Being thankful

I’m thankful that I’m blessed with a wonderful man who will do anything to make me happy, and that includes being bullied by me. Hehehehe.

Thank you for your love.

I’m the proud owner of…

…a KitchenAid standmixer! Woohoo! It finally came!

Some of you may know that I have been looking forward to owning a KitchenAid standmixer for months. A few entries ago, I wrote about the possibility of purchasing one here since the price is much cheaper in the US. Of course, the dilemma was to make a choice between sending it back home and risk damaging it (different voltage) or to sell it off online. I have not made a decision yet.

So, I was brooding over it when the hubs decided to buy anyway. I decided to choose a refurbished Artisan Series 5-Quart Mixer since according to most review, they work really fine. In fact, these factory-reconditioned ones may not be spoilt in the first place. According to one reviewer, the main reason why they are returned to the factory is a result of people receiving the 5-Quart Mixer as a gift (Wedding Shower, Wedding, Anniversary, New Home, etc.) and deciding that they already have one or that they don’t have the need for a new mixer. Thus, the product is returned, often never opened, to the retail store and then shipped back to the factory. Of course, there will be some that are out of order or facing some damage and have to be refurbished. Since they go through strict QC, I reckon it won’t hurt to buy a re-conditioned one as it MAY only be in my hands for a year only. =(

In any case, I’m happy that the hubs supported me by buying for me. It is a dream come true really!

The dream unfolds here.

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MS Kitchen Design Ideas

Oh! I love the segment on Kitchen featured on Martha Stewart’s website. If you were to ask me which part of the house I love to be in most, it would undoubtedly be the kitchen!

Alas, I do not have a place to call my own YET. Ken and I decided against buying an apartment since we were going to move to Boston for a while. Purchasing an apartment and having it while we were away would just add more problems to us and worries too. So, we decided to wait.

But I’m telling you, I can’t wait to get my new apartment. I told the man that he could decide on anything but the most important criteria that he should look into is the size of the kitchen. I want a relatively big kitchen so that I could work in it. The one that I have been staying in is good, slightly more than double the size of the kitchen that I’m having now in Boston. However, I’m also acutely aware that the kitchens in new flats are small. And surprisingly, I’m comfortable with the small kitchen I’m in now! =)

So, I’m browsing with great delight the kitchens featured on the website and they gave me ideas of what I want in my own kitchen! Coincidentally, we received the IKEA catalogue today and it’s always a joy to have it on hand!


I like these two, simple and uncluttered (both pics are taken from MS website). Go and take a look at more designs and learn some tips too!

 Green beans mixed with ground meat (Ingenno Hikiniku Itame) & fried chicken wing

Amour doux (Project Food Blog entry #1)

Amour doux. Sweet love.

It all begins with love – a love for that special someone, the kind of love that will compel you to go the extra mile, despite the troubles. 

My mom showed me that kind of love, right from the kitchen. Nope, she’s not a housewife; she helped out in my father’s business. Despite her busyness, she dutifully prepared the basic 3-course Cantonese meals, without fail. I remember the Chinese lunchbox which she would bring to school when I had extra lessons during that crucial year in elementary school. All my classmates had canteen food; I had home-cooked food and the envy of both my classmates and teachers. Mom didn’t believe in splurging us with gifts because such practices would turn us into spolit-brats. However, she indulged in giving us the best in the meals she prepared and even though she’s such a proficient cook, she would survey our facial expression for feedback in her culinary arts.

As I get older, I came to appreciate all that she has done and understand why she would stand in the kitchen for hours, toiling in the heat. It’s all because of love. Today, I cook and bake to see that kind of smile on my husband’s face, that kind of delight in his eyes. I cook and bake for friends and loved ones and always return to the original kitchen, to the arms of its owner just so that the food that I make could create a smile on her face, and of course to receive her critique too.

Many chefs continue to toil in the kitchen because they want to make people happy with their food; their smiles are their rewards. In the same way, this blog is created to share the love with many others in this culinary journey. We may not be connected physically but the sharing of resources, the joy and the pain pull us all together and bind us as one family.

