A montessori-inspired toddler room for Faith (Part II)

Faith’s room has transformed!
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We basically removed the cot that took up almost a quarter of the room (yes, the room is that small), the armchair that I used to breastfeed her in and changed the position of the chest of drawers. To replace the cot, we bought 2 mattresses that cost a grand total of $40 and 2 side tables from Ikea for her activity shelves.



These are the shelves that display some of the things that she plays with. She is into jigsaw puzzles lately and I made a box out of the cardboard that we have. Each item has its place and Faith learns how to put the stuff back to its original position. The white container houses books that she loves and each night, before she turns in, she would grab a few for us to read to her. I love it that the shelves are just at the right height for her.

20140802_101355 20140731_203654

The mattresses can be stacked on top of the other and this allows for more space in the day for play. I made a few photo frames from the excess cardboard and the photos create a cosy feel to the room. They are also mounted at a height that she could view easily.


This is the reading corner which is really not comfortable. I would prefer a carpet and a bean bag but the room is too small. Anyway, Faith prefers to grab a book and read while sitting on the mattress.


 Faith is definitely pleased to have her own dressing table with mirror that is hung at the right height!


We are into our second week of getting her to sleep in her own room, with much success! Though there are times that she still pointed to our room, wanting to sleep in there, I must say she is generally all right with her room now. I still sleep next to her, for now, since she wakes up in the middle of the night to look for me! At least, we have made some progress!


 Her room’s done and now, it’s on to more Montessori activities at home!


Finally, a day of rest on a Thursday.

Nope. The one-week holiday is actually not ours to claim. It’s the children’s. I’m just glad that I have Thursday and Friday to bum at home, a choice that I intentionally make.

Ken and I have shifted into the apartment on Saturday. Thankfully, a cell group member was away during that weekend and loaned us his station wagon which was really a blessing. We were able to transport a few suitcases of clothes and books. The rest? Akan datang.

So today, mom brought me to the popular blocks of flats in Tampines where there are rows of supermarkets, coffeeshops and all the different kinds of shops you can find in the heartland. This place is absolutely teeming with life!

So mom brought me around and taught me how to bring certain cuts of meat and since she was so ‘friends’ with the stall owners, I got discounts too. A bonus when you shop with mom.

In that one morning, a few hundreds of dollars were contributed to the economy. The initial setting up of a home really requires cash! Hopefully, we don’t have to fork out more as we settle in.

And do you know which space is my favourite in the apartment?

You guess it right! It’s the kitchen. What else?

The service area. Does the dryer make noise when it is in use? The noise made by the buttons on the shirts?

The trustworthy machines. The gas is supposed to be installed today but my contractor made a boo boo and now we had to postpone it. Thankfully, the rice cooker works wonders. Next up, the standmixer!

One more week!

One more week and we can move in! The apartment is more or less completed except for some touch-ups to be done. Next week, I would be Maria to clean up the place before the furniture comes in. Yipee!

Thus far, we have been pleased with our ID and the progress. More reports after we have settled!

Almost there

This day saw us paying the last instalment for our renovation. The place is almost done, just short of electricity and carpentry. By next week, all things should be up. What a journey. It’s also time to tie up the loose ends in terms of buying the appliances and furniture.

By noon, we were done with our shopping and our bank account emptied.

It should be worth it. I’m surprised that the hubs was willing to part with those amount, which to me, was rather steep. Hopefully, they would last.

Home sweet home!



It will be about 2 to 3 weeks more before we can move in to our apartment and here comes the shopping season! For furniture, that is.

Today is perhaps the first Saturday that I do not return to work. But the body clock still woke up at 5 ish and after getting some work done at home, the hubs and I went to Millenia Walk to hunt down the electrical appliances and other furniture.

We came across this furniture store called Commune and love the contemporary designs of the chairs and dining set. I thought it suits our Scandinavian theme and am eyeing the dining set. The hubs love the rounded edges (think child-friendly) while I like that it is solid wood (reduce possibility of scratches). If we don’t come across any other sets that we like, we might settle for this!

