Faith’s first swimming lesson

Before the kids came along, I have decided that if I should send them to any enrichment classes, it would have to be Chinese, music and swimming. Faith started her music lessons at 3YO and Chinese enrichment about three months later. We have been sourcing for a swimming class for her for the longest time and we finally found one (via this link) that suits our timing and budget, all thanks to my resourceful sister!

Morning: All ready for swim class!


This scene is so familiar it brings back many fond memories. It is the swimming complex where I learnt how to tread water, used the breast stroke and gobbled the bowl of Mee Siam after each lesson. Now my daughter is going through the same thing, minus the food (no more canteen there!).

She started off in the competition pool and my SIL and I were giggling away as our kids got orientated in the water. Faith was uber attentive to the instructor and did everything that she was asked to do. She wore the apprehensive expression on her face and I was afraid that she might give up halfway.

Thankfully, she was all smiles when she got up for a drink and narrated to us what had happened. Asked if she liked the class, she said YES. Phew!


So yes, she was in the deep waters for her first lesson. I think learning in a group helps a lot at her age since she will be more inclined to want to swim together with the rest. It’s definitely a good source of motivation!


I think she did well for her first trial session. We went down as a family to support her. Yes, her brother too. We make it a point to have the siblings encourage each other in their achievement, no matter how small that could be.

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12 thoughts on “Faith’s first swimming lesson

  1. Yes I don’t understand why they take away the “canteen” at public pools! LOL. They were a source of motivation for me when I go swimming when I was young.

    Glad your girl enjoyed herself. Mine learned for half a year and gave up. Trying to get him to go back to learning. LOL.

    • I actually look forward to the Mee siam every time I went for swim class in the past. Sigh… I hope she won’t give up so easily!!! 🙏

  2. I showed this to Noah and asked him if he would like to go for swimming lessons like Faith! Haha. Hopefully, he will be open to attending swimming lessons when we are in JKT, because it is an important skill. Of course, I’ll also need to attend them myself, because I erm, can’t swim either. 😛

  3. It’s great to teach the kids to learning swimming. We also got Sophie to learn swimming when she was five but she dropped it at 6 as the class got too big for the teacher to manage. But sh’e happy with her gymnastic class and I’m happy that she’s doing a new sport too.

  4. Well done Faith! Way to go! I always believe in exposing kids to a myriad of experiences when they are young and swimming is one of them. Thanks for sharing Faith’s experience. Looking forward to the day you share about her doing laps!

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