Turning breech

So it didn’t happen as planned.

Quekling II isn’t out yet because he has turned into breech position when I was in the hospital. That means induction is impossible.

I’m not sure how to feel at this current point in time.

All I’m praying now is that he will come out safely, no matter what method of delivery. His safety is my concern.

Thankful Tuesday: The eve

What an exciting September.

This month saw us trying to get everything in place and ready for Quekling II. A lot had happened and I’m glad things are winding down and ready for his arrival. It’s all in good timing and we truly thank God for that.

To combat the heat, we scouted for ceiling fans and got them installed before mid-September. That means a cooler environment for breastfeeding. Yay!

We also decided that we should trade in our old car for a new one because each day when I was in the driver’s seat, I feared that it would break down. It would be tremendously stressful for me with two young children and thus as a family, we decided that we could buy a peace of mind with a new vehicle. It’s a definite liability but would prove to be extremely convenient when you have young children. Thankfully, we received the car a week ago which gave us ample time to get used to it and gain sufficient [hopefully] experience with it.

Last week, during the routine checkup, we learnt that Quekling II was in the horizontal/ transverse position and that means a c-section would be needed. I was disappointed. I have, after all, thought and decided emotionally that I would be giving birth to him naturally which is my preferred method. It’s better for both mother and child. So, I wasn’t prepared when I heard the news. But the immediate verse that came to me was,

“Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

We rallied our brothers and sisters to pray for us and yesterday, during the checkup, Quekling II’s head has turned downwards! Praise the Lord!

20150928_144113Quekling II @ 38W 4D

We decided to induce him soon to prevent him from changing his position as there is such a possibility. Also, this will work well for the whole family in terms of logistical arrangement. To be honest, I’m not sure if this is the best for Quekling II but we just have to trust in Him for a healthy and normal baby and a smooth delivery ahead.

Mom’s weight: 59.2kg
Quekling II: 2.8kg

A lot have happened within this month and looking back, I just want to thank God for His perfect timing in bringing everything in place. We are thankful to our family who rendered so much help to us and without them, we would definitely be busier and more frustrated. The hubs and I grew closer too as we prepared for THE DAY to come.

Quekling II @36W 5D


Quekling #2 weighs 2.9kg as of yesterday. His heartbeat is strong and yes, he has been rather active, doing his muay thai in the womb. I was handed the hospital admission letter from my gynae and this really signalled that the time is almost ripe! Anytime soon!


Meanwhile, the Mom weighs 59.5kg and has gained a total of 9.5kg as of today. I’m hoping that I won’t cross 12kg since I have only about a few more weeks to go. But it’s really hard to say. I gained a total of 13kg for the last pregnancy and the last 1kg is so difficult to shed. In any case, the bone structure has changed a wee bit since the last pregnancy and I shouldn’t bear much hope in going back to my pre-pregnancy weight.


Things have been moving slowly but steadily in anticipation of his arrival. Recently, we got a second-hand cot and now Quekling II has somewhere to bunk in. For Faith, I managed to do up the room a wee bit but now I cannot be bothered. Poor second child. But I would like to think that it’s the minimalist look that we are going for now. Hah!

Quekling II has a good amount of clothes, thanks to friends and relatives who are so willing to share. Thank God for His provision!


Milk bottles are washed and sterilised. Breastpump is in working condition. Yay! I just need to pack the hospital bag next. But this time round, I won’t be packing much. From previous experience, I didn’t even use half of what I brought. This time round, I would be packing:

– Admission letter from gynae
– Slippers and warm socks
– Comfortable clothes to go home in
– Mobile phone and charger
– Nursing bras
– Breast pads
– Maternity pads
– Disposable undies
– Newborn nappies
– Baby clothes, booties and mittens
– Baby blanket
– wallet


And my loot arrived! I must remember to recuperate and rejuvenate well. The confinement period is crucial and it will affect me when I grow older (I believe). I’m hoping that pigmentation won’t surface ( it didn’t for the last pregnancy, thank God!). #vainpot

I’m quite excited to use the toning cream and cellulite cream. I have used the MK range for my face and it has served me well. So I hope the body range will be superb too. But I must remember to be consistent in the usage, as with all things.

A few more weeks to go!

It’s been a tough week

Faith @ 33 MO

Baby @ 33 weeks

This week was tough.

Faith was evidently more rebellious these days and on several occasions, refused to obey what we had asked her to do. The worst part? Disobeying seems to be a fun thing to her and even when we had put her at the quiet corner and used other disciplinary measures, she came back, unrepented.

It got really exhausting to have to face such a situation. At many junctures, I questioned why I gave up my job to be a SAHM, to have my own flesh and blood drive me up the wall. If I was still working, at least I could have a break from her nonsense. And at the very least, I could have a few minutes of silence, to reconnect with myself. Being home with her, I was posed with endless questions and to have to engage her with conversations. The little one doesn’t like silence; she loves to chat with her Mom.

It’s exhausting.

