Bicycle on my cake

I used to cycle, and quite frequent at one stage. I love the wind that caresses your face as you cruise but dislike the climbing of hills. But it’s all good and I met a whole group of awesome cyclists.


While training for an event, I met a wonderful lady through a swim class and a few days ago, she asked me if I could bake a cake for her boyfriend who is an avid and really superb cyclist. It is my pleasure of course. Little did I realise that it is rather difficult to make the bicycle figurine since it can be so delicate.

IMG_2808 IMG_2813 IMG_2817

I got inspired from this blog but I must say I could not use the same technique as hers. For the bike frame, I covered a toothpick with fondant + tylose as I really need the frame to be sturdy. As for the wheels, I used circle cutters and spaghetti for the spokes before painting the spokes with metallic food paint. The different parts of the bike had to be done in stages and in the end, pieced them all up with glue (edible one, of course) and pray very hard that it will stay in one piece.

20140314_160557 20140314_160729 20140314_103650 20140315_091759

Thankfully, the weather was good to make figurine. It was relatively non-humid and the parts could dry by the following day. I had great fun with this but know that there is really much much room for improvement. M asked for a chocolate cake with caramel and walnut and she gets her cake done this way!


M’s boyfriend likes the bike so much that he asked how to preserve it. I think anything that the girlfriend gives will make him super happy. Moreover this is a bike, modeled very closely to his (can’t do the fine details though). Thankfully, there was also good feedback for the chocolate cake. I’m happy!



When would I ride to work?

New start

I was back on the saddle again after a 4-month break from it. The air from the tyres was completely gone and it felt so good just to pump it again! Of course, it was also my first time donning the new GS jersey! Woohoo! Bad news was I was riding at a very very slow speed. Tortoise man!

And I have set up another blog  to document the recipes that I will be attempting from now on.

Today I baked chocolate chip/macademia nut/raisin cookies for CG. My first item to contribute to the fulfilment of list no. 26 of my 30 stuff.

#26. Prepare a dish/dessert once every month for CG for a period of 6 months.

One week on…

Almost one week since PD Tri and the wheels are still not attached back to the frame. No time to ride, no time to do a good run.


Just signed up for marathon…This should be a good motivation. ;p
And K has also signed up for the full. I love such attitude! Never attempted before but still go ahead! You’ll survive..

Maiden ride

The ride was ok but since it was only for one hour, I really couldn’t tell if everything was all right.

Today, it was more about correcting the way I pedal. After that, I ran a little. Man! The legs were tired.

welcome Scottie!

“L, your bike is here”

Whoah! And I made arrangement to get it that very evening. There were still adjustments to be made and we spent another 2 hours trying to fix it, making sure the fit is all right. Looking at Alan, it has trained together with me, fallen with me (ouch!), participated in races all these while and performed (to my expectations). Now it has to change hands and I hope Scottie will continue the good works done by him.

So, yes, I’m going to ride on Scottie! May your debut be good ;p


=) bike fit

Yea…I am getting Scottie this Wed!
My measurement in case I need it in the future.


Body measurements
Foot length – 22.0 cm
Inseam – 72.5 cm
Thigh Length – 34.0 cm
Torso length – 53.0 cm
Arm Length – 53.0 cm
Shoulder Width – 39.0 cm
Hand Size – Medium

creak creak

Morning ride was full of noise
Creak! Creak! Creak!
And down the track it went
It didn’t went flat, thank goodness
But the crack might be made worse!

Can’t believe I raced in that state
How embarrassing it must have been!
It’s got to be repaired, that’s for sure
When would that be,
I’m not so sure!

Somehow or another, I was placed in the email chain again with the gals and thanks to G, I had all their numbers again! Gosh, and look at the jerseys that they have designed, they have gone through so many rounds and I didn’t even know!


“You have enemies. Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” ~ Winston Churchill

Now that I’m pretty much on my own, their inclusion of me well, is appreciated even though I have expressed earlier that I would not be riding with them. Sometimes, I think about the integrity issue concerning this and a whole lot of others, pertaining to my character. The more I ponder, the more confused I am. Haiz..I’ll just go ahead.

Last day for swim class for training. And I tested the newly-acquired goggles and it fits! Yea! At last! =) =)



It was a good break, a break from work, a break from training. Just taking the time to ride leisurely and sipping a cup of Starbucks coffee & muffin. How long have I not done that? It was basically a free and easy time for both of us and more importantly, time for us to talk things through.

