thus the results.

So K and I planned our training and of course, my intensity higher than his. At the same time, coach also emailed us about the new semester of swim training and I guess I pretty much will stick with YF for another three months in preparation for Desaru. Better get serious or I will die a terrible death there. And after that, it is really all about the Marathon at the end of the year.

Ok. Time to get serious. >_<


Decided to go for the race anyway since I have bought the ferry tix and booked the hotel room.
The check-in for bike was smooth; it will be transferred to the hotel directly and I didn’t need to worry about a thing. I was having headache throughout the ferry ride and was I glad to each the island. Upon reaching the hotel, we learnt that we need to pay to get to the Nirwana Gardens (I want to collect my pack and to go for briefing). It was S$25 per person per trip! I didn’t knew about it and we were advised that it would be more economical to purchase some combo thingy at around S$100 per pax! Siao! So, we decided to go for the briefing tomorrow and arrange for our own transport at S$24 per taxi. The hotel didn’t take the initiative to confirm our return ferry tix as well, unlike Nirwana Beach Club (we stayed there two weeks ago). All in all, we felt the whole saga was a real rip-off.

Sat. After a good complimentary brekky at the hotel, we packed our stuff and basically waited for time to pass before we proceeded to the race venue. It was quite intimidating as the participants all looked very fit and ‘seasoned’. You wondered if you were in an ‘ang mo’ country.

The race started. By about 200m into the swim, I was stung by jellyfish. So I have resigned to the fate that no matter what happens, there will be jellyfish, no point getting scared of them and giving up on the swim leg of the race. Then, the goggles fogged real bad and I couldn’t see clearly. Went off course so much and so often that a participant had to push me back ( I have since ditched the goggles at the end of the race). By the time I got up to go for my second round of the swim, I was feeling queasy and had cramps. Should I raise my hand to signal? But then decided against it and swam on. By this time, I was again stung by jellyfish. What the sheesh! I basically lost myself in the swim, alternating between frontcrawl and breaststroke, the latter becoming stronger. I was already exhausted.

By the time I got out of the water, it was already 41.27 min (eh, actually an improvement! Last Osim, it was 01:01:02!). Very very disappointing. I thought I did a good transition into the bike out (0:01:08). This time round, I was able to do everything systematically, without forgetting anything, unlike AVIVA (0:02:51). I took to the bike and it was a slope straight away. Spin! Spin!  Hydrate! Hydrate! However, when I was into my 15km, I vomitted. I really was feeling very uncomfortable. Basically wanted to let the bike go onto the grassy patch and fall. Then as if God has answered my prayer, my front wheel went psst! Flat!

I didn’t bring any kit (although Nchan has always reminded me to bring =( ) and I told the personnel that I would withdraw. Hopped onto the vehicle and following the last girl on her bike. By the time I reached the transition area, most have already completed. I think I would also have completed if I was in good health condition and if all went well.

K was there, looking darn worried. He knew all along that I was not feeling well and had advised me not to race. But I just really wanted to give it a try. At least I have tried. Sorry to make you worry!


It didn’t feel good to DNF. Anyone is capable of completing a race; it is just a matter of time. But I have underestimated training, overestimated myself. I have become complacent. My weakest link is the swim leg and I really ought to be consistent in my swim class. I definitely fear swimming in the open sea and of jellyfish a


nd all the more I need to overcome them. I really ought to take care of my health and not race when I am still sick.

Sometimes, I ask myself why on earth would I be bothered about training and all these races. I can also do my own race, aka simulate a real one. But it is the joy of coming together especially if you have company to race together. I may not be racing like a real competitor but to do that together with friends would be nice? And to know how far you can go would be pretty good?

Anyway, I would like to go back again and do it and I must remember to just do a day trip. No point spending that much money on an overnight stay.

Sunday, a normal day again. But the mood is oh-so-moody. Even the glorious food presented before me wasn’t delicious. It just tasted ….. yucky.

Mood: Moody.