At the same time, I questioned my self-worth and cannot help but feel that I have lost touch with the society. When I saw fellow moms having a good time at work and looking splendid in their dressing, envy started to well up. Don’t judge me please. I know I shouldn’t compare and that I should fix my eyes on things above but….

All these emotions (hormones as well) overwhelmed me and it got to a point that I broke down and wept uncontrollably, in front of the kiddo. She was confused, obviously, and cried. Why did Mama cry?

I shudder to think of the challenges ahead, of having to deal with two young children. How do you moms do it? I’m not sure if I could still stay calm and patiently explain things to them. I anticipate losing my temper more and that the volume of my voice will increase by a few decibels.

I need to surrender this to the Lord, the fear of the uphill tasks ahead. Surely God is faithful and He will bring me through. At the same time, I must remember that the tasks that have been given to me are not just ‘any’ tasks but are important ones. What I’m doing now will impact my children’s lives and many others who have contact with them. What I am doing IS important.

And I have to be fair, because there are indeed MORE sweet moments than bad ones.

20150819_125339 (2)

Say, for instance, meal times. There are more occasions in which she enjoys her food and gobbles whatever I have prepared for her. Her chopsticks’ skills have improved and there are significantly less mess on the floor now.

20150809_115339 (2)

Eating out with her can sometimes be a torture but 70% of the time, she behaves herself and is polite and courteous to the servers.. Just don’t bring her out when she is tired and cranky…

20150811_160654 (2)

She {still} loves school and each day, she would tell me that she enjoys herself in school, BSF or Sunday School. It gives me great joy to know that she is adapting well and likes to learn.

20150811_160422 (2)

At one stage, i was worried that she would just communicate in English. Alas, over the last few weeks, she spoke more in Mandarin with me (as long as I speak to her in that language) and could recite the 儿歌 (songs) she has learnt in school and from listening to the CDs at home. Sometimes, she even speaks with a certain Chinese accent. I wonder who she caught that from. 

20150819_170346 (2)

She remains a bubbly and cheerful girl and would find ways to make us laugh.

I guess as long as I don’t focus on the difficult situations in parenting, they won’t look like giants that cannot be overcome. In fact, such challenges are opportunities to exercise faith and to experience God at a higher level. Amen?

IMG_20150823_151352 IMG_20150822_111245
IMG_20150822_112342 IMG_20150822_112543

I’m also thankful for the opportunity to bake 100 cookies for a sweet baby girl (gift packs)because it makes me happy just to be able to do that. Maybe I should make my own gift packs for the newborn’s full month eh?

How has your week been? Hopefully, it has been good!


The baby in the womb is 1.8kg and is still in breech position. I’m not looking forward to C-section so I’m going to pray against that. He seems to be a skinnier baby as compared to Faith. I guess I must eat better from now on so that he could get all the necessary nutrients.

Wt of mom: 57.7kg

BP: 119/58

Quekling II @ 31 weeks

20150806_143211 (2)

Quekling II jumped to 1.56kg at the last gynae visit and I put on 2kg within a span of 2 weeks which was rather alarming! I must have eaten quite a fair bit and I think I should watch what I eat from now on. If the food is of quality, then there’s no cause for worry but….

Wt of mom: 57kg

These days see me getting restless and lethargic more easily. It can truly be a struggle at times dealing with a very active toddler. It’s the last lap and I have to hang in there. There are still things to be done.

I posted the list of things that I need to do within the next few weeks (in another account) and I shall record them here.

In no order of priority. ..

1. Continue to talk to F about the arrival of the second one. I know how the first one reacts depends on her maturity level and the real emotions will come when the baby arrives. But there is no harm in preparing her. I remember how as a 4YO, I felt so jaded by my own mom when my sis arrived and I don’t really want that to happen to F.

2. Install a ceiling fan in the living room. This is my fault. The hubs wanted to install fan during renovation but I didn’t want. I regretted.

3. Go through the piles of clothes given by friends for the baby and then need to wash and allocate space for them. [DONE]

4. Go through Faith’s clothes and to give away since we have no more space! [DONE]

5. Send baby mattress, pillow, bumper to my mom’s place to sun. Our place is just pathetic with very little sunlight. [DONE]

6. Check if my breastpump still works. Crossing my fingers! This is such an important item to me!

7. Start preparing and freeze meals like sauce, broth, meatballs, etc.

8. We need to set up the cot but we still haven’t decided on the sleeping arrangement when the little one comes.

9. Looking forward, we might need part time help. Need to source for one if that is the case.

10. Buy baby stuff like shampoo, diapers, wet wipes but for these, I will shop online. No longer have the energy to carry so much stuff.

11. Orientate the hubs to the market since he will need to bring the confinement nanny there to do grocery. Also need to teach him the parts of certain meat so that he will buy correctly.

12. Need to get the hubs to drive more often as he will need to send F to school.

13. Buy confinement stuff like the bathing things and herbs. Thankfully, Mom said she would help me get the wine, sesame oil and herbs before she goes for her hols. Thank God fot her!

