Faith @ 12 months old

20131122-090317.jpgDear Faith, you are 1 year old! Yay! The whole family rejoices with you!

This month saw you reaching a few milestones. You had been cruising for some time now and recently, you were able to stand on your feet without any assistance. That’s quite a progress! Previously, you were so afraid that you would fall but I guess you have finally caught the idea of standing. The next step for you is to walk, baby! Don’t let fear grip you or else you will not learn!

20131122-090612.jpg 20131122-090621.jpg 20131122-090630.jpg

This month, you finally know how to hold the bottle and drink from it! Lately you also decided that you should just feed yourself as compared to having the adults put food into your mouth. Though that’s not very often, Mama is confident that you will do so more frequently and also learn to use the utensils soon!

20131122-090336.jpg 20131122-090541.jpg

Since you have turned one, Mama is really giving you freedom in the food that you eat. No more pureed stuff. Anyway, I think you don’t appreciate them anymore. You are still not good in your chewing but noodles, porridge and fish seem fine.


You take some time to warm up to adults. Are you shy? They like your company, you know? Do show your friendliness by your waves! Thankfully, you are fine with Gong Gong, Po Po and Ah Gong. Gong Gong said you like to hang out with Po Po and choose to play by her side. Hah!




Actually, you can be quite cheeky, letting out your laughter and cause the adults to chuckle. Gong Gong said you have become more mischievous! Stay that way! We suspect you like to hang out with peers your age because when Papa and Mama bring you out, you seem to like to be with the little kids! Perhaps, Mama should bring your out on some play dates soon.


Personally, Mama thinks that you have changed a little in terms of your look. Looking more like a lady eh?

IMG_8707 20131122-090655.jpg

Papa and Mama hope that you can sleep through the night. You wake up a few times in the night and also start the day early at 6am but… you will soon fall back to sleep and I have to put you in the carrier. Mama’s back is getting worse each time. You are not that light anymore! Hah. Maybe Mama shouldn’t indulge you anymore and should train you from now on.


Stay healthy and happy!

Happy 1st birthday, Faith

Your birthday was yesterday but Mama was too busy to blog!

Anyway, we didn’t intend to have a birthday bash for you as we want you to spend time with your loved ones, our family who have lent their helping hands throughout this one year. Perhaps next year, we will have a small party for you and you can celebrate and have fun with your friends?

It’s a pity that your cousins are still overseas, otherwise they would be celebrating with you.

20131121-115859.jpgHere you are celebrating with Gong Gong. He has helped Papa and Mama very much when we are both busy and Gong Gong adores you!


It’s a family affair when it comes to birthday celebration. We also celebrated your Ko Po’s birthday too. She even cooked you Mee Sua as is the family tradition to have this on his/her birthday.


The older folks really love you!


Mama baked you a rainbow cake covered with macarons. May your life be filled with vibrancy!



We had initially wanted to be decked in pink (Mama’s favourite colour) but grey seems fine too! May you grow up with the right values and the wisdom to discern what is right in situations where there are gray areas.


Here’s a little about the rainbow cake. I had initially designed a two tiered cake since we are celebrating Koko’s birthday too. It would be a fruit cake for the adult and the rainbow cake for the kiddo. However, by the time I finished baking and ready to assemble, my energy level has dropped and decided to forgo the fruit cake.



A day before, the father-in-law came over as he suspected that I would be baking a cake. How thoughtful! I used the vanilla cake recipe but reduced the sugar to 1 cup. After dividing the batter into 5 portions, I added the various colours.



Then, they are cling-wrapped and placed in the fridge before the assembling the following day.


To be honest, I had wanted to bake the macarons but since so many colours are involved, I forgo it and bought them instead. Unless there are folks who can help me finish the shells, I wouldn’t bake them. Too much trouble!


I made a mistake of placing the finished product in the fridge, thinking that I could preserve the crispiness of the macarons but in so doing, the cake has become hard even though it was brought out of the fridge 3 hours after. The next day, when I consumed the remaining cake, it was softer and tastier. Hmm… lesson learnt. Another thing to improve is to add in more buttercream in each layer.

Faith | Celebrating one year of goodness

Faith is turning 1 year old! Woot! Here’s tracing Faith’s growth by the months through pics.
Moments after she was born.



At 1 month old.

IMG_1862 IMG_1740


At 2 months old

IMG_2153 IMG_2154

IMG_2266 IMG_2314

At 3 months old


At 4 months old




At 5 months old


At 6 months old


At 7 months old

IMG_4400 IMG_4629

At 8 months old



At 9 months old


At 10 months old


At 11 months old

Photo on 10-22-13 at 10.21 AM #4

At 12 months old


A day to remember

14 November. My menses came {finally} after almost a year of breastfeeding Faith. It is also a day that Faith got to visit a doctor (first second time!) after coughing and wheezing for days.