This blog is special and unique because the food is created from a labour of love. With it comes many sweet memories only the owner could experience. They could be food consumed when she’s young or with her loved ones or bites that she had when she’s on the road. With such memories, she tries to recreate those dishes and gives her own perspective to them. And this blog will continue as long as there is love, love for the culinary arts, love in the heart of the owner, as well as in the recipients of her labour.

This blog also tracks the culinary journey I am embarking through self-study and from the many aspiring cooks out there and especially from the special women in my life, namely my mom and Ken’s auntie who showed me, along with the cuisine that they cook, the heritage that is connected with it – Cantonese and Peranakan.  It is my desire that I would learn to master these two cuisine and pass on to the next generation.

This entry is also dedicated to my beloved husband who supports me in all that I’m doing. I wouldn’t have gone this far without his encouragement and love.  Thank you for the love that you have showered upon me. I thank God for you.

And now these three remains: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13)

Pic of tiffin from

mise en place

It’s been 2.5 weeks since we came over to Boston. A few weeks before departure, I was asking myself if I could fit in the baking equipment into the suitcase. Nope. Won’t do. We need to pack the necessities to tide us for the next 1.5 years and those equipment couldn’t go in. In the end, all I packed was my electronic weighing machine.

So, for these few weeks, we have been trying to turn our studio apartment into a cosy home and shopping for stuff for the kitchen. mise en place (pronounced Meez ahn plahs) is a French cooking term meaning “everything in its place” and it is the organization and preparation of the ingredients of a meal that makes the execution of the meal more efficient and the cooking experience more enjoyable. To stretch the meaning a little further, I want my kitchen to be mise en place too. And so we have it. My little kitchen, all ready for me to be used for the next 1.5 years!

Come on in. Take a peek!

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6 more days

Met up with a teacher to go through her presentation slides and at half past 3, she has not had her lunch??? And it is not just this day that she has lunch at that hour; it seems like the practice for most of the days. Poor teachers. Pls take care of your health! Health comes first more than anything else!

And to continue with my packing, I decided to organise my toiletries and attempted to look at my other clothings to bring over. Alas! I couldn’t find much to pack! My non winter clothes are BORING!

People, pls suggest what I should bring! I’m at a loss!

12 working days more…

…and I would start my NPL.

So, we came back from our trip and are ready for the next one which will promise much more adventures and thrill. While Ken went for BSF yesterday, I decided that I should start packing especially since we are expecting meet-ups with friends and what not.

So, yours truly packed in 17kg of winter clothing and 4 pairs of shoes into the luggage. Thankfully, I could find my parka jacket which really kept me warm when I was in London and Paris two years ago. Although the hubs was saying that we could purchase more stuff over in US, I would prefer not to if I could help it, especially winter clothing. When would we need them again??? I would rather use the money on other stuff like baking items, short trips and the like.

So, now the winter clothing and shoes are done, next is the sports attire and working and casual clothings. I hope those would not hit more than 20kg though I’m not very confident with the inclusion of those toiletries.

And what is at the back of my mind these days as I look forward to Boston?

1. New York Marathon. Oh gosh! I really need to start intensive training!
2. Baking Boot camp at CIA. Yes! So looking forward. I reckon I won’t spend tens of thousands in culinary school so the boot camp will kinda satisfy everything I need – the basics, working in professional kitchen and training under great chefs!
3. I am planning my own culinary curriculum so I’m excited! I’m so gonna hit the books!
4. New York in Aug to recce for the marathon route!
5. Scouting for church in Boston. Park Street maybe? Oh Lord, pls guide!
6. Volunteer at Boston Partners in Education. I still want to stay in touch with education and perhaps learn from the US schools! =)


32 + 3 days more to Boston.

1 more day before mingling in Kunming.

13 more days before my NPL starts and am free to pursue my interest.

13 + xx days before Ken could take a breather!

Hang in there!

The culinary world

As I read up more, I found myself stepping into another world. The culinary world is an exciting one but not without pain. I felt that I am just at the tip of the iceberg. That’s so much, so much more to explore.

