Ok. So I had signed up for the following:
Biathlon in March
Triathlon in April
10km run in May.

So exciting!

Maiden ride

The ride was ok but since it was only for one hour, I really couldn’t tell if everything was all right.

Today, it was more about correcting the way I pedal. After that, I ran a little. Man! The legs were tired.

Brace up!

With my very poor performance at Bintan, it is enough to tell me that I cannot underestimate training and be lazy. Like Nchan had put it,”You will be able to overcome all difficulties in sports if you put heart into it. Like everything in life. It’s all in your control.” I think I was really not serious in training and thus the results.

So K and I planned our training and of course, my intensity higher than his. At the same time, coach also emailed us about the new semester of swim training and I guess I pretty much will stick with YF for another three months in preparation for Desaru. Better get serious or I will die a terrible death there. And after that, it is really all about the Marathon at the end of the year.

Ok. Time to get serious. >_<

To celebrate Ken’s BD, some of us went to the restaurant in Sloane Court Hotel to have our lunch. It was a quaint boutique hotel and reminds me of the smokehouse at Cameron Highlands.

The food is yummy yum yum, at least for my beef stew. Didn’t know such nice place exists in Singapore! I’m sure there are lots!


Swim clas was nice! Very few sprints. But still, my butt-a-fly is still very awful. And once when I did the backstroke, I travelled all the way across 2 lanes. Very smart man!!! How embarrassing!

But still, I love swim class.

4×50 Kick
4×50 pull (25 fast,25 Ez)

2×50 testing
4×100 focus on row from hips & kick
2×50 (25 Bk kick,25 Fr)
3×50 (25 Bk, 25 Fr)
1×50 Bk/Fr (6-6)
2×50 (25 Fly,25 Fr)
2×50 (6-6)
1×50 Br kick
1×50 Head above
1×100 IM
1×100 sprint

Gosh! How long have I not been running?

After a few days of break from it, I did one in the morning with Ksan. Went through Orchard Road as he has suggested and then as I led, we went to Robertson Quay. I’m blur as sotong and got lost, as usual. But since it was a route that I used at times to go home, we soon found our way back. It was just barely under 6km. Think it is ok to go longer, nice to jog along the quay.

Boss' treat for us!

Boss' treat for us!

Yesterday, coach (YF) sent us email regarding training for run for the upcoming Desaru Long Distance Tri. The training is free and conducted by Shem, the poster boy for AVIVA. How nice of him! There are always such people around, doing things for their passion, without wanting any reward in return. Nice….

And at night, I had a pleasant surprise too. I know they talked about it during the cycling trip but I just didn’t think it is going to be true. But yesterday, they showed me the ‘cow’ and when I rode on it, I felt good, so comfortable. I like the colour, the frame. They even asked me what colour I want for the bottle cage. Actually, it is already a privilege to be presented with it, how can I ask for more?

Thank you, SWCT! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new baby!
Momo Chun, watch out!

Morning run: 5.68km

Training rides

The month of May is an exciting one and it started off with training rides to MS.


Set off in the early morning with K sending me off, riding his bike to see me drive off. Sigh…can sleep, don’t want to sleep.

Had prata and Nescafe (only eat this when I’m riding) before starting the ride. Ism went straight ahead like he was rushing for some stuff and Momo chun was requested to stay behind me. MG and Nchan were in the van with the latter directing me on the gears to use every now and then via the walkie-talkie (super cool..machiam like pro ;p).

It was interesting. Perhaps the one BIG takeaway that I had from this trip was to be using a consistent cadence so that I can last longer on hills. There were  mostly rolling hills and as Nchan directed me to change to whatever gears, I soon got the hang of it and kept to a consistent cadence.

It was super hot on Saturday and by the 4th break, I was already feeling faintish. Ism was also not feeling well was asked to go into the van while Momo Chun developed rashes…rather bad ones.

What was most fun was the ‘attack’. I love the part which Nchan told me to stay near Ism and then after that, overtake him. Think it must have taken him by surprise because he was left behind. Momo Chun also… FUN but very tiring.  And of course, Ism took the lead again in the end. =)

in hotel room after 1st day's ride

in hotel room after 1st day's ride


The weather was super good, perfect for a ride. We had one stop for lunch and then it was the rolling hills and the dreaded three HILLs which almost took my breath away. Overall, I was stronger than yesterday. I tried to increase the cadence and took advantage of it when I rode up the hills. Worked! And by focusing on the clouds when I rode up the hills made it more bearable for me rather than focusing on the horizon.

I have never drunk so much sugared water for a ride and I think if this continues, I will develop diabetes ;p And perhaps I had too much food, I felt like puking when I rode. My too much is not much to Nchan

Felt it was an achievement. I know I have done my best, followed the advice given and realised it worked! I’m very happy and satisfied with it. The thighs didn’t really feel sore after all those hills!