Thankfully, there were no M cramps which I normally would have. I guess the Lord must have known that I needed strength to bring Faith to the clinic and to look after her. The hubs would be out till late at night since he had a dinner to attend.

To save time and to prevent a cranky baby crying on the way to the clinic, I chose one that is near our place. The little one was excited to see other children in the clinic and attempted to play with the available toys. She was diagnosed to have bronchitis and her airways were blocked. No wonder she hasn’t been eating or drinking well. Poor girl! So she was given some medication and I just hope I’ll remember to administer them at the right timing!

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Bored and started to play

Bored and started to play

Faith's medication

Faith’s medication

To encourage her to eat, I baked pumpkin bread for her, pumpkin being her favourite vegetable.




Get well soon!
Oh yes, Faith manages to acquire the skill of holding the water bottle and drinking it by herself.
Thanks to the secret training Gong Gong gave her. =)

A new milestone reached

Faith reached a new milestone today! She could stand up on her own with much confidence! My in-laws were here to witness that proud moment and we were all cheering for her as she did that.


Prior to this, Faith has been learning to stand but she always has the fearful expression. Perhaps, she fears falling. At my dad’s place, she likes to move around with the tricycle and cruise all around. Finally she got it!

IMG_8778 IMG_8779

Other fun pictures over the week!

IMG_8735 IMG_8737
IMG_8738 IMG_8742

We bought Chinese books for her! And now the Mama has to brush up on her Chinese too!


And Faith loves Mama’s wallet … a lot!



First proper Amen!

Recently, we have been introducing ‘Amen’ to Faith especially when giving thanks for the food that we consume. I guess she is also exposed whenever we are attending service or even in our weekly small group. Each morning when she wakes up and night before she turns in, I would also pray with her and close with an ‘Amen’. Faith will always look at me in the eyes and smile whenever the prayer is completed.

Just now, da man came over to us after his shower and started to pray together with us and as he finished off with, “In Jesus’ name we pray”, Faith clasped her hands and uttered ‘Amen’ audibly and with much confidence. You could have imagined my joy! All three of us said ‘Amen’ together! Faith must have known that she had done something right and clapped her hands.

May this continue and that as a family, we will continue to walk in His ways.

Oh Lord, grant us wisdom to parent Faith in Your ways.

Uncle G’s birthday

We celebrated G’s birthday with a meal at a Cantonese restaurant and while taking pictures of Faith, I realised her face features have changed a little. Still adorable and now even more so. This little girl has indeed grown!

Celebrated our church's 27th anniversary. Thanking God for His faithfulness towards us.

Celebrated our church’s 27th anniversary. Thanking God for His faithfulness towards us.

Papa teaching Faith the name of the restaurant

Papa teaching Faith the name of the restaurant

Faith having her bowl of fish porridge and she likes it!

Faith having her bowl of fish porridge and she likes it!

20131103-180437.jpg 20131103-180443.jpg 20131103-180449.jpg

The many facial expression of Faith

Happy birthday, Gab!

Happy birthday, Gab!

Faith @ 11 months old

20131020-114943.jpgDear Faith
You are 11 months old today and you are one month away from being 1! Mama is getting real excited about that big day. Nope, you aren’t going to have a birthday bash; I don’t think you will understand anyway. Maybe when you get older? In any case, Mama will want you to know that birthday celebration is not all about you. It’s about sharing the joy with others and thanking those who have lent a hand to Mama and Papa in bringing you up.

Meanwhile, Mama is just happy and truly thankful that you have grown well and maintain a joyful spirit.


In terms of diet, Mama is getting more relaxed in the things I give you. I have started feeding you omelette from Japanese restaurants and you seem to like it a lot. Thankfully, you didn’t develop any allergic symptoms. You love grapes a lot. Did you get that from me? Mama loves grapes too! I think you like bread a lot as well and this makes my life so much easier. So besides giving you biscuits, I can bake bread for you!


You can also drink from a straw now and I didn’t know that until your auntie tried it on you. So you have skipped the sippy cup and go straight to using straw. Do you know when you try to drink from the straw, you have a very adorable and funny expression?

All is well and I think I don’t have to prepare so much puree for you now since I would like to include you in our normal daily meals. You don’t seem to like pasta and perhaps that’s because Mama didn’t do a good job in that! But Mama will persevere ok?


This month, you have been really active, cruising here and there and trying desperately to stand independently, and indeed you can do so, for seconds. Now you can travel across the length of the living room using the walker and Mama & Papa are proud of you. Oh, another thing. You can really crawl fast!


During service, you seem to be able to ‘sit’ through the whole of the period and by that, I mean not crying out loud such that one of us has to bring you out. You like to roam around and ‘disturb’ others. Since you are so young, the uncles and aunties will politely smile at you. You especially like touching people’s handbags and shoes. Arghh!