The battle

The tap was turned on again. Surprised as it was the 3rd day of the medication and by right, there shouldn’t be any running nose. What the…!

While on the way to work, the mind was battling within, rationalising if I should go for the race.

“I paid much for this race leh!”
K: “Ah yah, it’s not about the money. I pay for you.”
That’s not the point!

“Sometimes I wonder why I pay to go through all these. I can just do my own race, clocking the same distance and covering the same route.”
K: “Well…..”
OK, it’s about benchmarking.

“What a waste of leave if I don’t race!”
K: “Just take it as taking a break. You need rest.”

Haiz… It’s so much like giving up and having no fighting spirit. I’m not sure if I will enjoy myself if I race or would I suffer. Haiz…ok, if I don’t race, I will take photos of the participants then. SIGH!


Haiz…please, body, please cooperate. If you get well, you can participate in the race. Need not RACE but just enjoy the fun.

The throat is getting worse at night and now the body is aching. Man…
I’ll just bring all my gears to standby in case I get well enough to participate on Saturday. If not, then no choice. Gotta watch others race.



The meeting really drained me out. By 11am, I couldn’t tahan already and was shaking my legs away impatiently. It must have been a sight!

Happy that the SH study trip was postponed to May and that means I could go for Tang Quartet concert and attend the conference that I signed up for!

And with that confirmation, I signed up for Bintan Tri which I have to leave for the trip a day after the race. How exciting!

Now, got to work over the weekends…. sigh!

results analysis

OK. Results’ out. Was placed 9th in my category. Hmm…don’t know if I was happy or sad but the scale tends to go towards the =(

Anyway, there’s cause to be happy. Well, based on last year’s Osim which was 1.5km swim, I took 1:01:02 but for this 1.9km swim, I took 53:20 min. Whoah! That was improvement for me! Of course, I could do much better, I hope and so it’s continuation of swim class for me!

Bike leg. Hmm… I definitely believe I could do better. Hate to climb and my avg speed for the slopes was less than 25km/h. Goodness! I must improve! 03:06:01

Run leg. Hmm…I thought I walked a lot and my timing was 3 min more than the previous Army half marathon. Is there something wrong with the measurement? Anyway, this leg is definitely one that I want to improve. 02:21:25.

Anyway, it was a good experience. What a good way to spend a Sunday.

The day. What a day!

Woke up, had my brekky and off to Big Splash with K-san. It was drizzling and I was hoping that this won’t continue. Saw someone from swim class and he was one of the official photographers! Good… he said he would look out for me (and indeed, he took a few shots of me during the running leg.heheheh) and saw Michelle who had already set up her stuff. It’s good to have company for races, rather than doing it alone.

Swim leg. It was good in the beginning until the water got choppy. The guys came soon after and I got scared. Previous experience told me that I would get hammered. I would have swum at a leisurely pace if not for the fact that I was stung by jellyfish. Man! The pain! From that moment, I increased my speed and got out at around 52 min.

Ran into transition and heard a few people call my name. Ahhh…the boys from Swiss Valley! One of them was at the transition and telling me not to panic, calming me down. I went off with my bike and did a very terrible thing. I forgot my shade and TURNED back, hitting a fellow participant. And I was scolded. SORRY!

The bike leg was fun. But along the way, I saw some who had to pull out because of punctured tyres and praying that I would not meet with the same fate. Thankfully, all was okay and I came in at my own targetted timing.

The run leg was the most difficult. My legs were cramped and I couldn’t run and this was just into my first 3km. Arghhh..Apparently, the helpers were not very quick with deep heat and I had to wait for a while before they could find one. Sigh!!! Then it was stomach cramp..sigh!!! I really wanted to give up. The pain was bad, not excruciating but uncomfortable. But the thought of DNF and all the months and money that went into training really put the idea off. Along, the way, Michelle, May, N-chan and some fellow swimmers from swim class encouraged me. Of course, there were those sweet supporters who cheered me on. Thank you for being there, everyone of you. No need to mention names right?