By the time we got our room, it was mid-afternoon and I was rather exhausted from the waiting game. Bintan Beach Club was rather quiet, with just a few guests. We strolled along the beach and I took a dip in the waters, just to test it. The swim leg is going to start in that area and would be good to get a sense of it. Dinner was good with the sun setting before our eyes. Idyllic… perfect for the soul.

Sunday. We were to meet Mic and her friends for the ride. They were to show us the cycling route for the race. Through the conversation, we realised that one of them was actually responsible for starting Bintan Triathlon and of course, he would be the best person to show the route and the sights of Bintan.

The cycling route consists of rolling hills and i think K almost got killed by them, having no experiences prior to the ride and had to dismount from the bike. Anyhow, it was a great effort and definitely commendable.

It was a good 56km ride, for me, taking it easy. By the time we got back to mainland, it was already evening and time to meet up with possible sponsor. =)

Training pics

Received the training ride’s pics and was overjoyed! Thank you, budding photographer! Chris from Herbalife saw the pics on my FB and commented jokingly that we should start talking about sponsorship deals. Hey! Why not??


Ok…Don’t be deceived by the pics. It’s not just smile, smile all the time. The hard work was not captured here.

Had a 8.5km run with Ah Bao. Thought the pace we were running was ok but the gadget said otherwise. Anyway, at a certain point, the legs took over and just kept pounding away, like what I did a few days ago…spin, spin, spin. I didn’t know spinning has so much effect on me until my running is also influenced and best thing is, I wasn’t panting real hard. Which means, I can go harder!


But seriously, I am not prepared for Sundown at all. I signed up to be pacer for 6hr. hahahahah…but don’t think I will get it. Oh, nvm…I will just enjoy and run my own race. =)

Gosh! How long have I not been running?

After a few days of break from it, I did one in the morning with Ksan. Went through Orchard Road as he has suggested and then as I led, we went to Robertson Quay. I’m blur as sotong and got lost, as usual. But since it was a route that I used at times to go home, we soon found our way back. It was just barely under 6km. Think it is ok to go longer, nice to jog along the quay.

Boss' treat for us!

Boss' treat for us!

Yesterday, coach (YF) sent us email regarding training for run for the upcoming Desaru Long Distance Tri. The training is free and conducted by Shem, the poster boy for AVIVA. How nice of him! There are always such people around, doing things for their passion, without wanting any reward in return. Nice….

And at night, I had a pleasant surprise too. I know they talked about it during the cycling trip but I just didn’t think it is going to be true. But yesterday, they showed me the ‘cow’ and when I rode on it, I felt good, so comfortable. I like the colour, the frame. They even asked me what colour I want for the bottle cage. Actually, it is already a privilege to be presented with it, how can I ask for more?

Thank you, SWCT! Can’t wait to get my hands on the new baby!
Momo Chun, watch out!

Morning run: 5.68km

Training rides

The month of May is an exciting one and it started off with training rides to MS.


Set off in the early morning with K sending me off, riding his bike to see me drive off. Sigh…can sleep, don’t want to sleep.

Had prata and Nescafe (only eat this when I’m riding) before starting the ride. Ism went straight ahead like he was rushing for some stuff and Momo chun was requested to stay behind me. MG and Nchan were in the van with the latter directing me on the gears to use every now and then via the walkie-talkie (super cool..machiam like pro ;p).

It was interesting. Perhaps the one BIG takeaway that I had from this trip was to be using a consistent cadence so that I can last longer on hills. There were  mostly rolling hills and as Nchan directed me to change to whatever gears, I soon got the hang of it and kept to a consistent cadence.

It was super hot on Saturday and by the 4th break, I was already feeling faintish. Ism was also not feeling well was asked to go into the van while Momo Chun developed rashes…rather bad ones.

What was most fun was the ‘attack’. I love the part which Nchan told me to stay near Ism and then after that, overtake him. Think it must have taken him by surprise because he was left behind. Momo Chun also… FUN but very tiring.  And of course, Ism took the lead again in the end. =)

in hotel room after 1st day's ride

in hotel room after 1st day's ride


The weather was super good, perfect for a ride. We had one stop for lunch and then it was the rolling hills and the dreaded three HILLs which almost took my breath away. Overall, I was stronger than yesterday. I tried to increase the cadence and took advantage of it when I rode up the hills. Worked! And by focusing on the clouds when I rode up the hills made it more bearable for me rather than focusing on the horizon.