20131020-113700.jpgI may be biased but I think you are quite well behaved. Mama gets very happy indeed when your Gong Gong and Po Po commended you, saying you learn fast and are actually quite a good girl who doesn’t fuss a lot. The aunties at BSF infant class have also given Mama good feedback about you. Mama is one proud mom!

HOWEVER, when you are at home with Mama, you tend to throw everything you set your hands on to the ground. This makes Mama very busy! Now you are also tearing pages from the storybooks that you inherited from your cousins. That is a big NO-NO!


Mama is also learning that you like to imitate her. Remember that one incident when you were holding on to the shoe spray and Mama came out of the kitchen and shouted for you to drop that? You imitated me, pointing your finger and shouting some notes which Mama didn’t understand. You know what? Mama finds it so amusing that I have to step aside to laugh out loud! You are too adorable!

You are one determined child, both Papa and Mama think. When you set your mind to do something, you don’t give up and Mama thinks you inherit the tenacity from Papa. Hah! Even when you are tired, you just don’t want to sleep and would rather lie on the dirty floor (obviously you don’t know much about cleanliness). Sigh!

20131020-113413.jpg 20131020-113255.jpg

Recently too, Mama finds that you are rather clingy. When Mama is cooking in the kitchen, you always like to come in and cling on to her leg or cry out to be carried. This exasperates Mama!


 Other developments

Two more teeth are budding and this could explain why you are drooling lots at times and uber cranky on certain nights. Poor girl. Hang in there okay?

You are beginning to like books now and Mama can have your attention for certain books especially the ones with Peek-a-boo flaps.

You ease up to Grandpa and Auntie Eunice readily and this is a great improvement from previous months. Well done! You have to know that they love you very very much!

Mama would have loved that you could sleep through the night without waking up for feeds. Perhaps you are hungry because you often cry out for milk using the related vocabulary. Maybe Mama should give you more food for dinner? One good thing though is that you seem to have established a habit of having two 1.5 hours naps. Good job! But really, please sleep through the night, will you?

You are one curious girl because you keep observing people when Mama brings you out for grocery shopping. But dear girl, I think you have forgotten your manners. Where are your hello’s and bye-bye’s wave when you meet with the aunties and uncles at the market?

20131020-113855.jpgLove you.
One more month to 1 YO!

Play dates for Faith

At times I find that Faith can be rather lonely playing by herself while under the adults’ care. Putting myself in her position, I think I would love to hang out with peers my age. Thankfully, once in a while, my girlfriends would meet up and the that will be the opportune time for the kids (same year) to play together. I am hoping we can aim for more regular sessions!

Recent play time at the Chans

Recent play time at the Chans

Both Faiths playing with each other

Both Faiths playing with each other

The older Faith feeding the younger Faith

The older Faith feeding the younger Faith

Every Saturday, at CG, the kids will come together and Faith has another chance of play time with her mates.

Faith and Samuel, two months apart.

Faith and Samuel, two months apart.

Cathy playing with Faith

Cathy playing with Faith

Of course, I love it whenever my sis and her family come back for a visit and am hoping for her return in December, this time for good.

Cousins at play!

Cousins at play!

It’s nice to be kids.

Friday in pics

My sis and her family went back after more than a week of visit. *sobs* I’ll sure miss them! But thankfully, it won’t be long before we meet again! Yay!





Buh-bye! See you in December, my adorable little frequent flyers!


Since da man is on leave today, we took the opportunity to roam T3 and had our brunch. I love local food like these anytime!


Da man and I went for a slow, slow jog at East Coast Park, my favourite playground while Dad looked after her. At long last, a jog! Make it more often, please!


Faith got her first taste of egg today. I wanted to see if she reacts well to it before her next visit to the PD. Hopefully, she is ok with it!


That’s it. TGIF! It is passing all too soon!

Waterplay at Changi City Point

Call me a mountain tortoise and I won’t be angry with you when it comes to places to hang out in Singapore. Fact is, I really do not know a lot of attraction spots or places for the kiddos to play and have fun.


Yesterday, I followed my sis and her family to Changi City Point so that the kids can have fun at the water playground. She stumbled upon this when they had dinner the night before at the food court and the playground is just located outside! So, the nephews wanted to have some waterplay and we followed suit.


I’ve not been to a lot of water playgrounds but I thought this one is quite spacious and fun. It has water jets and cannons for kids who want to get wet and wild. There is also a dry play area that has fun climbing structures. We were there at 5pm and there weren’t a lot of people at that point in time. My eldest nephew, Dallen, became excited all at once and set off to play while Faith and my younger nephew, Dayen, needed some time to reach that excitement level.





Faith didn’t seem to enjoy water now which I thought was weird. Months ago, when we were at the waterplay area near the Siloso Beach, she was having real fun but now, it seems that she is scared of water. I have better do something about this!



