Week 18

Making decision. Which one should I choose?

OK, I’ll go for this!

Everyone’s looking at the camera. Dare to be different! I am unique. Accept me for who I am. =)

It has been 16 weeks!

Yesterday, Faith was to have her 4-month’s injection and it also marked the last day of my maternity leave.

Where did the time go?

As I witnessed Faith’s wail when the two needles pricked her flesh, my heart went out to her. Oh my poor baby! And as I cradled her in my arms in the evening, a wave of sadness swept within me – I’m going back to work in 2 month’s time and this period would soon pass.

No, I’m not resenting going back to work. In fact, I am looking forward to it. I love my job but at the same time, I love my baby even more. I guess I am trying to see if I could juggle being a working mom. After all, my mom herself has been one. I know it is super tiring but I would like to see this as a challenge – can I do it?

Being a SAHM has its perks. I’ve got to wake up at my own timing, appreciate a cup of coffee and witness Faith’s smile as she arises to the dawn of the day. And not forgetting the time that I could have for shopping or even tea with friends in the afternoon. The downside though, is that I would have to spend most of my time with the kid, thinking of ways to educate her, the loads of household chores to complete which can be really boring (apart from baking, hehe).

I hope I could balance every aspect of my life well when that day comes. For now, I need to slowly adjust Faith to the change in schedule, get her to be with the family members and even strangers and more importantly deal with her feeding habits.

Let’s list 3 specific items for now:

1. Come up with a timetable that my family and I can follow to smoothen the transition.

2. Train Faith to drink from bottle, syringe or even spoon! And another training comes when she can take semi-solids!

3. Come up with ideas for play time and resources for the grandfather to teach her.

Wt – 6.6kg
Ht – 62cm

Useful info on the development of a child.


The car is ready for collection from the workshop after the battery went flat on Monday.

I had it towed because it’s really not convenient to try driving it to the workshop after a jump-start. So… the cost shot up, after servicing other parts like air-con, change brake pad, fuel oil, blah blah.

And dear Faith was so uncomfortable with the surrounding that she cried her lungs out. Sigh! Big SIGH!

I think I need to bring her out more often! She cannot be staying home and sticking to me all the time!

Faith :: 15 weeks

IMG_2698Whoah! It’s been so long since I last updated Faith’s progress.

Faith has been growing stronger each passing week. Every morning she wakes up, she would exercise – kicking. She loves doing that a lot. And when I put on the Lamaze’s booties and wristbands, she kicks all the more vigorous! She must be loving the jiggles that come with all those shaking!IMG_2705

IMG_2707 IMG_2702
However, Faith still couldn’t flip! I think she has tried doing that but maybe it’s not the time yet?


Faith is starting to understand that she has fingers; she keeps staring at her left hand while I leave her alone in the rocker. Having said that, now she can be left on her own while I cook or bake which is really marvellous. She manages to sit patiently in the rocker while I have my lunch too! Awesome! Of course, if I leave her too long in it, she would fuss. But on the whole, things have improved so much!


It’s no coincidence that Faith could sleep through the night. She has been able to do that since her second month and this continues till today! Hurray! Apart from the few occasions when she called out to have her feed, we are very much thankful that she could sleep through most of the time. 8+pm to 6+am.

A problem that we are facing is that she keeps drooling and pulling her hair! Her saliva causes rashes below her mouth which irks me. And she keeps pulling her hair! I think I should seriously consider shaving her!


My 4-month maternity leave is almost coming to an end and it’s time to think and consider how I should transit back to work after the next 2 months of No Pay Leave. Time to train Faith, get her to visit my parents more as she can recognise faces now and to get her to drink from the bottles again.

Oh! There’s really quite a fair bit of stuff to do to ensure smooth transition! Time to start the work engine too!

The first swim

Brought Faith for her first swim spa and it was quite a wonderful experience, for me (not sure for Faith, hahah). The session started with warm-up and subsequently, Faith was in the pool of 37.5C water. Initially, Faith looked quite ‘stoned’ in the water but a few minutes later, she was enjoying the workout.

After the swim, Faith was given a massage and naturally, because of the exercise, she was super hungry. After feeding her, the whole session took a total of one hour for the first trial.

IMG_2465 IMG_2484

I didn’t realise that she could lift up her head for a good amount of time until the massage session and when she reached my father’s home, she did it again! Well done!

IMG_2492 IMG_2497

CNY 2013, we survived!

IMG_2428 IMG_2429
Faith, daddy’s girl. She was so sweet and cuddly towards da man and the latter’s heart just melted.

