[Motivational Monday] It takes discipline

Three weeks have passed since my last entry on Motivational Monday and it has not been smooth sailing in terms of my exercise plan.

It started off well, actually. We and another family went to the beach and did some exercises on one weekend. Faith could ride on her skate-scooter and I could do a slow jog with the stroller alongside her. The pace was good and I felt awesome and sincerely planned to do such a jog when F was in school during the weekdays. But it didn’t happened.

5th week postpartum and things started to get rough. I was trying to establish a routine and I realised it’s not easy with two kids now. I had difficulty dealing with Faith as she threw tantrums and whined over the slightest thing and then Dan needed to be soothed and carried. Just dealing with these two children took up much time and I realised I need to work smarter in the kitchen. So whatever free time I have in the morning (while Faith was in school), it was used to prepare lunch and dinner and to do the other household chores. By the time those were done, it was time to pick Faith up from school. My planned exercises didn’t materialise as a result.

20151124_120609Now that Faith is having her school holidays, things get even trickier. I tried to squeeze in dips and planks whenever I could and climb the eight flight of stairs whenever the kids are not with me. Thankfully, I was invited to try out a machine called the Calorie Burner which helped me eliminate at least 500 calories in half an hour ( I will do a review on that in another post) and that is the only exercise that I was consistent in for the past 2 weeks. Apart from these, exercises were reduced to a bare minimum unless you count household chores as a form of workout.

It’s December come tomorrow and I have targetted to start #bbg this month.  My gynae has given me good report on my health during my 6th week postpartum checkup and I believe my body can accept more vigorous workout.

Now I just need to be more disciplined and stop popping those Ferrero Rocher into my mouth whenever I feel stressed out dealing with the two kiddos.

Oh, Mr Discipline, please visit me!


[Tuesday Thoughts] Getting back to fitness

20130604-131153.jpgMore than a month ago, I went down to the gym to get my fitness assessment done. The numbers were rather encouraging. I had 2kg more to go before reaching my pre-pregnancy weight and I fall into the normal range for both the body composition and fat analysis. Then, there was this obesity diagnosis and oops, my Percent Body Fat and Waist-Hip Ratio were far from ideal. In fact, they were over the normal range.

My only consolation is ‘I just gave birth’.

I realised I cannot use that as a reason (excuse) all the time. Staying at home during these few months has caused me to develop some bad habits:
– Indulging in sweet stuff to reward myself after taking care of the baby. This is daily affair, mind you.
– Getting the hubs to buy ice-cream for me and this was never in my diet before and during pregnancy.
– Not making a point to exercise when in the past, I exercised for at least 3 times a week.
– Indulging in Gong Cha whenever I am out and when the outlet is within sight.
– Not drinking enough good o’ plain water.
– Not eating well at times since it can be a hassle to cook a decent meal when the baby is fussing and when you are so tired after doing the household chores. So, in times like these, I just snack.

Am I alone in this journey or do I hear ‘Amen’ from some of you out there?

Instead of whining and procrastinating in my ‘Getting back to fitness’ plan, I thought I should just pen down some of my goals and work at it:

1) Train for and run a half marathon by the end of the year.
2) Eat less meat and I will go Meatless Monday on the first day of the week.
3) Attend Pilates at least once a week (till my gym membership ends).
4) Eat at least one fruit each day.
5) No more ice-cream on normal days.
6) Gong Cha is only allowed once a week at most.
7) Cook healthy meals and in smaller portions.
8) Drink at least 2 litres of plain water each day.

Will you join me in this journey? Starting from TODAY!

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7 more days

I need to make use of the slopes around the workplace!

With that, I resolved to attempt running during lunch time and today was the first attempt.

15 minutes into the run, the same old problem came on. Is it due to age or health that I always experience this? Thankfully it didn’t get as bad as the previous time and after resting a while, the cramp went away and the weakened me walked back.

I’m not sure if I would attempt another marathon or that I would continue running. I seem to think that I need to consider other forms of exercise, less strenuous and strain on the abdomen, less impact on the knees.