And of course, the people made it enjoyable – the two crappy men, Momo Chun who has to stayed behind me all the time (sorry to have you do that!), Ism who encouraged me and Nchan, who laughed when giving me the ‘attack’ direction and gave me wrong info, “last hill, last hill!” Very entertaining is it???? >_<

No ride photos yet cos how to take fotos when riding leh? (apologies for Singlish). I may not hate hills now but well, I can’t exactly say I love them yet ;p

@ fishing village after 2nd day's ride

@ fishing village after 2nd day's ride

125.1km @ 4:50:11
Avg cadence: 82
Avg HR: 138

99km @ 4:04:19
Avg cadence: 94
Avg HR: 136

Slopes..beginning to like.

I am beginning to like the circuit. It has been a good ride, minus the tiredness of the thighs. I must find a chance to do more. Desperately need time to reorganise. And I really ought to train HARD when I’m on my own.

And to see a young kid having his cycling training brought a smile on my face. Future triathlete, he has the making, definitely. Way to go!

Now back to work… =(

Ride: 51.3km


Kenna arrowed for another secy task. Thankfully, it is something close to my heart and my interest area. Not too bad. Thought I could rest more after this April but…

I’m glad to be back in swim class.
I’m happy, otherwise, tired.

Been going to places using the wrong route with just one wrong turn when the mind was still thinking about stuff at work. Totally frustrating. Think about the lost time. And trying to catch some Zzzzz when the red lights appeared. As if it helps…

What’s wrong!!!???

Morning run: 6km
Evening swim: 2×50 FR kick,2×50(25FR,25 BR kick),2×50 Catch-up
500,400,200,100,100,200,400,500.2×50 back sculling, 4×50 sprint

note: left hand points out when I breathe in on the right..whatever that means but since coach pointed out, just take note.


img_0031Thank you for accompanying me to run after my ride. YOu must have been tired out by it.
Thank you for brunch at Killiney’s with my fav mee siam and kaya toast and oh! the coffee!
Thank you for the bike jersey! I love it!
Thank you for much laughter and joy.
Thank you for the ice-cream, I love it!
Thank you for inviting me to Timbre and yea…the buffalo chicken wings!
Thank you for sending me home. img_0032

It’s such a delightful Saturday!

Mood: Contented; blessed.


Sluggish…how I hate that day of the month when energy level dipped and mood so down. Thankfully, the cramps was not as bad as previous times. Skipped swim class again but did my own 1.5km assessment of the swim. Realised the stroke is better after catch-up drill. Will try to aim for 30 min.

And a photo sent to me brightened my day. Thank you, nchan! You made my day!


Morning run: 6km
Evening swim: 1.5km @ 35’02 min + catch-up drill + 8 x 50 EZ swim (darn..I should have gone for swim class!)

There’s sea swim today and I was contemplating very hard on whether I should go. The sting from the jellyfish during Aviva has caused me to be afraid of sea swim. In fact, the effect from the sting has not gone very much better, much to my exasperation.
But we all know coach has gone through the trouble to enable us to have more experience in it and thus it’s only right we should train more! Anyway, my sighting is still very very very very BAD! Need to go…and so I dragged my feet to the swim after a short run.
Some 30 minutes into the swim, coach advised us not to continue as there was a school of jellyfish. I was among the first few to surrender. You win, jellyfish! How to overcome this fear? I don’t know! Wear wetsuit?

The man was invited to dinner at moi’s place and I decided to try my hands on teriyaki chicken and fried rice. Not that the man’s comment was not valued but my mom’s was perhaps more accurate ;p
And yea…mom commended on my cooking and dad, too.

Well done! More to come!

3 more days.

The water passed out was yellowish.


Had discount from coach today. =) There was a pro today and whoah, the Norwegian could travel so far with one stroke. SOOOOoooooo impressed! How I wish…

the crazy gals. courtesy of Lee Lian

the crazy gals. courtesy of Lee Lian

Back @ work, ZM and I took a break. The crazy mama-to-be was most fun to work with, with her zany ideas every now and then. This pic came about because we both had colourful cushion and I could make a ‘traffic light’ with them. XD I’m so looking forward to Friday.

Mood: Sianz
Listening to: 五月天

4 more days.