I’m no longer satisfied by recipes. I believe if you follow the instructions and inituition, the food can come out fine. I want more. I want to know the science of it, simple questions like ‘why do we use certain flour for certain recipe?’, ‘How much air was trapped using whisking?’, ‘Why do we use certain temperature for certain cakes, tarts, etc?’ These are really basic questions and there are many more questions I want to ask. I need to know the basics, the fundamentals because with that knowledge, I can then use my creativitiy to come out with different products. Hmm..I need to get hold of the book ‘Baking Boot Camp’ which I highly suspect will provide me with the answers of some of my questions.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the book that I’m reading and the kiasu me have borrowed a few more books by Michael Ruhlman. Koko has also made copies of Singaporean recipes for me to attempt. And today she made Peranakan Laksa! I certainly hope she could impart her knowledge to me in time to come.


The kitchen smells of chocolate now and the oven is about to produce a chocolate cake.

These few days, besides researching on culinary schools, I have been emailing friends/blogger about culinary school. There were two and coincidentally, they are now in Le Cordon Bleu (LCB).

Basically, besides hearing wonderful/ scary tales about culinary schools, I thought it would be better to hear from existing students themselves.

Victoria of Decadence Cakes (oh! She bakes wonderfully well!) is in LCB, Paris and commented that the chefs are very strict and demand the best from the students. The classes are mainly made up of demo and practical, hardly the science of it which is really what I am looking for.

Joy, a fellow blogger, is currently in LCB, Boston and is enjoying herself thoroughly. Her reply?

short answer for LCB: top grade facilities & resources. Even though it’s separately operated from the European locations, the name carries a lot of weight. If you have any interest in entering the industry, you will build a very solid skill set here. A lot of the experience will depend on your own personality and maturity level. For me, the school offers all the parts I need but I’m also very good at expanding my own educational experiences beyond the classroom.

You know, at the end of the day, I think culinary school helps in building a solid foundation and knowledge about culinary arts/baking. Experience counts more and would be wonderful if you could work under a chef who is willing to impart the skills to you. Your own maturity counts. Even in choosing any university, if you enter an Ivy league college and then play half the time away, what you will get is shit out of it. It really depends on how much you want to put in. You reap what you sow.

I’m also now reading Becoming a chef by Andrew Dornenburg & Karen Page. It’s really a must read in helping to understand the whole process of the journey of becoming a chef and you really reflect as you read.

Ok. The chocolate cake is ready!


… and be honest with yourself.

Over the months, as I googled and read books on pastry chefs and their beginnings, many of them had similar history. They had wonderful careers that fetched them great bucks. Some were accountants, pharmacists, lawyers and teachers, to name a few. However, in their free time, they cooked/baked (I’m using these terms interchangeably in this entry). Eventually, the mundane of work compelled them to assess what they really wanted out of their work, their lives and eventually they decided to drop what they were doing and entered culinary schools.

The successful ones (ok, I only managed to read about successful cases because they blogged about it!) went on to teach in schools, privately and opening up their own cooking school/ bakery.

Of course, they are always those who are self-taught and I have immense respect for them.

So, I find myself in a similar situation, somewhat. OK. I love teaching. I don’t dread it. It’s not pushing me to want to end my career, so to speak. I would like to think that I’m building my passion and it is one that could help support me financially in the near future should I not teach.

Knowing what I want out of this passion is important for the next steps which could be costly. There are three options that I could take:
1. Bake and learn from books and practise and practise.
2. Bake, learn from books, learn from others aka take short courses and volunteer in some bakery and restaurants.
3. Enrol in culinary school.

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I Do. Do I?

That’s the title of Carrie’s new book in the show. Which also brings me to the question, What happens after you say ‘I DO?’

Ok. I know I am not being very original but this is a question I often find myself asking and reflecting. Nope, we are not into kids. These might come later. Having kids is something we agreed that we both must be convicted of and that we know what we are getting ourselves into. It should definitely not because of peer pressure or the age factor. It must be because we both want it. For now, really, it’s just ‘Me and You, just us two’. =p

Days after I DO have been wonderful, complete. I am with hubs 24/7 literally and we still miss each other at the end of the day. Till date, we have not engaged ourselves in any quarrel (surprise!). Perhaps the only times that we nearly got into one was when I purposely irritated him because it’s rather strange that we don’t quarrel. So, hubs, being fully aware of that, would stop me and looked at me in the eyes, “You just want to make me angry right?” And there my game/experiment ceased.

