Salomon X-Trail Run – An invitation

I think it’s time to challenge myself. After having participated in a few 5km runs this year, it’s time to progress to the next level – 10km. Thus far, I have been satisfied with my fitness level but there is always this hope that I could return to my pre-pregnancy state. I even toy with the possibility of running a half-marathon this year end but let’s just take a step at a time.


This will be my first time participating in the annual Salomon X-Trail Run which incorporates hills, slopes and gravel at Punggol. To be honest, such a terrain is not my cup of tea but I can certainly challenge myself, can’t I? Perhaps, I could find it more fun than merely running on the tracks? This time round, I’ll also be inviting the hubs to participate in this run with me because the timing is perfect for us – 4pm. This means we could get someone to look after the kids while we have couple time. 😉 If the run is set in the early morning, it would be highly difficult for both of us to run together so we must grab this chance! Join us?

Just a little background about the brand. Salomon was founded in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps. Since then, the brand has been creating innovative products to enhance the performance of athletes. Salomon supports trail-running worldwide, from elite-level races to grassroots events. The first Salomon Branded Store in Singapore opened at Velocity @ Novena Square and displays an array of high performance attire and footwear, specifically catered for trail running. So if any one of you are into trail running, you might want to check out its products.


The details of the Salmon X-Trail Run, a 10km run, is as follows:
Date: 8 October 2016  (Saturday)
Venue: 50 Punggol East, Parade Square, Singapore 828826
Flag off : 4pm


Registration can be done via this link and ends on 28 September 2016.

All participants are entitled to a finisher’s medal, an event t-shirt and a Salomon shoe bag. The race fee is priced at $60 per person, $55 for World of Sports members.

VGO X Trail Running Tee 2016_1

Salomon ShoeBag_Special Order

Race pack collection will be on 1 Oct 2016, Saturday, at Salomon (#01-53), Kallang Wave Mall from 11am-9pm.

It’ll be about 3 more weeks before the race. Hopefully we will be able to throw in some good mileage before the run. No stress really. What’s more important is that we enjoy the training process and get our fitness back through this.

Disclaimer: I was sponsored with a complimentary fee for the Salomon X-Trail Run in exchange for social media posts on the event. The hubs has to pay for his own fee for the race. Images and information pertaining to the run are provided by Salomon and VGO Corporation Limited. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are as usual, my own.


It has always been a struggle to find time to exercise, for me. As Dan grows older, he demands more of my time and I find myself unable to even spend an uninterrupted 30 minutes to do a workout at home.

I look forward to weekends though since that would mean the husband is around and we could do some forms of exercise together, as a family. I wanted our children to love sports and to achieve that, the adults must model for them.


Last Friday, we visited Decathlon and had a whale of a time. I always go ‘crazy’ over sports products and there are so many items here for various sports. We took the opportunity to show the girl how to throw the frisbee, got her to have a feel of passing the soccer ball, encouraged her to attempt the rock wall climbing and needless to say, she had fun on the trampoline.


And we finally made it to the pool! It’s Dan’s first encounter and as anticipated, he cried when he first touched the water. But after a few minutes, he was fine!


I managed to squeeze in some time to do a short  run yesterday after getting the kids to nap. The hubs took over and off I went. It’s a wonderful feeling, a luxury, being able to be in the outdoors, without whining kids. Hah..

Hopefully, these activities will sustain.

Have a great week, folks.

Listen to your body


Saw Coach’s face on the paper. Hey hey!
I supposed the recent reports of death during races prompted such an article and especially so when AHM is round the corner. They certainly do not want another fatal case to be repeated.

Fully agreed with the report. While exercising, besides being knowledgeable about the diet, equipment to use, different forms of training, another important to note is to ‘listen to your body’.

Last Sunday, in the midst of running in the heat, I suddenly felt faint; a very uncomfortable feeling engulfed me. I felt as if I was on the verge of black-out. The sky was twirling. I need water. Drain water would do (noo…actually cannot also). Thankfully Ken was with me or else I wouldn’t know what would happen if I really fainted. And of course, coffeeshops are all around and our potable tap water saved me.

Hope all would go well this weekend, be it the Olive run or the AHM.

Listen to your body.

da 2 days


Stole some time to work out before going back to work.

The man wore my bike jersey which is oversized for me. Hmm…not bad!

I want to go away.

May, come quickly!

so idyllic...

so idyllic...