Both Dayen and Faith needed to be carried. Why don’t they like waterplay? Maybe they didn’t have the mood to play then?


There is a changing area near the playground which helps a lot since the area can get rather windy and you wouldn’t want your kiddos to catch a cold. Once you step into the food court, it’s even worse. So please do bring along a sweater for the young ones.




I like it that we can just proceed to any one of the many eateries in Changi City Point after the waterplay. We chose the Koufu Food Court which is spacious and serves a good variety of food. Oh yes, parking lots are aplenty which is another plus point!


The 3 House
Level 2
Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Changi East

Faith @ 10 months old

20130920-204541.jpgDear Faith
You turn 10 months old today! How exciting! It’s 2 more months before you have your first birthday!

This month, you have been really active. You crawl faster and your reactions towards your surrounding are sharper. You treat your home as your playground, crawling all over, under the tables and chairs, and using them to help you practise your standing up. Mama didn’t really want to restrict you and let you roam around. I figure I cannot set a boundary for you since I value freedom myself and I hope you have fun exploring all the different parts of the home.

20130920-204733.jpg 20130920-204926.jpg 20130920-204905.jpg 20130920-204808.jpg

I think you are a fun-loving girl. For two weeks, the teachers at BSF’s infant class have been telling me that you laughed and played a lot, to the extent that you wouldn’t want to take a nap. You are a happy child and love your snacks now. But it seems you have more preference for the biscuits to the puree that Mama made for you. Not good, you know? Mama has started introducing you to threadfish porridge but I think you need time to get used to the taste?

Tasting threadfish porridge for the first time

Tasting threadfish porridge for the first time

You have started to communicate more by participating in conversations with the adults. Although we don’t know what you are babbling about, we are always amused by your input. One evening at CG, you went on and on with your rambling and we got distracted by you! But how adorable you are! You have also started to respond to prayer whenever Mama starts with, “Dear God…”. You literally stop and listen and when I finish with an ‘Amen’, you laugh. You know that is a prayer right?

20130920-204709.jpg 20130920-204655.jpg

One thing you taught Mama is that you don’t really fancy toys that much. You are much entertained by boxes, tissue papers, plastic bags…things that make sound. This certainly is good news. There are really a lot of things to explore outside, say for example, nature and Mama can’t wait to bring you on some trails. Also, I realised you want our company more than anything else. Our presence is what you want, not the toys. Noted.

Oh yes, Mama thinks you love the kitchen. Whenever Mama is in the kitchen, you will come in and play with whatever things that you can lay your hands on. Maybe when you grow up, you help Mama bake some goodies to bless others?

 20130920-204607.jpg 20130920-204843.jpg


Oh yes, you have been upgraded from the infant car seat. How awesome is that? Mama actually prefers that you are seated facing the front now as you fuss less which is bliss for me.


May you continue to be a happy child. Know that you are a beloved child of ours and of God. 😉

Finally, a staycation.


noun: a vacation spent at home or near home, doing enjoyable activities or visiting local attractions.