Hubs has been God-sent. Having similar values and perspectives help in our relationship and the fact that both of us are passionate about education draw us closer in our conversation. We are both aware of our roles in the relationship. I, being the helper and he, the leader of the household and one who cares like Christ cares for the church. Perhaps, because we know our positions in the relationship and knowing how fragile it could be, we respect each other duely and try to understand/empathise with each other in various situations.  

Of course, it is not perfect. It would never be in a fallen world. But to me, I am contented. Maybe one would be cynical and propose that it is our first year of marriage and thus we are still in our honeymoon stage. Granted, absolutely. I mean, we have not really gone into making big decisions like purchasing of a roof or having kids. But having gone through the wedding preparation and stuff, I know I can count on him. We are adults, not some rash kids. It will be fine as I choose to believe. This guy is mature enough to make wise decision and definitely dependable.

This month last year, hubs proposed to me. This year, this month, he bought me something to commemorate the event. It’s my first cocktail ring. =)

Thank you for this one year. It has been terrific! And yes! I DO!

Freaking hot!

It’s so HOT! Everyone’s mood wasn’t that good today. I was really afraid that I would step onto people’s toes. Everyone was black-faced. Hey! What’s up?

Hubs was easily irritated too with work and to add to his problem, the application of visa. He had tried thrice, so he shared at the end of the day while we were on our way back. Some of the questions they asked made me wonder if they have any good brain cells. It’s so DUH. *shakes head* Anyway…

Today we went for blood donation again. My second time, I was rather concerned that I might not pass the blood pressure test. It was at 103/68, barely passed the mark. Phew! A colleague went for her first time but fainted after donating. Thankfully everything was ok soon after! SMILE!

I’m using my new netbook now. Woohoo! I’m so preparing myself to go off soon! Yea! 84 more days!

Great beginning to a working Sat!

We would have dragged our feet to perform our duty for the Family Day at the Zoo if not for a quick pick-me-up prata brekky at Springleaf Road. The food ( I had egg masala with mushroom cheese thosai) was good and the company great. It’s good to have the year 1, 2 and 3 officers mingling. I think I will miss such times with them when we leave.

So a good start to the morning continued to lift our spirits throughout the course of our duty.

And back home, we received the mail from Boston about visa, health insurance and his orientation. Apparently, we are getting the J1 and J2 (dependents) visa which possibly allows me to work! =))

Things are moving…=)

Finally, Bao has some news about the accommodation. He was offered the studio apartment and looking at it, it seemed pretty good and we took up the offer immediately. Now is to wait for them to confirm the place and there you have it, our humble home for the next one year or so =)

And as usual, I,  being kiasu, went to book accommodation for NYC marathon. Imagine a room can easily go up to hundreds of US$! I went to my fav website and book a decent backpackers’ room.

Ok. We are moving bit by bit. It’s so exciting…such adventure!

And I started my training for the marathon today. It was about 5km and while waiting for my noodles to be ready, I felt giddy again. The auntie at the stall quickly offered sweets and told me that I lack sugar…

Sigh… what a start to the training….

The pre-op

We were about an hour early but the lady at the reception served us nonetheless. There were a few test to be administered – thickness of cornea, size of the pupil, astig and my power.

The results? My power has stayed at 950 which was the reading since years back. Strangely, my astig seemed to have vanished into thin air. It used to be about 400 when I was younger but now it was reduced to zero? I guess that’s the results of wearing the disposable contact lenses which do not have astig so over the years, the eyes have adjusted (not sure if this was true though).

The doc said that my cornea was thicker than the average and the size of my pupil was small and thus suitable for lasik. Of course, my power was too high and it might not be corrected perfectly. 98% is what he predicted. I could always do a touch-up months later.

It was a pleasant experience thus far @ Gleneagles. The nurses were professional and the doctor assuring.

Today would be my last day wearing the very heavy glasses. Am thankful that the hubs was with me all along,guiding me along the way. I have to wear sunglasses as I stepped out as it was very glaring. I was blind as a bat and he led me through it all. Thank you, my best friend. =)

Ken waiting  an hour plus to get his passport =(

What shall I pack?

I know it’s a little too early to talk about what to pack for departure but it came about when I casually asked the hubs about what to pack. It seemed that I had a lot in mind and I was of course a little taken aback that I could only pack 20kg of stuff in the lugguage. Huh??? How can?