Note to self: Sofa set to be in grayish or beige.


Rest is limited.

What I need now is sleep. Even though the hubs and I turn in by 10pm, the bodies are still crying out for more rest. I think inevitably, we are under some form of stress.

The second week at work was better than the first…naturally. I began to feel that I have contributed and everything made more sense to me though there is so much more to learn still. Made some rash decision and had to rectify but overall, I believe things are under control. I really need more grace.

I certainly hope life will settle soon, that we are able to have time to exercise and spend time with the Lord. I have only cooked once since coming back and the constant eating out is really not desirable in the long run. I’m really looking forward to my home in March!

We went down to Balestier today to choose the sinks, taps, toilet bowls, hood, hobs and oven and the lighting. Although fun initially, the choosing took a toil on us and at the end of the 3-hour shopping, we were dead beat. I didn’t choose Rinnai hood and hob and Bosch oven in the end since there are other good alternatives. It’s a local brand hobz for hood and hob and EF for oven. I saved quite a lot by not buying Bosch oven. I think and certainly hope EF works just as well.

Pay, pay and pay.

So friends, pls pardon me if I miss any gathering or activities. I’m still adjusting to the pace of life in Singaland. It’s too fast. And I’m travelling too slowly.

Some pleasure in life. Meeting up with like-minded friends over delicious food.
Laksa Steamboat Seafood Restaurant
404 Telok Blangah Road
Singapore 098840
Tel: 62757069

I survived!

This is life.

That we wake up at 4.45am, set off to work at 5.30am and leave the workplace at 5 or 6pm. The first week was aw……ful. It was a new position for me although it was not entirely unfamiliar but I need transition time nonetheless. What made it worse was the fact that emails kept coming in before the first day started and information overload resulted.

Coupled with work is the need to look into our apartment matters. L, our ID, met up with us to have a look at the site. We have decided to engage him because he is experienced and his concepts matched ours. More importantly, we are comfortable with him and are assured that he will do a good job.

Meeting up with ID to discuss the concepts can be a very tiring activity, especially to the mental health. So it’s important that we do not meet up after a day of hard work lest you make the wrong decision!

And can you imagine my great joy when Friday approached? Hooray! Finally, the mind could rest. Meeting up with M and P to sign some documents which I am to be bonded for another year, we were treated to an Indian cuisine by the all-time wonderful M. It’s always good to be around these girls because we could talk about education and all the stories that not many have heard. =p

And today, we met up with our ID again to select tiles. Tomorrow is the start of second week at work! Dear hubs, can you work harder so that I can be a homemaker? =p

I need to be optimistic.


Bathroom concepts which I like.

While at CHil Design Group contemporary bathroom
FORMA Design
custom marble tile, bamboo cabinetry contemporary bathroom
FORMA Design
XStyles Bath Design Studio contemporary bathroom


Since we are a step nearer to purchasing our home (actually still a long way to go), it shouldn’t be too early to do some initial research into the design of the apartment.

The question, “What do you envision yourself to be in five years’ time?”, is a common one asked. When it comes to housing, the question then would be, “Can you envision your new home?”

I certainly can! I think I even know the colour combination! Of course, the more you read up, the more you can get confused too! An extra pair of eyes would definitely help and thus an ID would come in useful. Once we go through the 1st appointment, I’m ready to look for one. In fact, I have one in mind already. Hopefully, she is free to do mine.

Came across useful tips on colours from one of my favourite websites regarding home. I thought the content from the video series is rather informative, at least for me who know very little about such things.

The following is on Colour families. Go on and watch the others! I like the one on the 80/20 rule too.

 Which of the following hues do you like?






Chalkboard pots

In my future home, I would want to have such pots in my balcony or kitchen window. I want to eat the fresh herbs I grow.

Links within the pics.


Picture from http://www.thekitchn.com

I think such an island is good for relatively small kitchen, with a marble top on it for cutting of food and kneading of dough.