You have to know something about me. Every time, da man suggested a staycation which involves staying overnight at a hotel, I would reject him because I don’t see the point of forking out hundreds of dollars for a room when we have a roof over our heads. However, that changed after we have had one last week.
I had been feeling rather exhausted since Faith started her habit of waking up in the middle of the night. You could imagine dark eye rings, puffy eyes and an extremely tired body. Da man decided then that we should have a staycation and checked us into Equarius Hotel at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS). Along with the package was a day pass to Adventure cove and a $50 food voucher.
Our staycation started on Monday afternoon after da man came back from work and started his leave. We treated ourselves to lemon tart and a chocolate tart from Paul’s Boulangerie Patisserie before treating ourselves to a spa treatment at Aveda Spa. I have to mention that the tarts from Paul are sooo delicious and it is a personal goal to reach such a standard in my baking attempts.
IMG_7132 IMG_7138
The following day, after having breakfast at Tiong Bahru Bakery, we headed to Sentosa. It was a rainy day but thankfully, there was much shelter at Resorts World Sentosa. As we could only check into the room at 3pm, the only thing we could do was to visit the hotels under RWS and to take the Sentosa express (train) to the various stations (and take pictures)!
IMG_2301 IMG_2316
And finally, we could check in! Equarius Hotel is located furthest away from the congregation of hotels at RWS. I was told that this is the newest hotel and caters more to couples and folks on business. We had wanted to book Hard Rock Hotel or Festive Hotel but was informed that they were fully booked. Well, it turned out to be a blessing actually. Here’s why:
1. Equarius hotel brands herself as a haven for nature lovers and it is shown through their interior design. Canvas paintings of nature were hung along the aisle and one is greeted with lemongrass scent as you explore the hotel. It does give me a sense of tranquility, no doubt. It’s just what I need in a getaway!
2. The rooms are big. And thankfully we were also given a room with a garden. The toilet is spacious, with double vanity areas, tubs and separate showers. The bathtub is huge, big enough to accommodate all three of us and we had fun in it. A big bathtub is important at this point in time since Faith is still young and may not enjoy much in pools. A bathtub would be a good alternative!
IMG_2317 IMG_2325
IMG_2332 IMG_2338
IMG_7203 IMG_7179
IMG_2321 IMG_2319
3. Adventure Cove is just round the corner. In fact, all we took were just a few steps as it is located just beside the hotel. Adventure Cove is quite a fun place to go to and I believe you can spend hours in it. However, our princess fell asleep 30 minutes into our visit and we had to call it quits. Anyway, many of the activities are not suitable for a kiddo like her. Perhaps, the next time!
IMG_7184 IMG_7188
4. Cosy breakfast at Forest restaurant. All right, I certainly don’t think the breakfast spread is anything to boast about but it’s the setting, the peace you get as you savour your breakfast. 😉
IMG_7205 IMG_7204
Love looking at kitchens. This one is neat and clean!
5. Friendly staff. ’nuff said. I like it when I see smiles rather than frowns. Oh yes, we were greeted by the staff whenever we met them on our way. This is what I call manners.
Equarius hotel does not have her own swimming pools, making it a push factor for families to stay there. However, you could still enjoy the pools from the neighbouring hotels without additional charges. What you need to do is to walk a longer distance but hey, they are actually not far from one another to begin with.
The staycation certainly gave me much rest and time with da man. If I was to stay at home or spend the night at home, the tendency is that I would busy myself in the kitchen or doing some household chores instead of spending time with him.
Now, I do see the value of a staycation.
Signing off!

Faith @ 9 months old

Dear Faith

You turned 9 months old a couple of days ago and it has been an eventful month, at least for your mama.

Socially, I do think you like to play and be around with friends around your age. The teachers at the infant class in BSF have been telling me that you refuse to take a nap and love to play. One of them commented that you didn’t want to miss out on the fun, is that right? You seem to have integrated well into the class now and the teachers sing praises of you but please do learn to take a break when the occasion calls for it?


Playing with cousin Lester

The other day when you and little Samuel were placed in the play area, you turned energetic all of a sudden (@ 9pm) and started crawling around and reaching out to him. Were you trying to sayang or hit him? Mama couldn’t really tell. I would have loved to let you play with him and figure out your friendship with him on your own but well, I’m just afraid you will hurt him physically. Oh well…

Physically, you are really active. You are so curious about a lot of things and you just keep exploring! So, Mama has been really busy too, looking out for you. You love danger zones, like the fans, cables and the drying rack. You are also trying to catch my attention by purposely reaching out for them. Many times, I have caught you looking at me before you pull the dangerous stuff. Why would you want to test Mama’s limits?

Danger zone!

Danger zone!

Standing confidently. Oh no!

Standing confidently. Oh no!

In terms of your diet, Mama has introduced you to broccoli, potato and peach for this month. You don’t seem to like broccoli but I hope you know that Mama will not stop giving you that just because you don’t like it. Broccoli is good for you! Well, as expected, you like junk commercial food. I started giving you those ‘Wang Wang’ balls and you love them. You also those Heinz finger biscuits which your Aunty bought for you. Mama is just trying to get you to learn how to bite but well, I think I should get you to chew on meat instead.


Big appetite for little snacks

In the middle of August, something happened to you and there was one night which you just screamed your head off and couldn’t be put down to sleep at all. You cried rather hysterically and Mama and Papa wondered what had happened to you. Mama had to carry you to sleep. During those weeks, you woke up many times in the middle of the night which was unlike you. We were baffled and thought you might have been affected by something. Mama and Papa were so tired and Papa actually felt sick due to a lack of rest. Thankfully, you returned to your usual sleeping patterns last week and we thanked the Lord for that! Now, it seems that your nap times are at 10am and 3pm for about 1.5 hours each. Hopefully, that will sustain.

Bye bye!

Bye bye!

Linguistically, I think you know the meaning of bye-bye and accompanied that phrase with the relevant action. Good job! It’s such a funny sight seeing you do that! Oh, you have been rather loud these days. Who are you calling out to? You don’t have to scream, you know?

Recently, you develop a running nose and we are waiting it out to see if you can recover on your own. Overall, we are just thankful that you are growing well in all aspects. Great job!


Stay happy and healthy!

Stay happy and healthy!

Fisher-Price® Early Learning Fund

Dear parents, we have good news!

Fisher-Price®’s much anticipated campaign – The Early Learning Fund – is back!