And he looked at me firmly and said, “Pack only what you need, not your wants. We can always buy there.” Of course, his rationale was to be as hassle-free as possible and imagine moving a few suitcases (in any case, that would not be possible unless we pay for the extra lugguage). My point, of course, was not to buy things over there when we already have them now. Just bring over!

But I guess I have to change my mindset again and to start learning to live simply. The hubs is a very good example of living simply. He has the bare essentials and is contented with them. Me? I need more of each item. Hubs said I better start thinking about what to pack from now on.

This is absurb. I have 4 more months, you know?

But I think maybe he has got a point. ;p

So what do you think I should pack?

When 2 unite…

….you spend a lot of time together, especially when you work in the same organisation and in the same project team.

The busy work kept me on my toes the whole morning. I really hope I did not send any emails wrongly and to the wrong recipients. Things needed to be completed before hubs and I could go to Orchard Hotel for the P. Ceremony.

We were the only two from the division who were promoted to that grade and it felt so warm to have hubs behind me, waiting in line to shake the hands of PS. Yea! I shook the hand of PS! Felt like hugging her. In the end, I managed a “Hello, PS!” before her congrats greeted me and the handshake.

We could have gone for a celebration after the ceremony but work needed us. The PLC video needs to be edited for the very last time. So the hubs went down together with me to view it and to make the last comments. We are in the same team so I didn’t really feel so bad that he has to tag along ;p

Thankfully, the place is near Chinatown and we popped by the market to have dinner and to satisfy hubs’ desire to have the dessert. That icy desert is like KOI to him. He so wanted to go back and try the other flavours. As for me, hubs granted my desire by allowing me to have my KOI!

I ❤ hubs!

I’m IN!

I thought I would not get in. There were many who applied at least 2 times and still could not get a place. When I went into the site, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
I have got a place in ING NY Marathon this November! Yahoo!!!!!!!
I must have tossed and turned in bed the night before because I was nervous about the result.
It’s time to drag out all the marathon notes and start training!
While I was in a celebratory mood, I accidentally hurt hubs by a very careless remark which I knew not about (or forgot) until in the evening. No wonder he was black-faced the whole day! How powerful the tongue is, in building as well as in tearing a person.
How insensitive I am.


Change. We are constantly facing changes in our lives. Some peope take to them well while others resist them.

For me, I’ve been facing changes, major ones since last year around this time. That was when Ken and I got together, and decided to tie the knot slightly over 6 months of courtship. Thankfully the change in martial status and life after that proved to be somewhat similar to that when we were still courting and thus one could say that there isn’t much difference. Because we are both very easy-going about a lot of stuff, we adapted to living at one another’s places easily. The in-laws were great and this helped greatly.

But there is always one change that I resisted and still am trying to accept and embrace it. That is our move to Boston. There are six prases in personal or professional change, according to Garrison Wynn and let’s see what went through my mind and emotion during these phases.

Anticipation: That was when I knew Ken wanted to take on the scholarship and of course, in view of his own future and career, I encouraged him, telling him straight off that I would be there, supporting him. Then there was the waiting stage for the result of the interview and the great joy of knowing that he was selected for it. Of course, that was the very initial stage when both of us may not know what to expect (maybe not for him, but definitely for me!).

Confrontation: A few months after the news, I realised that it was indeed going to happen. I grappled with the truth and also knew that I would not be able to go back to school to teach since I would be joining him at US and would disrupt school term if I were to go off mid way. I asked for extention in HQ and that was also when we were planning for our marriage. That period was not easy. I struggled and cried a few times over it. I wanted to go back to school so desperately and not being able to do so hurt. School, to me, is predictable and a place where it is comfortable. It hurt more when I had to tell the news to my VP and ex-colleagues, all of whom I have grown so fond of.

Realisation : So after receiving the notice that my extension was permitted and to confirm this news to my school, I knew there was no turning back. I waivered much, discussing with Ken if I should write in again to Personnel that I wanted to go back to school and to disregard my extension. But that would reflect badly on my boss and I. There’s no turning back. I am really going.

Depression: I cried more. In my conversation with ex-colleagues and friends, I told them I wanted to go back to teaching but they thought I was silly. Going away for a year is a good break! What are you thinking of?! But I will miss my life in Singapore, a safe (and complaining) haven and of course, you have your parents close to you. I don’t know if such unhappiness is the cause of my losing of weight but I suspect it does ( a bit).