14. Pack hospital bag. Not very important.

15. Read up on contractions and newborn sleep pattern. I have completely forgotten.

16. Wash and sterilise milk bottles and breastmilk containers.

17. Fumigate the car. It’s very dusty and dirty!!!

18. Buy nursing bra. I forgot where i bought previously!!!

19. Borrow car seat from a friend.

20. Get stroller back from mom’s place.

21. Settle CDA for both?

Quekling II @ 29 weeks

29 weeksHello! I’m officially 29 weeks pregnant with Quekling II. I’m starting to get tired easily and have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. Backache’s starting to kick in and cramps in the legs too. Oh well. It’s the last lap, so just bear with it!

Quekling II has been really active all of a sudden and he keeps exercising in the womb. It can really get irritating! I hope he will not be too much of an active child when he comes out. :p

My weight right now is 55kg and that means I have only put on 0.5kg over the course of 3 weeks. Not that ideal, eh? But Quekling II seems to be of the right weight!

Blood pressure: 111/58
Weight of baby: 1.06kg
Weight of Mom: 55kg

Quekling II @ 26 weeks

Yay, so I have passed the glucose screening!

Had my gynae appointment yesterday and this was a piece of good news given to me. I have also put on a decent amount of weight – 1.2kg- over the course of these three weeks. He weighs 768g which doc said it was a decent weight. However, compared to Faith, he seems to be a tad lighter but we will see.


I was telling Doc that there wasn’t much activity from Quekling II for the past few days and he suggested that I track his movement from 9am to 9pm. As long as there is movement, be it slight or obvious, that would be considered one tick and at least ten movements are needed. Goodness! I’m not sure if I want to do that because I’m constantly on the move and I probably won’t be able to detect it.

Another to-do item checked: We have booked the hospital. Yay….

Next things to do before I get lethargic in the third trimester: Set up the cot, wash baby clothes, buy the cleaning stuff (shampoo, body wash, lotion, detergent, etc) for the baby and checking if the breast pump still works. The last item is sooooo crucial!

Weight: 54.5kg

Quekling II @ 23 weeks

It seems that Queking II is of a smaller size than Faith. As I compared him to her, he weighed about 400g at this point as compared to Faith’s 500g in the same period. My overall weight didn’t increase a lot. In fact, three weeks had passed and I have only gained 0.3kg instead of the 1.5kg which I’m supposed to put on. I blamed it on the Glucose screening in which I was asked to fast from 10pm the night before ;p.


Other than that, Quekling II seems fine.

Meanwhile, I have been exercising a fair bit from the household chores that seem endless. Not that I mind; I do derive enjoyment from fulfilling them at times. On top of that, I have been going for Pilates lessons regularly to stretch and strengthen those muscles and climbing of stairs. I think the least I can do for myself and my family is to take care of my own health. No?

image image

I’m hoping I will pass the glucose screening. Arghhh…

We have also been blessed by a dear friend who passed us baby clothes, baby cot, rocker and bumbo chair and other necessity for Quekling II. We didn’t keep a lot ourselves since (1) we are not hoarders; (2) I didn’t expect that I would want another kid when we gave away all those items and (3) we are certain that people would pass baby stuff to us if we are expecting another child. Muahahhah…. we have faith in our friends!

Weight: 53.3kg

Quekling II @ 20 weeks

Detailed scan day.

And apparently, Quekling II turns out to be …


… a boy!

So, Faith has been right all along. Upon knowing that I was pregnant, I asked her if the baby was going to be a boy or a girl and she would always reply “弟弟” (younger brother). This goes to show that we can take the words of the little ones seriously. :p

Quekling II seems to be growing well and we could see all limbs. He was really active during the scan and was changing position most of the time.

Personally, I was relieved after knowing all seemed to be well and that the baby might be a boy (shouldn’t really trust wholeheartedly until the baby is out!). I think having both a boy and a girl completes the picture but ultimately, of course, the more important thing is to have a normal and healthy child, regardless of the gender.

These days, I have friends who asked me what the arrangement would be like when the second one comes along. Would I engage a helper? Nope, I wouldn’t. But I know there are challenges ahead.

Firstly, I need to prepare Faith that the baby would not be great fun to be with. Many times, she has asked me if the baby could read with her, skate-scoot, play play-doh with her, etc and I have to tell her that the baby couldn’t until he’s a bit older like her. I must really make her realise that the baby will demand a lot of my attention and that Mama could not always spend time with her like what I’m doing now.

Faith really ought to be potty-trained by the time the younger one comes into the scene. For months, she could tell me that she needed to poo and there hadn’t been any accident. However, she just couldn’t do so for her pees. How frustrating! There are still other skills that she needs to acquire and I already feel there’s not enough time! Oh my!