‘Play’ & ‘Toys’ are two words not conventionally associated with learning for our children. However, child psychologists have long recognized that toys are a catalyst for impactful, interactive learning with our child and can bring about meaningful learning opportunities at every age. In a bid to promote meaningful playtime between parents and children, FisherPrice® unravels their 2013 Early Learning Fund.


The Early Learning Fund campaign is aimed at helping parents give their children a head-start
in life and Fisher-Price® has kicked it off with a five-month promotion to give parents the chance to win a S$10,000 cash scholarship when they purchase Fisher-Price® toys.

By purchasing any Mattel Fisher-Price® product that is $20 or above (excluding Thomas & Friends) and submitting the accompanying receipt, photo and completed form, contestants stand a chance to win a Grand S$10,000 Cash Prize or be among 20 Weekly Draw Winners to walk away with a Learning Hamper worth $1,000!

Weekly Draw – Learning Hamper


For the 20 weeks leading up to November 30th, any contestant who submits an entry for the Early Learning Fund stands a chance to walk away with a Learning Hamper worth over S$1,000.

Grand Prize – S$10,000 Cash of Early Learning Fund

On 16th December 2013, a winner will be picked for the Grand S$10,000 Cash Prize, of which WeeklyDraw Winners are also eligible. The Winner for the Grand Prize will be published on The Straits Times on Monday 23rd December 2013.

Do visit the Joy of Learning website for more details on how you can participate!

*Faith receives a Fisher-Price® toy to add to her expanding collection of ‘playmates’.

Faith @ 8th month


Okay, so I’m late in reporting Faith’s development. It is now already 2 weeks into her eighth month but oh, a lot of stuff has been happening!

IMG_5643I think the greatest milestone for this month is her ability to crawl. Faith has been practising that pose for some time but couldn’t really figure out how to crawl until one fine day, viola!, it makes sense to her. She is still not good at it but at least she is able to make good, small steps towards this particular area of development.

As she grows, she needs more space to explore and we have shifted her play area from her room to the living room which is designated to be our reading corner as well. A bigger mat was bought and Faith is able to play on her own without having anyone around her ALL the time. Well, when she gets bored with the toys, that is another story. in the play area, she is also able to learn her crawling stunts and then as she crawls and explores, she puts whatever stuff that she can find into her mouth! Oh no!


Besides crawling, Faith loves to stand and gets excited when we pull her up and guides her to walk. A little too soon for her but let’s just see how she progresses as the weeks pass.


With all these new skills that she is learning, Faith gets all too excited, so much so that she wants to practise them even during sleeping time. She refuses to nap and it takes really LONG and a lot of effort for us to get her to take a LITTLE nap. Then at night, she wakes up 2 to 4 times! When we reach her room, she is already sitting up, waiting for us. Thankfully, after giving her some milk, she goes back to sleep. My dark eye rings are getting worse.

I think Faith really likes company. Thankfully, her cousins are back and she loves hanging out with the boys. I should really send her to some playgroup soon!

IMG_5705[Credit: Yvonne]

Faith @ 7 months

Can you believe it? Faith is already 7 months old! It’s a true joy to be able to witness her progress from a tiny weeny baby to one who is active and whose character is showing day by day.

From the sixth to the seventh month, the highlights were the introduction of solides to her and her ability to sit up without any aid. She is able to respond to her Chinese name more than her English one, possibly because she is in constant interaction with me and my folks who speak Mandarin to her.

Faith’s first foods include white rice, swede, sweet potato, butternut and apple which were provided for by Petit Bowl. Subsequently, I prepare carrot, zucchini and pear puree for her. Initially, I thought preparing meals is difficult but it really isn’t, especially if you have the time.

IMG_4424 IMG_4426



Thankfully, Faith is not rejecting any of the above though she might not favour zucchini that much. In the days to come, I will introduce more veggies to her!


To be honest, Faith couldn’t focus when a book (cloth or board) is placed before her. So, I decided that I shouldn’t be so relaxed with her and determined to get her to enjoy books, even if it means flipping the pages. Thankfully, this particular cloth book has a mirror on one of the pages and Faith was entertained by it. After that, it is more books and books!



Faith is quite a good companion and we go out often, to the wet market, supermarket or just catching up with my friends. She seems to know that when she is placed in the car seat, mommy is driving and doesn’t really fuss nowadays. Of course, when she is tired or when the ride is long, she will sound her displeasure. Other times, she will just snooze.


Oh, Faith can be very active and loves to ‘stand’. She takes every opportunity to practise walking when we lift her up. Too soon, my dear. One step at a time!


I think Faith would like to have more time with her Papa and I love it when they have such moments together.


I’m a happy child and can be a loud one!

MTP | Faith’s development @ 6 months

While parents met their child’s teachers last Friday to get an update of their development, I thought I should pen down Faith’s since I am her teacher (Am I not?). Here goes.