Acceptance: I think and believe I am at this stage. I still have my reservations but see no point in fighting it anymore, esp when the school has offered Ken a place and he has since gone ahead with the admin procedure. I have accepted it emotionally and have also started to look for schools to work in so that I could do my work attachment there. Of course, right now, finance is an issue I worry about since we will be living on one’s income but Ken assured me there is nothing to fear (anyway, he is a big advocate of ‘why worry when you don’t know that it’s going to happen?’) and that we would have sufficient. I know I have to trust in the Lord for His provision (just as He has provided and blessed us with much already) but I guess I always allow fear to creep in.

I am waiting for the Enlightenment phase when I would fully accept it and feel good about the whole thing. I suspect that would only come when I am there. Right now, it is really looking out for opportunities there, in a foreign land that I know not much about, except through the TV.

Lord, please help manage this change!

blessings =)

The weekends’ done just like this and a new week began. Thankfully it was not straight to office we went but to NIE to have a sharing on Lesson Study by the guru himself, Masaaki Sato. Of course, he couldn’t speak English and a interpreter was his partner this day.

It was good, I mean, the interpreter. She was clear, at least in her explanation. And since she is rather good-looking, I was able to pay attention throughout the session. Normally if a speech needs interpreting, I will switch off. That goes to show that appearance counts (I’m being boliao, I think). Tomorrow is the application of the theory. Let’s see if we are able to do a good observation.

Back in office, received a piece of good news. Ken is promoted! And of cos those who are also proomoted are really deserving of it! Yea! Somehow, before that, I had a hunch that he would and I’m thankful he is. That will ease our finances more when we are in US especially when we learnt recently that his course is actually not 9 months but more than a year. Of course, he hopes to completed it within a year. With that length, I would need to reconsider taking PDL and thus attached to a school or organisation there. There’s changes again and I think I need to get used to the fact that changes is the only constant. I’m definitely not comfortable but I guess I just need to be open to His leading. The plus, of course, is that Ken is going through this with me (he has better!).

Went down to the baking supplies store at Haig Road and my mood was uplifted upon seeing the shelves of flour, cupcake cases and ingredients. Wahhhhh! It’s really amazing! This weekend will be busy again when I resume baking and cooking! Yea! Yea! Yea! More baking pls!

And my medical report is cleared. Everything looks ok!


Thank you, dear Lord!


life goes on…

On our precious day off, we went to settle some of the stuff that arose from the dinner like the wine, dry cleaning blah blah.

Went for our complimentary spa treatment at Willow Spa @ Fairmont and this time round, the service was much much better. You see, the complimentary spa was given because Ken complaint about the service late last year. I believe they took note this time round and both of us enjoyed the massage.

Life will resume tmr. While I couldn’t really say I look forward to work, I would just bear in mind what Ps Benny Ho’s statement tonight – whatever that is worth doing is worth doing well.

Ok. I will seek to do my work well.

The Dinner & the wedding sum-up

The morning saw us checking out BBakery for our brunch. Hubs has raved about the food there, esp the tiramisu and since we have ample time, decided to check our the food. Hubs has suggested sharing the food and I wondered why. I understood when the portion came. The plate was huge, though I wasn’t so sure about the portion. I guess psychologically, the mind has perceived that there was much food and in the end we couldn’t finish what we ordered. Spaghetti was good and it’s worth going there.

So it was M Hotel that we proceeded thereafter. Umm… I informed the management that it was our wedding night and expected something nice to be done up. Well, it was biz as usual, nothing special. I was a tad disappointed. The supplies in the room was not fantastic; really just catering to biz people. I was so bored with the room and decided to look at the pool. It was small. How pathetic! And I retreated to the room. In hotels, BBC and Travel & Living is my best companion 😦

And the highlights of the wedding:
– Ken’s relatives were on time while my side was frustratingly late. I was so upset & irritated that I called mom that I would start at my stipulated time. Thankfully, Sha, sis & hubs came to calm me.
– I resolved to go around tables and socialize with our guests & we were able to do that! That was really satisfying because I could get to know hubs’ relatives and also greet mine.
– The timing and pace were good. 98% of the guests stayed throughout. Yay!
– I realised I actually enjoyed myself and I suspect the going around tables to talk to the guests helped achieve that.