I fully expect household chores to be burdensome when the second one arrives. I’m learning how to freeze my meals and to think of alternative ways to clean the apartment. Hire a part-time helper? Perhaps. Get an iRobot? Maybe.

Oh my…

Breathe in…. Breathe out…. Take a step at a time.

Weight: 53kg

Quekling II @ 17 weeks

I wish I had much peace when I turned up for my gynae appointment today.

Alas, the night before found me restless. The OSCAR result was one thing but I haven’t been putting much weight since the last appointment. I wasn’t sure if things were okay.

When you are pregnant, worry just takes place.

I weighed 51.9kg on his scale and my gynae looked at me and asked me,” You vomitted and had diahorrea?”


Then, according to him, I should be putting on 0.5kg every week and it has been 4 weeks since I last saw him and I have only put on 0.3kg.


Thankfully, Quekling II is growing well, it seems. So I told Dr Poon that things should be ok even though I didn’t put on much weight.

He looked at me with a firm and serious expression. “Don’t be complacent. Your body might have reserves and the baby is getting the nutrients from it. But once that is depleted, he will face malnutrition. So better eat more.”

He went through my health report with me. It was stellar except that I might be a little anemic but that’s not much of a concern for now. There is something about my blood that causes the {OSCAR} ratio to be low. Darn! History repeats itself. It’s the same scenario as my first pregnancy. So, my gynae confirmed with me (yet again) if I would go for subsequent tests and I just had this simple answer, “Nope…I have to trust God.”

I really have to because there is nothing I can do.

Before I walked out of the door, my gynae told me to eat more… again.

Weight: 51.9kg

The second one

How and when do you decide to try for a second child?

For me, I have always felt that a 2 to 3 years age gap would be good because firstly, I would not completely forget about pregnancy and how to deal with the baby in his first year and secondly, I would not lose the momentum. Does that make sense to anyone? ;p

But it was when I saw how lonely Faith was at home and how excited and happy she was when she was around other people or her friends that got me thinking about trying for a second child. Faith was about two years old at that time and my biological clock was also ticking away furiously, signaling to me that the time was ripe.

The hubs did share that if we were to have another kid, it shouldn’t be because of Faith. On the other hand, it should be because both of us want another child and that we are committed to it. His argument makes sense, of course.


So we found out that we might be having a second child during early February. Something in me changed and I figured it could be due to a possible pregnancy? The pregnancy test was positive and subsequently a visit to the gynae further confirmed it. We thanked God for this miracle.

The above was just an image of the water bag at week 6. Quekling II was too small to be seen. Couldn’t even detect the heartbeat properly.

Weight: 50.5kg

imageBy the 9th week, Quekling II was 3.22cm but because my weight hadn’t increased much, Dr Poon was concerned. I did eat!

Weight: 50.6kg


This is the most recent scan of Quekling II and he/she has grown to 6.52cm at week 12. My weight increased to 51.6kg only after I had taken lunch that day. Before that, My weight was 50.7kg. What a difference a meal makes! Perhaps, there is something wrong with his weighing scale.

We did the OSCAR and a week later, I received a call from the clinic informing me that Quekling II is at a high risk for down syndrome. My heart sank. But immediately, there was a small still voice telling me, “Trust in Me.”

This is not the first time I have heard this piece of news. Faith’s ratio was 1:78 as compared to 1:169 for Quekling II and it seems like I’m going be haunted by the emotional ups and downs once more.

Am I comforted that the ratio seems better this time round? Yes. But am I going to say that things will surely be okay since Faith turns out well?

No. Not all all. I’d be too proud to even think of that. Once again, I’m reminded that while we can control many things in life, we have absolutely no control over life and death.

Trust in Me. God did say in His word. And why not?

Pregnancy… worries… sleepless nights. They go hand in hand.

Oh Lord, what a faith stretching period.

I don’t think I will go for the amniocentesis test nor the other more accurate test called Harmony. I don’t see the point now and I can’t afford Harmony which is priced at more than a grand.

I can only trust in Him who gives life and One who gives wonderful gifts to His children. He knows me and understands perfectly how much I can bear. My Father is in control.

“When we are helpless, God stepped in and proved Himself to be faithful to those who persevere in trusting Him.”

This is what I wrote for my first day question for BSF last week and while having QT just now, I was reminded of this.

I didn’t know He is preparing me for this piece of news.

My God is real.


The delivery

I was looking forward to this day actually simply because the nine and half months of child bearing was too much for me to bear. The endless sleepless nights towards the end and the heavy burden of carrying a life in the womb add to the desire to want to deliver soon. Of course, as with any parent, there was this desire to want to see the little one soon especially if she was facing some form of danger.

So after the ‘last supper’ at my mommy’s who prepared a dish made up of ten herbs including bird’s nest (as if some last minute dish will help the baby to have beautiful skin), we were sent to Parkway East Hotel Hospital to check in. We were early (because the man was anxious) and were immediately warded in the surgical theatre.