Fri: Spin 40km; Run 7km
Sat: Spin 30km


It finally came yesterday. So untimely and came as if the gates of the dam have been released 😛

And I went down to the Biathlon….as a spectator. The first woman completed the swim in 21 min. Whoah! FAST!

Saw coach and a few others from swim class. Nice…


I watched this exact clip yesterday at the Volvo Ocean Race village that Maya helped to build. My initial thought was the sacrifice that each sportsperson has to give in order to achieve the dream. I was inspired by them. The emotions that went through yesterday were very personal but very impactful. Very apt and timely.


A couple of nights ago, I was here. The food in front of me did not entice me. My attention was shifted to the runners. This used to be my running route when I was still in school. I would have a run to this area before I start the day. Nice, tranquil….

These days, I managed to run in the morning. No longer at ECP but near to the workplace and realised that the route is good for runs. Nice slopes where different muscle groups could be used. Well-toned people to look at as they ran past. And those cyclists on their tri-bikes reminded me of Aviva again. =(

Been taking time off during lunch to swim instead. It’s so unfortunate that during the same time, groups of students would be there for their swim class. The girls were so shy in their one-piece. For me, I think I had better be more decently clad in case I was singled out by some conservatives who deemed that certain civil servants cannot be swimming in their two-piece.

The legs were lighter now. Good!

Sunday =(

Sunday has, for many years, been a day reserved for my long distance run or rollerblading session.

But these days, Sunday has become a rest day. What a waste waste waste!

Legs, o legs…when can you recover quickly? I know Christmas’ over but may I have a pair of new legs?

Updates: Triladies Triathlon 2009 is cancelled.


Finally decided to act on my plan. The plan was to reach office early and ran around the area. So I ran to Dempsey and back. Good workout though the timing really sucked. I think my legs were tired.

Tomorrow, I shall explore the area, in search of the pool.

And…the stuff I have been waiting for are finally here! Thank you Dom! The jersey fits me to a tee and it so matches the colour of my bike! The magazines will keep me busy for a good while.





The workout trip

@ Desaru.
This group of cyclists can ride FAST! Thankfully, the guys came periodically and this helped us to draft. I’m so drained.

Naughty thought: What would happen if I scratch their bikes? Think I’ll be dead meat.

Distance: 117.1km
Time: 04:36:39
cal: 2020 (whoah!)
Avg HR: 144
Max HR: 230

eat, drink and be merry Part III



Today’s lunch was one that I looked forward to. Back to good o’ friends. The theme was Japanese and thus would not lack Yakitori, okonomiyaki, unagi, mochi and green tea. Oiishi desyo!

I like the gifts and thank you, JH, for the cookbook on Turkish delicacies. I’ll cook for you guys! Happy happy and I got my Moleskin diary and camera bag after that.

Had my first brick session and my legs were tired. Had a brief talk with D and he honestly told me that I might not do a good swim for the coming event. My timing is disgustingly bad.

Sad. I’ll try..try…try…I will make it!

On wheels…

Today was such a good day. The articles on Lifestyle were well-written and made me reflect quite a fair bit. And finally, got to ride with G after so many attempts to train for our upcoming events. Rushing off, met up with C and MG over dinner and oh, what a wonderful time together again. We have only met and worked together for 10 days in UK and strong bonds were made. Got to sit in C’s mini! I love the interior! So cool! It’s a dream car for many but I would very much still go for Rav 4. Mini is rather demure for me and I need a car to store my bike and all other equipment. 2 more years before I am debt-free. Yea!


On the way back, the PIE was jammed, both directions. It must be quite an accident. Driving on, it was actually the other direction that had problem. It was quite a scene. There were 5 cars involved and one of them, a taxi, nosedived into one of the others. How this happened was really a mystery. The cars must have been travelling at high speed! I really hope the drivers were all right. There were at least 2 ambulances speeding off.

The direction I was driving in? There was no accident. It was jammed because we were really curious about the scene on the other side. ;p

Distance: 32.3km
Time: 01:18:19

The girl has grown up

I don’t normally attend wedding dinner unless that person is someone dear. So this day, I was invited by a fine lady whom I co-worked with for the youth fellowship. And oh, how she has grown. She is indeed a woman of noble character and am so glad that the partner is such a godly gentleman. Thankfully, my kakis were also invited. =)

Where are our men?

Where are our men?