The dinner was finally over! Life goes on! My heartfelt gratitude to all who chipped in to help!


At this point in time, I thought I should just park our wedding on this post. Yes, from the solemnisation, to the tea ceremony and finally the dinner. For memory’s sake.

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

We got married on 12 Sept 2009 (:

The wedding or rather, its preparation was quite an adventure in itself.  Ken proposed to me in June 09 and we were thinking what kind of wedding we wanted. We definitely were not going for a grand one. Instead, both of us preferred a no-fuss, relaxed celebration for our family members and closer friends. As I have always wanted a garden setting, our boss’ idea of having it in CCAB was an apt choice. Besides, the place was just recently renovated and when we went down for our site visit, we were pleased with what we saw.

So we decided to choose a date for our wedding. Earlier in the year, both of us wanted to travel to London for a conference in Oct and to tour the region for our holidays and when we thought about the timing, we were thinking holding the solemnisation around that period and made the travels as our honeymoon. The timing was just right!

So, with about 2 full months to prepare, we sourced for the vendors, caterer, gown, make-up artist…The contacts just came in through our friends and purely just surfing the Internet. We were able to secure a solemniser, one whom I have always wanted and also went through the pre-marital course. Ken was also baptised before our wedding. All these were really made possible because of the provision of our Lord (we believed).

Here is the list (for my own reference):
Caterer: Desmond @ Stamford
Setting in the garden: Eleanor Yang of Outdoor Wedding Specialist
Make-up artist: Alicia of Artistic (96305301)
Photographer: EK (
Wedding cupcakes: Victoria of Decadence
Gown: Allure Charix
Decoration: Ex-collegues and churchmates. What would I do without them?

They are my very good friends whom I could talk to when I need godly counsel. My maid-of-honour, wedding coordinator and my designer!

Walking down the aisle with the blessings of friends and family members. Totally blessed.

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We had our customary wedding on 21 & 23 March 2010. Thought we could do without but the folks at home insisted that we have. =p
Thank God for the celebration and especially the union.

The groom and his brothers had to perform something before ‘receiving’ his bride. 

Then it’s off to Ken’s place for the Tea Ceremony

It’s a tradition to have a bowl of ‘tang yuan’ for the new couple. 

And it’s back to the bride’s place for the Tea Ceremony!

The last part of the wedding would be the dinner. Phew! Almost there!

The toast was the highlight of the dinner.
Happy faces! What we want to see!

Let’s have tea!

The 5-hour ceremony was over by 12 noon. It happened real fast and we were rushing to go from Ken’s to my place. I was rather apologetic that we did not get a chance to talk to the elders at Ken’s. Gosh, there were many of them but we were done so soon. The tea ceremony seemed like a session of barter trading. While I appreciate the gifts from them, it looked as if they were really there to exchange their gifts with some tea. Maybe we were doing all those in a rush. Perhaps, if we took our time, things would be different?

In any case, the ceremony was over and I am thankful for that. Hopefully, the dinner would be a breeze.

Thank you dear friends who helped out. It was really wonderful having you guys around. You made life so easy for me; I don’t have to worry a thing about it.

I’m waiting for my life to go back to normal. Running, swimming, cycling, baking, cooking…

And I want to thank God for His many blessings. Today we were blessed with a wonderful weather – breezy in the morning. Then Ken received a call and he has gotten himself a place in BSF! So apt. Now that the wedding is almost over, he could have more free time for it.

God knows and He provides our every need.

Thank you, dear Lord!

The Eve

The eve saw me settling down. I basically let my friends take over and I, relaxed.

Went to the popular gynae among Bartley CC sisters for a checkup and my goodness, we almost waited 2 hours for him who came in late. Not much of a problem with the scan of the womb but well, let’s just wait for the results next week. Dr Poon said my fainting spells could be due to a whole lot of reasons and I guess K should just worry less. =)

At this point, I just want to thank the following for their help in advance, whether they read it or not.
1) Sha, my coordinator who helped me with the details and treated me to the BW, manicure & pedicure which caused my hand & leg movement to be restricted. I learnt to be more gentle and start to appreciate the beauty of painted nails.

