He makes me laugh

I’m not referring to Ken…I mean, of course, Da man humours me in his own unique way but I’m referring to Colin Goh’s writings.

Every alternate Saturday (in Boston) or Sunday (in S’pore), I would be waiting eagerly for The Sunday Times and 90% of the time, I would click/flip immediately to his column.

90% of the time, I was tickled.

Based in New York, his articles are largely about his experiences in NYC and thoughts about family issues. His writings are local-flavoured and down-to-earth. By local, I mean his choice of words which include our very own uniquely Singlish and yummy local food.

When I read his article the Sunday that has just passed, I couldn’t help but LOL in the midst of reading it. And well, I would like to keep a copy of it here.

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Motherhood Lessons — The Straits Times Blogs

I’m not a mother…yet but the sacrifices mothers make are not unknown to me. Love this story.

Motherhood Lessons — The Straits Times Blogs.

For keepsake.

We subscribed to the ST so that we could be kept abreast of the developments in Singapore though I must tell you my main reason is because I want to continue to catch up with Sumiko’s and Colin’s articles on Sunday Times =p.

I know we have heard or perhaps, read enough of Mrs Lee’s passing. I am attaching MM Lee’s eulogy because theirs is a beautiful love story, a life-long committment that they have held fast to each other. The honeymooners class could use this as their sharing and we could perhaps learn from them.


Article: Recipe for culinary excellence

Whoah! I’m so excited! Singaporeans with a penchant for the culinary arts now have the chance to get a degree from the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America, and at a fraction of the price it costs in the US.

The news article was published today back home and I was pleasantly surprised but at the same time, shocked by the exorbitant price one has to pay for the tuition fees at the NY campus for the degree courses. Well, back home, our government subsidises and in the end, we (citizens) really pay only a small portion (yes, for all our undergraduate and graduate courses). The hubs and I were thankful to them on this as we know they really focus a great deal on education and spent A LOT in this area. =)

So maybe in the very near future, they would have culinary or baking boot camp too? Oh! I would be among the first to sign up!

Read for the full report. Picture from The Straits Times.

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