Sometimes, I want to give up the place for NYC marathon but the other part of me refused because it is a rare opportunity. So Lynn, pls brace yourself for the next few months. After that, you can rest a bit.

Run: 5km

This evening saw me having dinner with Mel, my bestest of friends since Poly. We met daily (weekdays for school and weekends for campus ministry work & youth fellowship and the Sunday service). I missed those days when Lionel (her then bf now hubs), Mel and I met to pray during lunch time and had fun in ministry. Now they are parents to three kids and we hardly meet. So the evening meet up with her was oh-so-precious! We talked about something close to our hearts – teaching –  and how that has evolved over the years with change of leadership. She bought me a cook book with recipes comprising 4 ingredients and of course, the itchy-hand me bought a Peranakan recipe book which I would bring over to the states. That forms part of my culinary curriculum which I have designed for myself. =p Thanks Mel, it’s always wonderful meeting you no matter how long we have not met and how far we now stay. =)


Dinner at Imperial Nan Bei Restaurant

Full weekends

The planned 20km was cancelled because the sky was overcast when we awoke. The air was cool and in the end, we decided to sleep in. So, the run was replaced by a home-made brekky and the news. Relaxing morning again, one that is to me, a luxury.

Brekky. The most important meal.

 Met Sha and did some ‘auntie’ stuff. We went to Woodlands to do some food-tasting at Melvados. To our pleasant surprise, there were a few more buildings in that area which sell Japanese food, salmon, sausages at factory prices. We decided that we would go back again esp on the day of the Japanese Fair. Heheehehhe.


 Later in the evening, met up with GB at The Queen & Mangosteen @ Vivo. The traffic was terrible and parking, worse. So, the impatient me parked at St James (to my horror, it was $7 per entry after 5pm. sigh!). The food was rather good or was it because I was hungry after the 4km run? Anyway, it was good catching up with the gals with the new members too. One of them came back from completing her Chicago marathon while another would be running the GE run the next day. And of course, the training plan for next year. Serious man.

The next morning, we sent SIL to GE run and I think I was overly excited and K and I were way too early for the run. We were cheering for Sha and Boon and when we got there, we were half an hour early.  I was of course happy that both gals made it to run. It was real fun cheering for people. I was so proud that the two gals completed! Hey, way to go!


While we had our GE run on 1 Nov, there was another run happening on the same day – ING New York Marathon. Read a little about these big marathons and the conclusion is, if I want to participant in them, I had better complete my marathon in 3:30. Rather impossible. In my dreams, maybe.



I was so happy that at last I was to donate blood. It was one of my resolutions I made in the beginning of the year and well, it was time to strike one off!

Alas, when I had my blood pressure measured, I was informed that it was too low for me to donate. I need at least 100 for the systolic pressure, or the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats and fills them with blood. And my diastolic pressure, or the pressure in the arteries when the heart rests between beats, is 60.

I was advised against donating blood today. Perhaps next time? Sigh! I was so sad! Can I achieve this goal?

And then I read this – Normal blood pressure is usually in the range of 120/80 (systolic/diastolic). In healthy people, especially athletes, low blood pressure is a sign of good cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) health.

Hmm…can some sports people tell me your blood pressure reading pls?


Woke up at 5am, telling myself in 5 minutes’ time, I would get up and ride. But I went back to sleep and then it was 7am when I opened my eyes again.

I was in total devastation. How could I allow myself to go back to sleep when all I wanted was to get a bit of workout? I know my body was tired, my mental health was worse. No will, no power. I let each day slip by. There was no joy, just plain sailing through each day. No triumph, no magical moment.

Diet was bad. Deskbound job really sucks. The moment you come back from a meal is sitting in front of the monitor for hours till you knock off. Even when you go for meetings, it is sit, sit and more sitting. Hate such a routine. And each day, it seems the only comfort is to go for lunch at various locations and try delicious food.