Faith’s two lower teeth have grown by the sixth month and the days leading to the ‘eruption’ saw her crying out in discomfort every night. It’s such a pain to see her in that state but she’s better now.

She takes to semi-solids well too. In fact, she loves the fact that she could sit on the high chair and have a meal together with us. Nope, we don’t encourage switching on the TV or to have any other forms of distraction. Meal time is a time for the family to be together, to enjoy the food and each other’s company. Her appetite is good; she could finish the portion of puree in 10 to 15 minutes. It isn’t too much mess either when feeding her but when she’s tired, she likes to kiss the bib and that’s not very desirable; it’s messy. So far, that’s no rejection of food on her part but let’s just wait and see.


Faith is also a happy child. My parents have no problem in handling her. In fact, the evening I was away for a dinner, she stayed up to play with her grandmother. My mother gave good report about her! Faith has also grown to be more at ease with my in-laws which is definitely a good thing. Way to go!

In terms of sleeping, Faith still has trouble falling asleep on her own. Currently, she needs to be soothed and wants to be breastfed before she could fall asleep. Ok, I recognise that I have contributed to this problem. This is a bad habit and I have to retrain her to sleep on her own. When she was younger, I was definitely stricter and sleep-trained her. Recently, I let go and well, bad habits are formed. Argh! At times, she wakes up in the middle of the night and I believe that’s because of teething. Other than that, she could sleep from 9pm to 7am. We will have to continue to monitor this area of her development.

Faith loves to play and is very active. She could sit up straight with minimal assistance now but we are hoping she could do so WITHOUT any aid in the very near future. She loves music and responds to the same song(s) when I play them on my iphone. However, her interest for books has not been detected. Oh well…

On the whole, Faith is growing well and she is much loved by God and her family!

Wordless Wednesday | My joy

20130529-212524.jpgHow you have grown, dear Faith. Mommy and Daddy love you very much. May you continue to be full of joy.

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Week 24



Faith went for her six month’s vaccination on Saturday and weighed a whopping 7.6kg and measured 63cm.

She took to solids well, starting with white rice puree.

And the mom did an unthinkable thing during this week which she would disclose when all is confirmed.

23 weeks

Faith hits another milestone on her 23rd week. Her budding tooth is visible now and you could imagine my joy.


Both Ken and I have suspected that she is teething when she becomes more fussy and drools … a lot! In addition, she wakes up in the middle of the night which is uncommon. Thankfully, once she has her fill, she is back to dreamland again. Oh wait! Does this actually mean that she needs to consume more and is definitely ready for solids?

Oh my! My girl is growing too fast for me. I need to read up more! This first-time mommy needs to catch up!

Counting down. We are starting her on solids the following week!

Wordless Wednesday: French Food Rules

Finally completed the reading of French Kids Eat Everything. The rules above are a reminder to myself. Countdown to starting solids on Faith starts today!

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The nursery of a 5-month-old

As Faith grows, so does the amount of stuff in her room. The nursery used to contain just the basics but now, more toys are added since the parents thought that she would need some companionship.

Before such memories fade, I thought it would be good to capture the ‘growth’ of her nursery.


Faith’s room is rather small as one side of the wall has been hacked and replaced by a built-in wardrobe for the parents. Still, it could contain most of the essentials like a cot, a set of drawers and an armchair!

This has got to be the area that I like most. Why? I nurse Faith in this armchair and treasure every moment of that intimacy with her. Witnessing her growth is a joy and I’m constantly thankful that she is developing well. Faith is growing taller and when she stretches in my arms, she knocks her head against the sides of the chair. It won’t be long before this chair will be shifted out.

An organised changing area is especially helpful. You know exactly where to look for for specific items. However, the changing mat will soon be replaced as IMG_0488Faith grows.

A praying teddy bear by the lamp to remind me to pray constantly for Faith.

Have you been praying for your child?


The is the play area where Faith has her tummy-time and performs her flip. Now, she is constantly trying to crawl push herself out of the mat.


There isn’t room for a wardrobe in this room so one side of the walls has been used to display her dresses. This reminds the mummy of the frocks that she has and at the same time decorates the rather plain-looking nursery.

IMG_0492 IMG_3325
Left: A small reading corner is created for her and of course, we are looking to expand it!
Right: Training Faith on the high chair at the corner of the room.


IMG_3481Pouches hang by the sides of the cot, for organising soft toys and milk bottles.

IMG_0494Oh my! How you have grown, Faith.

Check back again in a few months’ time and see the changes for yourself!

[Wordless Wednesday] My bums found their seat


Mom finally bought this chair for me! I think I quite like it although I don’t like to be seated for too long!

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Rock-a-bye baby Faith

Before Faith came into this world, several friends who are mothers have warned me, “Treasure your last few months of sleep because once the baby comes out, you would not have such a luxury.”

