I need to watch this and I certainly hope I could make it!

Dr K Tan showed this clip to us and forgot the intention behind doing so. In any case, it entertained us.
For a gloomy Monday.

Michelle’s speech

I always find B. Obama’s speech powerful and inspiring. Michelle’s equally wonderful. This one is personal, uplifting and motivating.

Nature Boy

Was just surfing when I came across this group – Pomplamoose. Love her voice and they make the attempt at producing such videos so fun! Youtube them for more songs!

What’s in my bag?

I’m feeling a little boh liao. Let’s take a peek into my bag.

Hmm. I have got Okashi’s baking book, 2 LeSportSac’s pouches which contain my cosmetics and electronic stuff respectively. Of course, my beloved iphone sits among them and my Lumix camera too! My white LV epi leather wallet has turned yellowish due to careless handling from the owner. Sigh!