I actually don’t fancy delicious food. I delight in health food. Been putting on weight, esp the waist area in an amazing lighning speed. It scares the hell out of me. I know if one were to slim down, the diet plays a more important role compared to exercise (at least from my own experience). It is in moments like this that I remember the health diet that I subscribed to when I was more disciplined. My health coach was not in town. I know how important support is. Some have personal trainer, some have buddies. My buddies prefer eating and I simply cannot find one who will support me in this endeavour. Then I run through some blogs and remember Ryan. I was motivated once again.

So I decided to embark on the journey again and test it on myself. If it works, then better things will come my way. It is afterall much cheaper than engaging a personal trainer or a gym membership, even cheaper than a normal meal now.

Ok. I need my body to work for me. I cannot be slave to it. I need to let it know who the rightful owner is. It’s time to take charge. I need my life back. Sluggish days…out you go!

Spin: 1 hour.


The pain at the shoulder is getting unbearable.

Told Nur about it and she suggested x-ray.

Now I have a good reason to see Dr Chia again ;p

Morning ride: 27km


Getting food poisoning has really screwed up my life big time. I was afraid of going out because I would need the loo after now and then and what fun would it be to go out with a sick person?

Thankfully, JH passed me the DVDs which include my all-time fav Sex and the City (all seasons). (Thank you so much!) It felt so good watching the episodes again. After 3 years, the topics are still relevant.

Hope to get well soon, else my travelling to HCM city in a few days’ time would be in dire state.



Able to have sunshine again for two days but was not able to do any exercise. My body is not well yet and I took every bit of food with fear now. Fear that it would cause me the ordeal again. It was truly unbearable. Two days had passed and I am still passing out liquid…uncontrollably!

I hate pills and refused to continue with those prescribed by doc. I want my body to slowly adjust back. Could it happen?

Two and a half months before the marathon and I am nowhere there in training.

Had to miss cycling today. Please be well for tomorrow’s!



dsc00158.jpgIn my entire work history, this is the first time I have taken medical leave. It feels strange and I am so lost.
Had food poisoning which I attributed to the food I had for lunch. Though it was porridge buffet, the dishes were hardly plain. In fact, most of them were oily. Trust me to eat those stuff. But I guess I was already running a fever then (which I denied it) so the food did not help much.

My colleagues were all right though.

My immune system is down. : (

It was terrible having to bear with those pangs of sharp pain. Refused to consult the doctor until my mom got so scared with all my groaning and yeling that she dragged me to the clinic.

I thought my threshold of pain is high until this incident proves me otherwise.


And had a plain porridge by mom. Home-cooked food is still the best.

Listening to: Shigeko Suzuki


8.45am – Changi Hospital Sports Medicine Section

I have made an appointment with Dr Jason Chia to assess my ankle.
Strangely, my ankle feels so much better now (serious!).
Hopefully, I won’t hear any bad news…:p

Update: I will term the trip to CGH as The Waiting Game.
In short, I spent the whole morning there.

Dr Jason Chia was good. He was patient and the quiet confidence in him made me feel at ease. He performed ultrasound and musculo skeletal investigations on me, did Gait test. Well, my running style was ok except for the fact that I underpronate on my left foot, causing the strain. I also tend to land on my toes for my right foot and so the ball hurts. In the end, he referred me to the podistrist to have a temporary insoles done.

Thankfully I could still run. Medication (Famotidine & Diclofenac) was prescribed and it should help me heal fast, so he said, so that I could continue training for my marathon, so he guessed (correctly).

I have to take care now. So would not increase my mileage. It hurts still from a certain angle and he said I need to strengthen my ankle.

Think long term, Lynn. You still have triathlons to attempt.




I love Sunday also because it is the day when I do my supermarketing. So today, I had cravings for salmon and to whip up a dish. I have got to start cooking!

Went NTUC and spent the time there. Nice…and these are my one-week of supply.

I want to spend more time cooking now because I simply cannot accept outside food. Good ones cost a bomb so I better cook myself. Can’t wait to create more dishes, something I inherit from my mom who when she was younger attended all kinds of cooking classes. If she pass my food, then my skills will be considered ok. She is indeed a good cook. Hope I can achieve that!