It’s a break from the routine today. Attended a course (Ask Stupid Question workshop) and totally enjoyed it. Perhaps it’s the people or perhaps, I really need a break from office. I made a case for a different kind of workplace during the presentation – a workplace that is not confined to space, rules and schedule. I think I felt really too cooped up. I need a breather and today provided me with that. =)

Got my bike back during lunch. Love it! It’s so CLEAN now! My dear vintage bike =)

My dear clean bike =)

My dear clean bike =)

I need more ME time. I should apply for leave.

stealing some time for a cuppa @ NLB

stealing some time for a cuppa @ NLB

Bike: 42km

5 more days.

Went down to ECP in the morning to check out the running route. 3 rounds of that. Hmm…interesting…

Lee Lian is going to leave us and we have decided to treat her to some crabby session near our place. It was good but then hours later, I suffered from stomachache. My system really could not take it – too rich and oily for it. Lee Lian has been given treats by so many others. A question. Besides giving treats, what are some other ways that we could mark such occasion? I was thinking how terrible it is to always have to eat, eat, eat and eat, eat and still eat, eat and more eating.

But then again, that’s just me.



Went down to have sports massage done. But they got my intention wrongly and assigned me to a physiotherapist who in the end, did the massage for me. Sigh! Hardly good. With the amount I paid them, I would rather go back to my regular tuina place and have a 2-hour session instead of an hour.

And, I do really look forward to Sunday because I realised I have missed out on meeting the girls and also the Leong’s kiddos. Oh! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

7 more days…

Sea swim today in preparation for THE Race. The waters, murky as usual, and this time we were all bitten by some bugs. It had this stinging effect and it’s hard to focus on the swim when you also need to scratch the affected area. And as usual, the goggles got fogged up and I went off course…sigh!

Was encouraged by the swim, if only the distance was really the actual 1.9km. Nonetheless, I shall stay optimistic and enjoy myself this Sunday.

Drove to familiarise myself with the cycling route and send bike for service. Bought those gels which I consumed one earlier in the day and it worked well for me.

Looking forward to Sunday actually, not just because of the race but also because of the post-race activity that was planned for me. Hmm…

tired but not out.


What a nice run this morning with HP and Ken. @ the end of the run, I realised the pace taken was one second faster than when I ran alone yesterday, covering the same distance. What on earth was I doing????

The work was tiring. Having to stare at the screen the whole day wasn’t fun at all. The stars greeted me and my head kissed the table. Quite tempted to skip class but I know this was just plain lazy of me.

And I’m glad I did not! I enjoyed swim class today and we even got swim cap from coach…hahhaha…not that I craved for it.

I really ought to learn to take more carbs..I realised I was able to ‘give more’ after I consumed more.

Morning run: 5.95km
Swim class: 10 min flutter kick, 6×50 pull, 6×50 fist swim

Mood: Accomplished


Went down to do the intro for EPMS workshop and saw my NIE-mates -Ivan, Yaz and Veron! I was so thrilled esp when I saw the dude! He was just asking to meet up last week and saw him today! And so the ever positive me was trying to encourage them to press on blah blah and all I received was, “You can say that because you are in the ivory tower…wait till you come back!” Actually mine was really not tower but kam…g and I like it that way! I LONG to go back to teach! 9 more months!

But exactly in what capacity do I go back? I really have to sit down, reflect and plan. I wish I know for certain what I want but for now, I don’t know.

What’s my passion? In which area? Arghhh….I need some revelation!

My mind kept on spinning…my legs too. =)

I was in a brawl today.
Was punched in the eye, kicked in the abdomen.
The dude apologised for the kick.

I was in unclear territory.
The murky waters, oh! How dirty!
My face was stinging
Even though I got out of it for a while already.

I hate the sea swim part of tri
The washing machine
Where none shows mercy
But hey..that is the shortest leg!

I better get used to it.


Ah yo! I was most disgusted with myself about the ride today. I was cycling, not training. Doing it alone didn’t help in motivating oneself =p. And for the first time, I felt faintish after a ride.

I think I ought to change my diet. Need more carbo.
Got back home and….whoah..good food was found. Asked Mom when she is going to teach me, she…SMILED, SMILED and SMILED (means she is not going to teach any time soon).  This should be a balanced diet…

Mom's cooking's the best!

Mom's cooking's the best!

Ride: 91.5km


Rest is training.

That’s the departing words from coach after swim class today. Had cramps again and this was really frustrating! I really don’t feel I have overtrain but then again, I might not be able to gauge. Swim class was tough from the beginning , wanted to puke and I felt my shoulders were so weak! Very disappointing!

The only thing that I am absolutely sure I didn’t get enough was SLEEP! No matter what miracle water I used was also of no use. HP said, “You always look so tired…” (o.O)


But I was happy when I received some stuff from Dom! Newspaper articles on ironman from downunder and free sunblock samples…hahhaha…ok..I will promise to use them! Thank you!