I have never drunk so much sugared water for a ride and I think if this continues, I will develop diabetes ;p And perhaps I had too much food, I felt like puking when I rode. My too much is not much to Nchan

Felt it was an achievement. I know I have done my best, followed the advice given and realised it worked! I’m very happy and satisfied with it. The thighs didn’t really feel sore after all those hills!

And of course, the people made it enjoyable – the two crappy men, Momo Chun who has to stayed behind me all the time (sorry to have you do that!), Ism who encouraged me and Nchan, who laughed when giving me the ‘attack’ direction and gave me wrong info, “last hill, last hill!” Very entertaining is it???? >_<

No ride photos yet cos how to take fotos when riding leh? (apologies for Singlish). I may not hate hills now but well, I can’t exactly say I love them yet ;p

@ fishing village after 2nd day's ride

@ fishing village after 2nd day's ride

125.1km @ 4:50:11
Avg cadence: 82
Avg HR: 138

99km @ 4:04:19
Avg cadence: 94
Avg HR: 136

Reminder to self:
Do not carry a sling back with heavy stuff on the right should else it will resurrect old  injury.

[Reminder] Things to bring for Sin-MerS cycling trip tml:
– Energy gel; recovery drink – powder form. checked
– raincoat. checked
– sandals. checked
– Extra cycling tights. checked
– One set of casual clothes. checked
– extra pair of socks. checked
– toiletries (include sunblock). checked
– Extra tube. checked
– shade. in car..

Slopes..beginning to like.

I am beginning to like the circuit. It has been a good ride, minus the tiredness of the thighs. I must find a chance to do more. Desperately need time to reorganise. And I really ought to train HARD when I’m on my own.

And to see a young kid having his cycling training brought a smile on my face. Future triathlete, he has the making, definitely. Way to go!

Now back to work… =(

Ride: 51.3km


Ok..So every one of us will be down on Tuesday to receive our prizes.
Our results’ not fantastic..but anyway…

Just got hold of tix to concerts and plays that I missed last year…I won’t allow myself to miss them again. Yea! Muddle-headed no more…hopefully…


Ah yo! I was most disgusted with myself about the ride today. I was cycling, not training. Doing it alone didn’t help in motivating oneself =p. And for the first time, I felt faintish after a ride.

I think I ought to change my diet. Need more carbo.
Got back home and….whoah..good food was found. Asked Mom when she is going to teach me, she…SMILED, SMILED and SMILED (means she is not going to teach any time soon).  This should be a balanced diet…

Mom's cooking's the best!

Mom's cooking's the best!

Ride: 91.5km

hip hip hurray!

remember the good old days?

remember the good old days?

We started out as newbies last year.
This year, we are champions.
The team event, both first and second places, goes to…..!
Globespinners! Longitude and Latitude (technically)! The organiser better do a good job in checking the data and give us the second placing.

But deep within us, we know we are! =)

Hurray!Hurray! Hurray!


Results’ out and I was placed third. Nonetheless, I am still contented that I made it top three. It was indeed encouraging, above all else, to come to the realisation that I am not that bad after all and all those trainings helped even though I actually started serious training 2 months ago.

That was enough to make me decide to shelve travel plans in replacement for races outside Singapore, be it tri or bike.

Morn run: 6.59km
Pace sucks.

I luv Sunday! (This particular one)



OCBC Cycle Singapore.
Treated it as a training because felt like missing training for a while. I was rather apprehensive as I have not ample opportunities to ride in a pack and also not sure if I could do a good job or worse still, crash.

Fears unfounded really. I find the event rather organised. Signed up for under 75 min cos that’s basically good enough for me. 20 minutes into the ride, stomach was aching. Darn! I wanted so much to get into the loo but how can I? This wil mean wasting time! It has been fun but realised I got tired easily. The guys were rather civil today. When there was a bend, they were shouting out to warn us all and also showed signals and stuff…Good good!


And in the evening, teammates sms me that I was placed 2nd in my age group! Woot! Got prizes man! First time! It felt good having to earn it. Hope I am indeed placed correctly. But I also know those really fast riders may not participate in this event. Better not be so happy so easily.