That prophesy came true and I believe many mothers suffer the same fate (do I see nodding heads?). However, by the end of the second month, the status update was:

1) Faith slept in her own room = no co-sleeping (this has been so from day 1).
2) Faith could sleep through the night from 8+pm to 5am (first feed). After her feed, she would continue sleeping until 7am.


Our initial plan was to shift Faith’s cot into our room after the confinement lady left. However, that didn’t happen because we realised that the cot was too big to go through the door and we were too lazy to dismantle it so, due to our laziness, Faith remained in her room (which turns out to be a blessing!).

I turned to some literature (yes, definitely Gina Ford) in sleep-training Faith but I find the points made in Bringing up Bebe particularly insightful. I wrote a review on this book in a previous post and I’m listing the stuff I do to get Faith to sleep through the night.

1) Differentiating day and night. When Faith wakes up at around 7am, I make sure the windows are opened and would carry her near them and tell her that it is morning. I do this EVERY DAY. In the evening, the hubs and I would dim the lights and ensure that the environment is quiet.

2) Get Faith in the mood to sleep. There is a ritual that I follow quite religiously e.g. cleaning her, singing to her, etc. I’m sure most parents do that.

3) Talk to Faith about bedtime. I believe babies have the ability to understand even at this young age. When I put Faith in the cot, I told her it is bedtime and then leaves the room. She would still play by herself but eventually goes to sleep on her own (note: this does not work all the time).

4) Give her the boobs. Works most of the time, especially when she is really tired.

5) Do “The Pause”. I believe this is the one method that got Faith sleep through the night. Initially, every little sound that Faith made, I would rush into her room and pick her up. However after reading the book, I have learnt to pause.

According to the book, the key to sleeping for longer stretches is for the baby to learn how to connect his sleep cycles on his own. Babies often cry when they’re learning to do so. They can make a noise like an angry frog and yet still be asleep. So from the time the baby is a few weeks old, pause a bit when he cries at night. By rushing in to pick him up, we are not giving the baby a chance to develop the skill of plunging into the next sleep cycle on his own. In fact, the baby will think he needs you to put him back to sleep.

Do note that this is different from letting the baby cry it out. This would take about five minutes or so. If after these few minutes, he’s still crying, it could be that he needs something and that’s when you pick him up.

This gentle sleep-teaching method of The Pause works best in the baby’s first four months.

This method works on Faith and the hubs and I could have our rest.  Of course, all babies are different and unique and if all else fails, a little prayer won’t hurt. 🙂

How do you sleep-train your child?


Week 19

Activities for this week are blowing bubbles with saliva and flipping…




IMG_3044 IMG_3102

IMG_3109        IMG_3113


And she managed to flip on 30 March, 2:o2:02PM.
Go buy Toto. :p

Wordless Wednesday: Almost there


Halfway mark for the flip stunt.
Faith drank 130ml – 50ml = 80ml today!

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A not-so-happy day

This is one of those days in which I would:
1) say ‘no, thank you’ to your suggestion of having more kids.
2) be asking myself why I am a SAHM.
3) be asking, “Dear hubs, where are you? Help!”
4) raise both my hands and said, “I surrender, Lord. You take over.”

Dear Faith

IMG_0068Mama had a very tiring day today and I just wanted to be away from you. I think you had the same thoughts too.

We started off on a good note. Brought you to the wet market and the uncles and aunties were commenting how adorable and good you were. However, upon reaching home, you got hungry and asked for milk which I gladly offered. The next moment when I carried you, you threw up the food that you consumed and dirtied the floor.


It was really a mess. And naturally, Mama wanted to clean up but you wouldn’t let me put you in the cot. You cried, screamed, wailed and I’m sure the neighbours in the next block could hear you and must be wondering how bad a mother I am. But seriously, I think you are throwing tantrums and I really dislike it. You went on like this for the whole morning. You can cry for all your want but if that is how you think I would relent, you should try a different tactic.


You made Mama very angry today and I’m sure you didn’t like the scolding session. And I have to let you know that Mama loves you a lot despite that. I wouldn’t want to raise up a spoilt brat and I certainly wouldn’t give you what you want just because you cry.

Mama’s wrists would never heal if you insist that I carry you ALL the time. I don’t know why you like to do that because you didn’t act like this previously. I want you to know that I would not oblige all the time simply because I can’t.


I had enough of you and decided that I should call for help. Thankfully, your grandma decided not to go out after I asked her to look after you. I went for a jog to cool myself, knowing that you are in good hands and when I came back, I saw both grandpa and grandma with you. How sweet. Grandpa just came back from his dialysis treatment and he should be feeling weak but he still wanted to play with you. I’m indeed thankful for him.


I want you to know that I love you a lot but please, do Mama a favour? Stop behaving like a princess. Mama is tired, be considerate please?