Morning ride
Distance: 73km
Time: 02:58:33
Avg HR: 149
Max HR: 191
Avg Speed: 24.6
Avg Cad: 70

The thighs are so sore…but it’s a good sign…Long long way to go. =(

Morning run
Distance: 5.66km
Pace: 5.6min/km
Time: 31 min


Look at the incredible amount of stuff that one has to use to treat a minor injury! I had something worse than what I am having now by at least 5 times and I did not even use these stuff. But really, I ought to learn the correct method. L kindly brought these so that I could treat my injury and hopefully without scar. Must trust him since the wifey is a nurse. I better buy all these and put them in my first -aid box for yours truly is very accident-prone.

I like GV for the fact that it brings in tasteful films, commonly shown in GV Europa.  The Visitor tells img7817of a disillusioned, ‘lifeless’ professor whose life changed after a chanced encounter with a stranger. Made me all the more convicted that we should treat those foreign workers (not expats) with more respect. Quite dislike it when people scorn them. Through the film also, it made me ponder if I should really pursue my little dream of being a lecturer. What a life! To devote oneself to writing papers, publishing articles and books. Surely life involves much more! Of course, how one lives out one’s life is really dependent on the individual. But hearing horror stories about those who pursue PhD and their lives really is a deterrent for me to pursue that path.

As of now, I am thankful where I am and what I am. Thank you Lord.

Distance: 57.9 + 8.2
Time: 02:19:04 + 0:22:40
Avg HR: 143
Max HR: 173
cal:1010 +160
Avg Speed: 25.0
Avg Cad: 89

Lao pok chia… body, please recover fully quickly!

Been a month since I last swam and I had to drag myself to do that after work. Not sure if I could do a good job and didn’t want to stress myself too much. So the target was easy swim to get myself back to the system.

NOt easy at all! Realised I did not have the strength to pull! After the swim, I was rather faintish. What happened???!!!! Arghhh!

@_@ cry!

1.5km @ 42 min

Good Start

Managed to wake up on time!!! This called for a celebration!

Distance: 6.06km
Time: 0:37:01
Pace: 6/km
Avg HR: 150 (79%)

And so, the trio decided on Japanese curry chicken gohan! The marinated chicken by ZM and the dish done up by L. Better log the recipe.






So much fun @ work!


Of course, the above should be the desired outcome. NP. We will strive to improve!

Time: 01:00:35
Avg HR: 119
Avg Cad: 91


Hiya! I missed morning run again. I am not able to wake up at 5am anymore for runs. My gosh! I must try again tomorrow. This body of mine…when will you pick yourself up?

L and I had been planning to cook Okonomiyaki before I left for the trip and this morning, he reminded me again and got me out of the seat at 11.30am to buy the ingredients. Dragged ZM and Ken out too and to grocery shopping we went!

And so, trying to remember the steps I went through in Kunitachi with the Jap friends and verifying from google, we had Okonomiyaki for lunch!!!! And I dare say it was a success! It was so fun!


Hmm, what shall we have tomorrow ?;p
Met up with Jo over dinner and got myself a new pair of shoes! I must remember that I underpronate and has high arch and so I need more cushioning rather than the stability shoes that I had which caused me injury last year.

And so I must really really start running to ‘break’ the shoes esp since the coach is in Busselton doing his Ironman. Wonder how well he fared ;p Must start swimming!

C’mon, Lynn. 102 more days to go only!!


Tough decision

I finally decided.
To withdraw from the run.
It’s not that I don’t know, that when one is sick, he/she should not take part in physical exercise. Rest is what is needed. Many said, “There will always be a marathon next year.” Indeed. Anyway, I am no professional. JUst wanting to run and test one’s limit. I finally surrendered after trying to run a short distance and realised that the sniffing was constant and throat extremely dry. Ok. That’s it.

Bud came and took my watch for the run tomorrow. Going to support him and the gals! This time round, I will be the photographer (*change of roles)! There will always be a first time and the first time is always the best, in terms of experience. All the best people!

OK. There will always be a next marathon. I will use the time to get well soon. Less than 4 months to Aviva!

Made Sahlep (Turkish drink – good for the throat). A success!
Shirley: You have to boil the milk and add more powder while stirring it. Add sufficient cinnamon powder too!

Can’t wait for tomorrow!