2) JH who just came back from China and had to help me with car decor and the flowers. Thanks so much!

3) Boon who so willingly agreed to be my registration reception IC even though she had to leave for Japan the next day.

4) ZM who so graciously lent me her 2 gowns, shoes, tie and ang pow box. I hope I have not left out aything. Thanks so much! You helped me save lots!

5) KM who agreed to help me with videography.

6) Sis who gave me those chin cheong things & advice!

7) Billy who so willingly agreed to be the driver & of course lending the car to us!

8) KJ & Jac for being the emcees.

9) Eunice & Koko for rendering their help prior to the wedding day!

I know I have missed out some…but really, I appreciate every one of you!

And while tomorrow is the Tea Ceremony, the AVIVA half-ironman will also be held. My anxiety level was definitely be higher for HIM as compared to the  ceremony. After all, HIM took more than 6 hours and the ceremony? It would be done by 12pm.

All HIM participant, race safe. Lord, grant us good weather, if you will…

1 day more

This morning made me feel back when we were on our honeymoon. We did without cars since I was to do my beauty stuff in the city area and parking would prove to be exorbitant. It was a little heaven to me. We walked down to the basement in Ion, looking for food. Tough luck! Then went over to wheelock, thinking that BK would be there for us. Alas, it was no longer there! We gasped! Thought we just went there a few weeks ago?

It was the walking around complexes, hand in hand, that warmed the heart of mine. I love waking up with him beside me and retiring with his soft and gentle goodnight kiss. I love to open the door for him with a smile, “Darling!’ whenever he comes home from work (when I’m on leave). His concern for me made me feel so treasured and his understanding of Christ, our Lord and His overall plan for mankind encouraged me more to seek Him more.

One more day & my lover assured me of his love. Thanks dearest.

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2 more days

I have a pimple! No, two! This is a sure sign that I am stressed, unknowingly. =(

I am in the process of managing change (I must remind myself to have an entry on this) and also learning or perhaps relearning about my identity in Christ, that it’s all about Him and Him alone, not me.

May He increase and I decrease.


4 days more…

…and it will be the Tea Cermony. I know I shouldn’t buy bridal magazines anymore but couldn’t resist the latest issue of STYLE Wedding. The contents are so interesting and filled with good ideas and real-life wedding photos and write-ups. =)

Called up make-up artist who nearly forgot my dinner. Phew! Thankfully I called. Bottles & Bottles is also ok. So, next would be the purchase of Ken’s shirt and a pair of earrings to go with the evening gown. Went to Swarovski and bought them, a design suggested by hubs. I think he actually has got good taste…& thanks for the gift!

Ok. This is done.

Now, I guess I need to be counting on my dear friends to do the rest.

I’m tired. He’s tired. Pls. Come. Quickly.

Counting down =)

I can officially start counting down.

One more week and it’s the tea ceremony, followed by the dinner. On Saturday, I had the most frustrating encounter with the restaurant’s co-ordinator. Ken and I had a busy week but we squeezed in time to do up the photo montage. So after some touch-ups on Sat morning, we went down in the afternoon, thinking that we could test out the slides. Little did we realise that we have to bring our own laptop or burn into VCD.

The sound person told us, “I was surprised that you came with nothing.” On that note, I could feel myself boiling and I flared up. So he went in to look for the coordinator who took an irritating long time to come out. The sound guy must have told him that there was an enraged woman waiting for him outside and yes, when he came out he looked worried but sorry, too late, I lashed it out on him.

I don’t normally flare up but if I do, you are in for trouble. I find it RIDICULOUS that I have to know everything when this is my first time getting married and having dinner there and he, with more experiences. You expect ME TO KNOW EVERYTHING? HELLO!!!!!

So, anyway, I decided that I should be more gracious and try to help him understand the situation. Oh man! I’m like teaching some kiddo. Is he new or what? Sometimes, people do really take advantage of you when you are too nice. Humans!

Apart from that, it’s really counting down to a whole lot of events. Ken was offered a place in Boston. PTL! We can start looking for accommodation and it would mean busy times ahead. And of course, the July trip and for me, a series of baking and cooking lessons, both self-taught and from other classes.

Oh Lord, pls guide us!