And ‘He’s just not into you’ is a must-watch for girls! I am soooo into the movie and was soooo touched towards the end. OMG. MUST-WATCH! So…very sex-and-the-city setting and addressed real issues.

There were so many happy stuff that happened today. How I wish she could be there in the morning. I owe this to you, ya know?

It’s so good being able to rest on Saturdays. I’m not complaining but being able to rest was a luxury. Was advised to rest before tmr’s OCBC Cycle.

Got up and spinned before spending the whole morning ironing clothes, pack my room and then in the afternoon, fetched father from the hospital and packed in a movie and dinner.

I just pray for no crash tmr. I’d rather go slow then. Safety comes first.

All the best, fellow cyclists. Ride safe!

4 more weeks! Sigh!

After the ride, energy was depleted. Water was left to drips only.p1270069
I know I need to learn how to take those bars and gel. But I couldn’t bring myself to consume them. This PowerBar is not too bad but still, I couldn’t go on after a few bites.

Happy with ride today but too lazy to run after that ;p

Anyone consumes scones for energy when riding? Or hardboiled eggs? Can imagine the eggs dropping out. Bloop bloop bloop…Joker.


Look at what Bud was doing when I reached the carpark? Having his big breakfast of pancakes! This guy ah! Had a good time of catching up while we cycled (I spinned).

And what could be better than having Nescafe and Lontong after the session!

But need to watch diet already. I was asked to do so…

Let me see.
– cereal with bananas
– hard boiled eggs (only white)
– chicken breast meat (white\ steamed or baked)
– vegetables all colours (never fried)
– potatoes (boiled or baked stuffed with tuna in olive oil\ the occasional sinful corned beef – no mayo or any other dressings)
– steamed fish
– veg soup
– Fruits for dessert
– Low-fat dairy products preferred

Ok boss. Will do!


Today’s ride was eventful =)

She showed me part of the route of Aviva and then ahead of us, was a pack of cyclists. Oh oh..
Asked me to ride with them. Stay behind the big guy so that he could draft you. …

I rode with them. Fun. The dynamics of the group. There was this huge Ang Mo who rode beside me, trying to either keep up or be ahead of me. I also la. Fun! Then there was another instance, where a guy was cycling and I charged forward and rode past him. kekeekekkeke. He was caught unaware of my ‘attack’.

Along the way, behind the pack of boys, I saw one of them asking each other who this woman was. They all shrugged their shoulders. Er…don’t bother about me. I gatecrashed. Sorry!

Midway, the group split due to the traffic junction and I followed a guy who turned left from the group. I was wondering what was happening and slowed down. That’s it. Once I slowed down, I couldn’t catch up anymore. Kenna dropped. Dang!

Now, I need to know if I could do a long distance ride with equally satisfying speed. Yet to tell now. I always split from groups mid-way. But what fun for this morning!

And then got lost trying to figure my way back to my car from the west. Bummer.

Distance: 93.3
Time: 03:15:58
kcal: 1305

Pinarello, Scott, Cervelo, Argon
These bikes parked against the walls
Terrified me to the core

But I am convinced
It’s neither the brands nor the beauty of the machines
But the focus, determination and the leg power (=p) 
That help you achieve your dream.

I’m determined.

why make me cry?

The alarm shook me from my sleep.
I’m on my two wheels again.
To a place where I spent almost 1/2 of my decade in.

I hate the hills.
I loathe, despise them.
Perhaps they are laughing at me
For letting out a cry when I climbed.
(Literally shed tears. why do I choose to do this? Why not sleep in? Why not just be the average person out there?)

I felt weak and awfully humiliated.

Dear legs, I am counting on you.
I’m sorry I have to subject you to such pain.
But you see, in the long run
You’ll be pleased to know they’ll be mightily strong.

For now, just bear with it.

Ride: 91.6km

Volvo Ocean Race

Volvo Ocean Race

Timely fuel!

Timely fuel!

Work piled up so fast and in exorbitant amount. But that got me excited really even though I’m not sure if I could do a good job. Information kept coming in and I just took it and hoped that nothing major would crop up.

So I was soooo glad to be able to get out during lunchtime for some interval training on the machine. Good start, I hope. Still couldn’t sustain all the way to the top. Must try again.
WuP: 19:01.6
5 laps: 16:57.9
CD: 13:29.3