I came in at my own targetted time under 6.5 hours. I’m happy for a first-time HIM. The run leg was most crucial, I feel and I need to improve on that. I had little training on brick session and I ought to work at it. This race opened my ears to one word – F**K- I’ve never heard so much of this in one occasion. Scary…

The post-race meal was errr…not delectable at all. rojak, satay and some more fried food. In the end, I took some poached vegetables and chips before having Magnum and instant noodles. What crappy food for a post-race meal and it cost S$50 or was it S$30 for it??? In any case, it was still not worth it.

Jacuzzi, sea salt scrub & sports massage. Ahhhhh...

Jacuzzi, sea salt scrub & sports massage. Ahhhhh...

After the race, went to the first aid and got treated for the sting before setting off sometime later to Laguna Country Club for a spa treatment courtesy of K-san =) I thought it was good but apparently, the man didn’t have the same sentiments. Dinner was at Botak Jones…sudden craving even though I felt full after a few bites.


It was a perfect day. The weather was superb (it helps to have such good weather. Reminded me of CGI). The post-activity for me was wonderful. My apologies for not meeting you guys after the race. Would very much want to take photos with you, esp Sha who is my regular supporter in races.

Will I tri again? Why not? Bintan is next…That reminded me. I need to sign up soon!

The eve.

I did it again. ‘Lao sai’ three times in the morning. What’s new? I am always the kan cheong spider nearing race day. Better release all so that I would not encounter such a state on the actual day.


Checked in my bike before meeting K-san. He had bought me tix to Kumar’s stand up comedy after I had to give up my tix to go for the briefing. As usual, yours truly is truly last-minute and a blur queen, didn’t check properly before agreeing to the Friday’s show. Sigh! Totally enjoyed the show and it was a good 1 1/2 hour laughing session though I still felt his previous gigs were better.


Preparing now for the race. It’s so much like packing for a trip. Hahahhahaha….I’m glad to be able to make it for Lele’s birthday party. Seeing the kids made me happy.

Ok… A better tomorrow. Thank you guys who sent me well-wishes. Appreciate much! =)

2 more days.

Friday! Yea! Love Fridays because it is dress-down day and basically I love to be clad in jeans. Today was kind of nice with few in the office and basically that means not much interference and meetings! Work gets done faster! 


Carbo loading continued and today’s lunch was colours fried rice (lynn’s creation) and the loading continued into the night. Collected race pack and hmm, it’s quite pathetic in terms of the contents, considering the amount we have to pay. Dinner? Well…not very appertising either. BUt since I am not racing for the sake of the race pack nor the food, I think I just have to accept it ;p (what can I do, right?).

Today had been quite an inspiring day. The newspaper reported one dude who suffered from cancer taking part in the HIM, against all odds and to prove that nothing is impossible. Michelle, from swim class, shared with me how she got started with tri, having crashed her bike (and w/o helmet!) in the very early years of learning to cycle and had to take 4 months to recover. JUst started swim class in Jan this year and learning to cycle again late last year and she is now taking part in this. Whoah! She had the ‘just-do-it’ mentality!


I need more of these stories. Indeed, people join races for various reasons. Some to win (like the elites on the stage during carbo loading dinner), some to achieve their PB, some to prove to themselves/others that they can make it, against all odds and of course, some, just to have fun.

I just want to enjoy myself. I think I can =) I love the spirits of the athletes during a race. Those encouraging words that you hear from fellow racers and the pain you see on the faces…simply attractive. ;p

Note: No coffee before race. Will activate bowels, resulting in undesirable pain ;p

7 more days…

Sea swim today in preparation for THE Race. The waters, murky as usual, and this time we were all bitten by some bugs. It had this stinging effect and it’s hard to focus on the swim when you also need to scratch the affected area. And as usual, the goggles got fogged up and I went off course…sigh!