IMG_2434First day’s theme: Blue

IMG_2444 IMG_2439
Second day’s theme: Pink

IMG_2449When my family met up, we would always need a rest after a while…to feed the next generation.

 IMG_2450 IMG_2454
Third day’s theme: Denim.
And mom held the record of having the longest conversation with Faith. She really has the patience!

Faith :: 10 weeks

For days, I have been worrying if I have allowed Faith the opportunity to strengthen her muscles. I seldom have tummy time with her. Ken has been the one who does that with Faith but since he comes home in the evening, the little one would be cranky, if not sleepy by then.

Yesterday, after carrying her for a long time, I finally succumbed to tiredness and put her down on our bed, hoping that she would sleep. She struggled initially and then lo and behold, she lifted her chest up with her arms! While performing that act, she let out a pathetic cry and I so wanted to help her but decided against it. I know if I was to help her, she would not be able to do it herself.

And today, while baking in the kitchen, I heard her cry again. Rushed in and found her ‘working out’ again. Ahh…her new-found exercise regime!

Faith :: 2 months old


Dear Faith
You are 2 months old and how you have grown!

Do you know that each time when you look straight into our faces and gives a hearty intentional smile, our hearts melt? We know this emotionally connected smile probably comes from the limbic system which only fully mature at about 4 to 10 weeks. It’s truly a joy to see you responding to us in this manner.

Every morning, you awake and stretch those developing muscles. You adore your mobile and enjoy looking at the animals that rotates above you. Your eyes will follow them as they move and at times, you even coo.

IMG_2110These days, Mommy cannot carry you much as I have developed tendonitis at the wrists. Daddy helps out and he even tried to bathe you the other day. You were very cooperative and this must have given him much confidence! You are such a sweetie!

And of course, we realised that you have a mind of your own and you have decided that you prefer breasts to bottles. However, do you know that this will cost a lot of inconveniences for a lot of people, especially Mommy? Much as I want to be with you, you know I cannot do so all the time. You have to learn to be independent and know that you can be safe in the arms of those around you, who love you just IMG_2113as much.

Lastly, Mommy wants to say a big ‘Thank-you’ for helping me to breastfeed you in public. You have been super nice and drink your milk without much fuss. This makes a very relaxed Mommy indeed.

There are many things that Mommy and Daddy want to teach you and we would have to learn alongside you since we do not know much about raising a child in the first place. It’s ok. We will learn together.

Some info about settling a child.
Info on Timeline of Baby and Toddler Sleep

Life in pics

These days, there’s not much opportunity to blog. Life is just so different. But the snapping goes on and each pic tells a story.

IMG_2054I’m always looking forward to the hubs’ returning home from work, especially when both my wrists are in pain and the task of carrying her could well be managed by him. They need bonding too. Now, the problem is, Faith suddenly doesn’t like to feed from the bottle anymore which poses a great problem – I can’t be apart from her??? Nooooo…Anyway, the hubs will be training her in that area.

IMG_2069Faith sleeps longer in the day when sleeping face down. Peace.

IMG_2035 IMG_2034
After Faith came, both the hubs and I realised that our communication lessened which is not a good thing. When the hubs comes home, he takes over while I prepare dinner and each of us has to take turns to eat. By the time we clean and put her to bed, it’s already bedtime for us.

There is thus the need to make the effort to communicate and to strengthen our relationship. A pair of happy and loving parents will make a secure child, I believe. The other day, I was telling the hubs that I don’t feel as loved by him as before and there’s no small gestures to show that he thinks about his wife anymore (my opinion). So, the next day, I baked coffee buns for him since he really likes them and he bought gong cha and old wives’ biscuits for me. Nice. =)


I’m thankful that my sis is back for a month or so. I get to go out with her every Tuesday. It’s difficult to go out with friends now since they are working in the day time. As a SAHM, I quite detest staying home all the time. Hahah…so, I jump at every opportunity to go out. My BIL is not around and sis has to handle two kids by herself which is really not easy, especially if you have a very active child. And she is doing an excellent job!


Dallen, pointing at the horse which he wants to ride and of course, a saddened facial expression because he misses his dad.

IMG_2073A happy mom and one who needs to get back in shape. Hahahah…


I’ve always loved big, roomy bags and all the more as a mother now. There are so many things to bring and only 20% of them are my stuff. On a normal day out without the hubs, these will be the things in my bag. I’m loving this bag – it’s big and light. If there are compartments to it, it will be perfect!