Before the ordeal

Time passed rather slowly when you wanted something fast. While waiting for Dr Poon to arrive, I was made to poo before a tablet was inserted into the cervix area to dilate at 10.30pm, Monday night.

At about 4am, the nurse came in and said it was 1cm dilated and remarked that the tablet worked on me so didn’t insert a second one to speed up the process. I was in pain already and asked for laughing gas.

9am. Dr Poon came and said it was 2cm dilated. He burst the waterbag and would be coming back at around 12 noon. I was in real pain and was in sitting position since it made me feel better. A different nurse tended to me this time round and I asked if this position would help in any way in which she said nope. She then asked if I knew how to use the laughing gas which she felt I didn’t really know. Her verdict was correct as I didn’t consume as much till the pain was relieved. So I was educated on its correct use and asked also for a jab in my thigh area. I was in so much pain.

1 plus pm. Dr Poon came and studied the heartbeat and contractions record. He noticed the Faith’s heartbeat had been strong except on two occasions in which it dropped and he was very concerned (remember the umbilical cord?). He suggested monitoring for the next 2 hours and the last resort was really to go for c-section. To be honest, I was sooooo tempted to just say, let’s go for it since I was really helpless and had little reserve of energy but thought I should just trust him.

4pm. Dr came and said the dilation was too slow and that he would put me on drip.

4.40pm. I was desperate and decided to go for epidural. At this point, the nurse told me it was a bit too late as I seemed to be ready to deliver in about half an hour’s time.

5 plus pm. Everything was a blur. I heard voices of nurses. They seemed to be setting up some stuff. One of them then said, “She’s ready. Call Dr Poon to come now.” After that, I was asked to push. I was just following instructions with my eyes closed. It was too painful to describe and I had no more energy left. One of the nurses instructed me to push and I felt something in my vagina. That must be it. Push harder, Lynn. No turning back. I was asked to push when I felt the contractions. God is good. He gave me the sanity and the sensitivity still to know what a contraction was then. And then I heard a faint cry and was asked by all people around me to push harder and with one last push and cry, Faith came out. I stumbled back onto the bed and felt all energy depleted.

Welcome to the world!

It is finished. As Dr Poon has guessed, the umbilical cord was really wound around Faith’s neck.

Thank you, God. And for Ken who had stayed by my side throughout, tending to my request and making sure I was all right. Throughout the stay in the hospital, he had been my helper and got so exhausted I’m afraid he would fall sick. Thank you, dear hubs. And not forgetting dear mother who was so worried for me. I’m also thankful to my brother and sister who are both stationed overseas. Receiving their text messages of concern and their calls uplifted this soul of mine. My in-laws were also there for us all the time. Really felt blessed.

Father and daughter’s precious moment

Our little precious

confinement food in the hospital

Po Po and I. We are going home!

So, I’m a mom now.

@ Week 39

Our appointment with gynae was in the afternoon and knowing that the lil one will come out soon, I dragged the hubs to go with me to Seah Street to stock up some baking needs. I don’t know if I have the energy or the time to bake during confinement but it’s always good to have ready stock in the pantry. I super like this store because I can find quality chocolates like valrhona and the right cupcake cases. Yay! The hubs just tagged along, with the basket…quite a sight.

Then brekky at Maison Ikkoku which is located at the Bugis area. What a lot of gems to be found there, I mean, in terms of eateries. I miss this area out! This cafe is rather small but have heard not too bad a review about their signature dishes – Mi Pork Bun & Mi Musubi – but unfortunately, they were not ready when we arrived. Sigh! In the end, the hubs had croque madame and I, umami florentine. The food’s not too bad!

Of course, I avoided the watery yolk.

We went on to collect some baby stuff from Sarah’s cousin. It’s so nice of her to pass us some stuff even though we do not know her personally.

So, we’ve got more clothes for Faith, another play mat, a u-shaped pillow for breastfeeding and some other stuff. Need to share these blessings with others!

Last minute purchase for confinement, as advised by sis.

So, we went for our final checkup at Poon’s clinic. My weight stayed at 62kg and Faith is 3.7kg!!!! What a difference from last week! No wonder this week, my tummy has enlarged so much!Dr Poon, upon checking, told me that the head is not engaged and he was a little puzzled because he said that by 38 weeks, most of the time, the baby should be engaged. So, hewent on to check. Then, he found out that the umbilical cord is near the neck and perhaps this has caused the head not to be engaged since it has restricted some movement in a certain direction. We recalled that on Monday she wasn’t as active as before and Dr Poon asked, “Why didn’t you call me?”

I felt a bit guilty at that point. The hubs had asked me to call him but I wanted to continue monitoring since I didn’t want to kick up a fuss. But I guess where life is concerned, I cannot play it so cool. Better be safe than sorry. So I will be checking in on Monday night to induce. In such case, there is always a likelihood for a c-sec but I really hope we won’t have to resort to that. But well, as long as Faith can come out safely, whatever method is ok.

We need prayers!

