Patience needed

It was a fine evening. The weather was great and the children yearned to go outdoors.

We did that and got the girl to bring her bicycle along so that she could practise riding it.

The hubs and I took turns but I ended up getting frustrated.

Frustrated that her feet kept slipping off from the pedals. Frustrated that she kept looking down while trying to balance instead of looking straight ahead.

Less-than-encouraging words departed from my tongue and attacked her. In exasperation, she stopped in her tracks and screamed.

I have hurt her.

Oh, what an impatient mom I am. That was only her second time learning to ride the bicycle. What was I expecting? That she could get it in two attempts?

It’s time to do a bit of self-reflection.

6 thoughts on “Patience needed

  1. My motto this holis is “I’m not a perfect mom but definitely a good mom!” Same to you!!😊 Em’s able to ride on 2 wheels at 1st attempt but we let him try when he’s 5 plus yo by removing the 2 side wheels from his 4 wheeler bicycle. I started of by holding the bicycle for him but it’s too tiring for me aft 2 rounds with the younger one pulling my shirt. 😬So I “bo chap” & tell him diy. So he picked up faster when I don’t help him at all. Probably the trick is to let them figure out the balancing themselves. Chill & enjoy the ride together!!!

  2. I feel you… As much as we reflect and want to become more patient, it’s such moments that humbles us to rely on His grace that is sufficient. We are weak but slowly, we will be transformed in His time. : ) Jiayou!! I find that after 8years of raising them, my patience has improved albeit still very much wanting…lol. LEt’s evergrow in His patience : )) Have a Blessed Christmas!

    • Thanks dear mommy! It’s a lot of dying to self too! Parenting! Such a tall order but thankfully with His grace, we can make it! Blessed Christmas!!

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