Was encouraged by the swim, if only the distance was really the actual 1.9km. Nonetheless, I shall stay optimistic and enjoy myself this Sunday.

Drove to familiarise myself with the cycling route and send bike for service. Bought those gels which I consumed one earlier in the day and it worked well for me.

Looking forward to Sunday actually, not just because of the race but also because of the post-race activity that was planned for me. Hmm…

8 more days.

My goodness! Only 8 more days to go. Have started training since December last year and finally THE day is coming. Some friends have asked me what the route is so that they would know where to ‘catch’ me. Honestly, I have not even studied the route in detail even though I was asked to do that many weeks ago! How serious I am!

K-san has researched on tapering and recovery information for me, N-chan taught me how to change tube (I pray nothing will happen during the bike leg!), Ade told me to strap the gels to my bike and the girls asked me about the route again and gave me advice on the gels and what-not that I need to consume to sustain me. Ah yo! Just give me the bananas!

Am a bit edgy now. I have bonked on my first marathon and this time round, it would be more than 4 hours of non-stop action. I need to do some food-shopping tomorrow!

Waited 2 hours for M’s wedding. I was super hungry after the ride and a slow swim. And then so tired was I that I hit the sack upon returning home. The good thing about exercising is that I can eat without feeling guilty..hahahaahaha.

Food...glorious food...

Food...glorious food...

Mood: Anxious


Photo: Courtesy of yellowfish

Sunday’s open sea training. I shouldn’t have gone for the 8am session. Didn’t know that it was a non-stop swimming session. Crazy. But I definitely gained more confidence after that, never mind the slow swim.


The world seemed a little darker when I was asked to log in to check out my competitors for the March race. I looked at the list and ….

Only 1/3 of them were locals. I was immediately gripped by fear. FEAR again! Told HP about it and he questioned by intention for joining the race. “Definitely not to be the last!”

His response? Don’t you want to go for experience? And what’s wrong with being last? There will always be someone who has to be last in a race?

But it doesn’t have to be me. ;p

And I was again reminded not to be engulfed by this four-letter word. And an email which probably will help me to focus.


On June 13, 1935 at Madison Square Garden Bowl, James Braddock won the heavyweight championship of the world as the 10-to-1 underdog in one of the most stunning upsets in boxing history.
In an amazing feat of courage and determination, Braddock won the 15 round decision to become the new heavyweight champion of the world.
Cinderella Man defied all the odds, and did the unthinkable.
So can you.
  • Visualise your success and see how the race will unfold
  • Stay positive and remove all self doubt or conflict
  • Passionately strive towards your goal
I don’t know how black my face was yesterday but I dislike it when I am so easily affected by such information. Maybe there is no cause to be worried. Maybe my competitors were scared stiff as well. Maybe….
But thank you for being there always to encourage me, to bring me back on track, for not scolding me when I got lazy and let out the word ‘tired’.
I give you the title of ‘best coach’ ok?

Work piled up so fast and in exorbitant amount. But that got me excited really even though I’m not sure if I could do a good job. Information kept coming in and I just took it and hoped that nothing major would crop up.

So I was soooo glad to be able to get out during lunchtime for some interval training on the machine. Good start, I hope. Still couldn’t sustain all the way to the top. Must try again.
WuP: 19:01.6
5 laps: 16:57.9
CD: 13:29.3

I’m so freaking tired. What have I gotten myself into? But am pleased with my cycling progress. It was actually good training that there was strong headwind. Now my running has not improved. @ the end of the session, all I want really is just plain o’ water. But I had ice-cream instead ;p

Time: 02:16:46 + 00:30:04
Distance: 66.3 + 11 km
Kcal: 1068

Run: 6.9
Avg: 8.9kph
(Need to continue to condition the muscles)

While vegetating in front of the screen, I took The True Age Test sent from a friend on Facebook. And…with my lifestyle, no health problem and low fat diet, I am only 10 years old??!!!!

Not bad ah. Stay this way forever. Forever young, I wanna be forever young!