Anxiety struck

Dear Faith
You know, you have been making Daddy anxious these days.
Yesterday, I attended my school’s prize giving ceremony and was immensely proud of some of our achievements and kept texting Daddy. In the end, he revealed that each time he received a message from me, he jumped, thinking that I would be going into labour. So your mischievous mommy will once in a while text him just to ‘scare’ him.

You seem to like sushi a lot. You kicked so much after dinner and the tummy tightened to such an extent that we thought you want to come out anytime. But of course, literature and forum replies always say that if mommy faces contractions, I would know it. Daddy jokes that because I have such a high threshold for pain, I would probably just brush it off. But I don’t think so. I believe I should be able to tell?

Poor Daddy has often been awoken from his sleep when I stretched and moaned a little. He would often jump and asked me worriedly, “Are you ok?” Mommy is a little pai seh. I mean, I am just stretching…

In any case, I hope you will come out soon. I’m not enjoying sleep nowadays anyway so you might as well come out. I guess we are ready.

Ironic Friday


Was awoken by the screaming of the cat; Ken said it’s in heat.

And there I laid in bed, wondering when I’d feel the labour pain.

Thursday, almost there.

Completed WR with the relevant parties. Yay! This also means I can go on leave in peace since the other areas can be covered by someone else.

So, Faith, if you want to come out anytime, you can!

Tuesday, I’m thankful

I’m thankful for a non-work day, that I could take my time to rest and shop for some final stuff for Faith.

We took out the Avent bottles, warmer and steriliser from the boxes and cleaned them. It’s about time.

And bought a mobile (my idea) for Faith. It makes her cot complete. =p


Monday, I’m tired.

Faith suddenly displays low activity level and it is making the adults worried. Ken can’t wait for her to come out because he’s worried something might happen inside and asks me to call Dr Poon if this persists.

I have been monitoring her movement and though she reacts once in a while, it’s a far cry from her multiple muay thai sessions in the past few weeks.

We have also started climbing stairs since the conversation with bro on Sunday who advised that I do so so that I can have an easier delivery. Well, so long it helps, I’m willing to do that. =)

Work has been busy too but since I managed to strike off a few items from the to-do list, I felt immensely satisfied. There were a few pieces of good news at the end of the day and this really brought joy to us.

Another day has ended. I’m tired. Ken’s exhausted. But both of us wonder when Faith will want to come out.

Don’t stay too long inside, okay?

@ 38 weeks

Last lap of the pregnancy before the finishing line. It’s so exciting and at the same time scary since there will be more unpredictable moments and much more to be learnt. Thus far, the whole pregnancy has been rather uneventful except for the amnio test scare. No cravings, no morning sickness. I have only the Lord to thank. It’s not easy to conceive as I learnt from some friends but He enabled us to. The journey ahead will be challenging but I’m sure He will always be there.

@38 weeks, Faith is 2.7kg (she lost weight?? Anyway, it’s an estimate) and my weight remains at 62kg or 61.5kg. She’s still not engaged yet! Dr Poon said that she is of good size and the heartbeat strong. However, he advised that should Faith not pop by this coming week, we might want to consider inducement. The reason is that in some cases, the baby poo-ed inside and swallowed the poo and when the baby finally came out, he/she will be sick and be sent to ICU. Also, the placenta may be aging which we would not be able to tell using the normal scan. Dr Poon didn’t want us to risk that and asked us to consider. He also asked us to talk to Faith more because ultimately, the baby is the one who decides when to come out. Need to pray about this.

In the event that we have to induce Faith, I hope to give birth to her naturally rather than by c-sec but as Dr Poon said, it all depends. I guess I have to be flexible again. =( More importantly, Faith’s welfare comes first.

One more week to go. I don’t know how to react!

BP: 114/70

And dear Faith, you know, many aunties have been giving you things so that when you come out into this world, you can enjoy all these. I hope you will learn to appreciate all that is given to you.

This cot is given by Mama’s cousin and the two tortoises are given to Mama and Papa before we attempted the SC Marathon 2009.

Mama’s cousin lent us this pump though I hope not to use this often. =p

Look at the amount of clothes that you have! They are given by many aunties!

This is given by auntie Tracy.

This is from the Sng family so that you can travel in the car with us. =) We shall go places!

This is from your Auntie Y and Uncle D.

@ 37 weeks

It’s getting more and more difficult to sleep. Whichever position I rest, it’s still uncomfortable. How long more will this persist? I’m getting all panda-eyed!

Faith is now about 2.8kg heavy but not yet engaged!!! I have put on 2kg and am now 62kg. Have gained a total of 13kg thus far. Oh my goodness! Doc said there is a good amount of water in the womb so that’s good. Heartbeat of Faith is strong and healthy. =)

BP: 118/74

I know I’m rather a last-minute worker so I need to read up more on labour and try to remember the stuff. Some knowledge will help as opposed to complete ignorance. This month’s Mother & Baby is God-sent. It has the info I need, from preparing the hospital bag to the stages of labour and it also includes M&B awards for the must-haves!