5km @ 30min

done! next please…

OK. The trip details are done @
Next. Need to prepare my mind and body for the challenges ahead.
Looking forward to condition my body again.


Went to cheer Marj on her first tri attempt and I must say she did well! Congrats! As I stood there taking photos, the triathletes inspired me, made me want to continue to tri. Yesterday, I attempted to run my usual 7.8km route after psyching myself to try to run again after a three-week break. I was afraid that I could not do a good job since I know that my stamina has dropped. My ankle hurts again after wearing heels for the first time since the return. Thankfully, was able to complete the run in 47 min. Hmm..think I am still doing ok. No real pain. I want to complete the marathon. I shall not give up.

Real training starts in Dec! Yahoo!


I’ve gone ballistic.

Suddenly, work and more work came in. My mind was so filled with the to-do list. Every time, there was a twist of fate to our paper. It’s like sitting on a plane flying through a turbulence. Asked to draw some concept maps today and we had a hell of a time trying to peek into people’s maps. Actually it was only ZM and I and we made so much noise. But great to have such a fun-loving colleague. @ the end of the meeting, we had shown one another how crazy we could be. We have lost it. ;p

While these were going on, at the back of my mind were thoughts of another colleague whose son had contracted a very rare disease. He was so downcast, so disturbed and his countenance, that of sorow. All his dreams were shattered. His lifestyle – his family’s – would have to change. The cost for the treatment is going to be sky-rocketing high. I am F9 in counselling people in distress and all I did was to lend a listening ear as he poured his woes. I’m sad though that I have lost a fun-loving friend to sorrow.

How could we support him? We could only pray for a miracle.

And while I stayed back to continue working, my thoughts went to dividing my time between training, work and family. One has only 24 hours. Something’s gonna give?

In the end, I called it a day @ a time when the traffic could be smoother and was thankful that I was not caught in a jam. The hospital has called Father to go for a check-up and an admission would be probable. I’m glad that he shared his fear.

What’s the priority @ the end of the day?

washed out

After having lunch @ Jaggi’s ( 34 Race Course Road) with L & N, rushed home to get changed for the Breast Cancer walk. I really ought not to pack so many activities in a day. I was feeling really washed out today with the scorching heat and I probably was dehyrated.

I need to hit the sack.

Saw an envelope posted from overseas addressed to me and immediately, I knew it would be Dom. Opened the envelope and found a one-sheet thingy.

To my sweet surprise, it is a one-page article on Emma Snowsill! Ahh…I am so touched! Thank you Dom! This is just great motivation – it’s sitting in front of my desk now. =)

So, went for my usual morn run and felt good. On the way to work, you see runners with fuel belt training, the same couple running with their backpacks crossing the road near KK hospital @ 7.15am, the familiar cyclist on his Cervelo at the cross junction near my place @ 7.23am.

Felt energised just by looking at them. =)

Run – 7.76km @ 48’56
Calories: 380
Avg HR – 149
Max HR – 165

And while the world financial market crashed, so did my hard disk. And while it did so, my world crashed as well. All the mails for the past 9 months were gone. Important mails pending actions. Now I could only depend on my memory just as much recovery on the economy was dependent on the congress’ favourable decision.

Good sat!

What a good Saturday. After a morning ride, rushed to meet Sha and JH for a hike at Bukit Timah Hill. It was a good one and I think I would do it more often. Within minutes, you are prespiring! But too bad, we could not complete a whole route. It would be interesting if we are able to!

And we popped over to CSC for a short time of swimming before going to Youhao for a session of Tuina. Oh my! It was so much better than the Javanese Traditional Massage. The tight spots were looked into and I felt released! hahahahhaha….

DInner @ Muthu’s Curry was nice though my first choice was be Banana Apollo. Initially, we wanted to go to a normal Indian coffeeshop but none of us had sufficient cash and thus we needed to check into a more ‘atas’ eatery which allows card payment. LOL. And there is no POSB ATM in sight in Little India….Gosh! I’m happy with my Masala tea and some new dishes.

Mustafa was such an interesting place to visit. They have practically everything! I was so impressed! But after one hour of shopping, I was dehydrated and exhausted.

I felt like a tourist today ;p

Ride (laps) : 0:59:20
In zone: 0:55:32
Distance: 26.1km
Avg speed: 26.4km/h
Max speed: 32.6km/h
Avg HR: 147
Max: 164
calories: 463
Avg cad: 105
Max cad: 123