Results’ out and I was placed third. Nonetheless, I am still contented that I made it top three. It was indeed encouraging, above all else, to come to the realisation that I am not that bad after all and all those trainings helped even though I actually started serious training 2 months ago.

That was enough to make me decide to shelve travel plans in replacement for races outside Singapore, be it tri or bike.

Morn run: 6.59km
Pace sucks.

Mundane Monday

By the time I hit the pool for my morning swim, it was already 75% occupied. And by the time I completed my 1km swim (oh I need to swim at least 1.5km!), it was time for me to get to office. I think I must feedback to SSC to ask them to start the morning swim by half an hour. But perhaps this is not good as people do need to Zzzz..So I think a better way is for me to swim faster =p Left hand still has the tendency to drop. Bad habit!

Morning swim: 20 laps =(

Dass, me, Abel

Dass, me, Abel

And what a surprise when I knew that ex-colleagues were here to conduct a workshop! Ahhh..I so missed them! Was so proud of them! 10 more months to go before I go back to teaching! Yay!

Tis for lunch

Tis for lunch

4 more weeks. I will eat well, sleep well, train well.

look tired?

At least a few people had said that I looked tired today. Was I?

Actually not. The only part of my body that was tired was my pair of eyes, the result of STARING into the screen. Apart from that, I was very much alive and kicking. Father’s situation has taken a toil on both mom and I but we learnt how to get by, somehow.

Work-wise, I have been amused by some of the terms used by people and the reaction of the small french fries when they were about to be fried. They would be seen jumping about…fretting here and there. Quite a funny sight but somewhat  meaningless.

Some of the terms used which I would previously not.
1. Delta. When I heard this word, tributaries came to my mind. My minor was Geography and all I could think of would be the landforms and stuff. Apa delta?
2. Organic. I only thought about the organic food that I consumed. Organic also can be used at work wor.
3. Ecosystem. Haiz…this one gives me headache.
4. Omnibus…another big headache. How come not double-decker bus?
and many more…I lost track.

Swim class was nice, as usual. Coach asked me to upgrade to lane 3 during the sprinting. Thought I could make it but I could not! Sprint is not my forte. I am a long distance anytime. So, I went back to Lane 2 eventually. Sorry, coach!

Period. Now I am tired.


Photo: Courtesy of yellowfish

Sunday’s open sea training. I shouldn’t have gone for the 8am session. Didn’t know that it was a non-stop swimming session. Crazy. But I definitely gained more confidence after that, never mind the slow swim.

What a day!

Had a morning run with HP and Ken. The legs felt good and I thought the guys had done a good job in the run.

Then received something from the delivery man and I felt like burying my head in the ground. Arghhh…Anyway, the card was delivered wrongly and it just said a “Happy Valentine’s Day. Luv John.” So plain. I was wondering whp2120081o John was. Didn’t remember I had a guy friend named John except for my colleague who was married. As usual, yours truly is a blur queen and didn’t check properly until HP noticed that it was addressed to another girl. hahahhahaha….so I called up the florist and told him about the mixed-up and requesting, at the same time, who my sender was. Apparently, he didn’t disclose or didn’t know but I got him to read out the contents of the card. hahahahahhahaha…he was so embarrassed. “Err…yours very powerful. Really want me to read ah?”

So yes, of course. I was so frustrated at work and pestered him to read to me. hahahahhahaha…. The florist was so embarrassed and chuckled as he read. I roared! Poor man.
(Dear readers, comments not needed for this portion. TQ).

Anyway, it was then a 3 1/2 hour of back-breaking meeting which no one dared to drop anything on the floor. I was constantly thinking about having something to eat 2 hours before my swim class but the meeting ended at 6.30pm. Well done man. I rushed down, eating while driving and then after 4 mouthfuls of half a sandwich, went straight to class.

Coach looked at me mockingly and asked me,” Why didn’t you come for Tuesday’s lesson?” ………”Up to you. Anyway, it’s your Aviva.”

I was so =(

Don’t know why, today’s swim was, to me, harder. Either I was tired or I was without energy. Wanted to puke again during the sprint but hung on to the egg mayo sandwich in case the water was given more nutrients. And then legs got cramped. Both legs! Apa la!

Coach said,”Why train so hard?” Fei Hua lor…but the next point made sense la, “Go for productive training.”

Ok ok….I better rest tml…I WILL not be tempted to do anything but rest!

Lesson #1: Do not eat so close to a training session (but no choice for today).
Lesson #2: Hydrate…hydrate…hydrate….

2x50m 6 strokes 1 breath
2x50m 2-4-6
2x50m 2-4
200m flutter kick
Lane2—6×100,7×50, 2x400ez, 1×400 moderate, 3×25 head up swim, tread water 6min