Bag check

– Maternity notes and birth plan
– Comfortable nursing wear or night gowns
– Slippers and warm socks
– Books, magazines
– Towel and toiletries
– Comfortable clothes to go home in
– Mobile phone and charger
– Camera and spare batteries
– Nursing bras
– Breast pads
– Maternity pads
– Disposable undies
– Newborn nappies
– Baby clothes, booties and mittens
– Baby blanket

My hospital bag…done!

Notes for myself (a summary):
First stage:
– first contractions feel like heavy period pains, while others may experience backache, which get longer and more intense.
– As the cervix dilates, you might also have a show – a reddish or brown discharge –> mucous plug, which sealed the cervix during pregnancy. Waters -amniotic fluid that protected the baby – might also break. Fluid should be clear.
– Officially in active labour. Cervix is 4cm dilated and will further dilate to 8 cm. Contractions are usually 3 to 5 minutes apart now.

What I need to do:
-Call doc if waters break or when contractions are five minutes apart. Once contractions are 3 to 5 minutes apart, hospital will probably advise you to come in.

Second stage:
– Cervix is at least 10 cm wide. About now, the baby’s head enters the birth canal and your uterus starts to contract to push the baby out.

Third stage:
You’ll deliver the placenta and empty amniotic sac. Takes 5 to 10 minutes.

The preparation?

Been having diarrhea for two days now.What a difference compared to the previous days of constipation. Perhaps the body is preparing itself for labour. Whoah…..

Drink up, Lynn.

Bringing up Bebe

This is a book I picked up at the NLB because I am personally intrigued by how the Japanese and French bring up their children. In Boston, we got acquainted with one couple who had a son then. The husband is a Singaporean Chinese and the wife, Japanese. They were both in France when the eldest, Arata, was born and I saw how amazing the child was. He was adorable and self-disciplined. During meal times, the parents did not have to deal too much with the 2-year-old; he was sitting quietly, munching his food. At an outing, with a group of his peers, a boy took his toys away and Arata, visibly disturbed, went up to the mother and told her what had happened. The mom just told him in a very calm manner about something in Japanese and Arata nodded his head and went off …and continued playing with the kid.

I was personally impressed. It is true that every child is different but he has left a very deep impression with me. It must have something to do with Ayako’s and Alvin’s parenting. So, when I searched some literature on French parenting, I came across this book, Bringing up Bebe, and noted some interesting findings.

A similar article worth reading.

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Busy Sat

Of the days of the week, Saturday remains the most hectic but fruitful one.

Finally managed to catch up with dear friends from STB over breakfast at Riders Cafe. It is a tranquil area overlooking a horse ranch which can be a treat for kiddos. They seem fascinated by the 4-legged animals. Thankfully, we were early and got a table at the balcony. Time seemed to come to a standstill as we savoured the beautiful morning. All three of us had ‘The Usual’ which comprises Eggs, Back Bacon (I changed to spinach) , Breakfast Banger, Mushrooms, Tomato & Sourdough. The meal was hearty and the service good. It’s kid-friendly too.

20121028-164839.jpgThen to the visit to the gynae. I’m officially at the 36th week now. Congratulations! It’s been about 9 months! Received the hospital admission letter from Dr Poon and the nurse commented that this is like a graduation cert. Hahhaah. Faith only gained about 200g since the last visit and her weight is about 2.3 to 2.4kg. Sigh. Dr Poon said she’s on the small size but nothing to worry about. She’s still not engaged and he predicted that it might happen after 37th week. Heartbeat is good and he also examined my inner left thigh since I complained that it has been painful. Probably a muscle strain and not the tendon which is okay.

Weight: 60kg
BP: 109/64

Went back home and started to make Japanese Cotton Cheesecake with fruit topping for the CG while the hubs cleaned the floor and do up Faith’s cot. One thing at a time!

Didn’t know that it was T’s and F’s birthday but thankfully the cheesecake can serve as birthday cake for them. Our CG has grown in terms of the number of children. Think would need to supply more food now.

Photo credits: Jac Ng

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@ 35 weeks

I’m into my 35th week! The tummy has ballooned and I hope Faith is putting all the fats that she needs (I look like a whale). These days, it has been increasingly difficult to sleep well. The back aches, the left shoulder gets numb and my left inner thigh hurts a lot. At times, I have to resort to sleeping on the armchair and then realising that it is still not the best position. Perhaps, such limited sleep is a training ground for the days to come when Faith comes out? I think I need to be positive instead of wallowing in self-pity. As long as she is fine, I’m prepared to endure all these ( I believe all mothers would say that!).

Otherwise, pregnancy has been smooth and I’m forever grateful for the Lord for that. Everyone kept telling me to eat what I can now before the confinement period commences and they make it sound as if it were D-day. So, every Saturday morning (not many left), da man and I would scout for good breakfast places to go (at the request of me actually…kekekekek). This time round, it’s at Botanic Gardens’ Food For Thought. This place used to be a food court and I remember going there with my STB colleagues. Now, it has been transformed and attracted many families to dine there. Big spacious place and child-friendly!

Ken’s and my lot. The portions are big and we should be sharing! Find the food nothing spectacular but love the brioche though. The breakfast filled our tummy so much that we skipped lunch. Not bad…quite worth it. Hah!

@34 weeks

Faith ate more this time! She has put on 700g and weighs about 2.2kg! Yipee! Mummy is having the same weight at 59kg and that is a good piece of news! Dr Poon said the baby is in the correct position though still not engaged. Will have to assess again during the next appointment and hopefully Faith will not change position. According to Dr Poon, there is still room for her to move. Argh!

By the way, can anyone, anyone at all, make out what the pic is?

BP: 100/60
Weight: 59kg
Everything’s fine for now. Thank God!

Time not enough

So, a few of the mummies from the November 2012 FB group have delivered. So fast and scary! I have yet to finish reading the stuff related to delivery and purchase the necessities. So, I’ve got the hubs to read up on water bag bursting and highlight to me the salient points.

For now, I need to finish all my assignments and school planning before Faith decides to announce her arrival. Dear girl, hang in there and get all the nutrients you need. Meanwhile, mommy and daddy will get the stuff ready. =)

@ 33 weeks

For the fun of it, I asked the hubs to indulge me and helped me take some photos of the bump. Just for fun.

And so as of today, I have gained 10kg thus far. Goodness! The tummy seems bigger and obviously heavier. Had trouble sleeping and the shoulders and back ache so much. When is this going to end?

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Friday thots

You are what you eat.

Yesterday, during break, my coursemates and I went to Mac and I purchased a McMuffin meal.

One of them, a mother, advised me,”Don’t eat too much processed food. They only add to the calories but there’s no nutrients for the baby or even for us. You will only pile on those fats. Must think about your child”

I felt immensely guilty at that point in time. I wanted to assure her that that was one of the rare moments when I indulged. Otherwise, I would make sure that I eat well and consume as much of home-cooked food as possible.

You see, I’ve been brought up with home-cooked food. My mum doesn’t believe in cold drinks, soda and all kinds of junk food, fast-food included. Not even eating out. If we were to eat out, she would ensure that it was quality food which was seldom by the way (budget constraint). We weren’t allowed to buy potato chips and even if we were to do so, we had to do it in secret. In the end, it became such a burden we didn’t really attempt (that was growing up years in the shophouse under the tight supervision of mom).

So, such legacy will live on. Dear Faith, please don’t expect Mummy to give you soda to drink or junk food. Know that we are doing this for your own good. Thankfully, you don’t really have any craving for this type of food and you just take in whatever Mummy consumes. I promise to continue eating healthy food and when you grow up, we can learn cooking and baking together!

To show my commitment, I chose dumpling noodle soup for lunch today. Good eh? One more thing that I need to teach you is not to be greedy and overeat. Even though a set would seem like a steal in terms of pricing, if it is more than enough a portion for you, don’t succumb to temptation. Eat only what you need.

For your sake, I will consume those herbal stuff during the confinement period. Your grandmother has started to make rice wine which will be ready by the time you come into the world. Yikes!

@ 32 weeks

I’m constantly tired because I could not have a good night of rest and am suffering from backache. The result is I would be in need of a nap after lunch, as if I’m back in the first trimester.

There’s much to do, both MLS and school. The spirit is willing (sometimes not) but the body is absolutely weak. Couldn’t concentrate on the task before me and thoughts stray.

I’m craving for sushi and went to a cafe near our neighbourhood. The decor is simple, much like those found in Chinatown, Boston and we were pleased with the sushi. Decent pricing and fresh food. The menu resembled the ones that we had in Boston.

Sushi Exchange
Blk 89 Bedok North St 4 #01-109
Opening Hours
Sun–Mon: 3pm – 9.30pm
Tue–Sat: 11.30am – 9.30pm

This pic shows a very tired me. This is just the beginning. Meanwhile, have some sushi.

@ 31 weeks 5 days

Faith is 1.5kg and mommy is 59kg! That means over the course of 2 weeks, I have gained 2 kg and the baby only about 200g??? Dear Faith, could you pls absorb more? Dr Poon said she is on the small size but otherwise healthy and has normal heartbeat. Amount of water is good (whatever that means) and Faith has turned in the right direction although it’s still not head-down. And, I have passed the culture test.

Wt @ home: 58kg

And to show how ignorant the mommy is, the mommy has no clue what a NB pyjamas looks like (because she doesn’t wear one) and why there is a need to have it. We have officially 4 sets of clothes for the NB and my sis screamed,”Huh?! Cannot!” And the whatsapp conversation with her created quite a lot of laughs for me, realising that I really do not know a lot about baby stuff. It’s ok ya? It’s a learning process.

And time to get more stuff for Faith!