Over the ocean, Under the sea @ SAM at 8Q

I have been wanting to work on art with the girl for the longest time. However, such an attempt does require time and a peaceful environment and heart. On normal days, after the girl comes back from school, has lunch and nap, it would be evening and I would have to prepare dinner. Gah… so I’m taking every opportunity during the June holidays to have her immerse in some form of art. ✌️

First up, these sea creatures. Don’t be mistaken. She couldn’t draw these animals yet but I could definitely get her to paint using acrylic and poster colours. Her grip of the paintbrush has improved and could do a decent job in painting. We had instrumental music in the background and this created a perfect environment to work on her art piece. I love it when I saw the sparkle in her eyes as we mixed the different colours.

“Mom, why the blue and yellow turn to green?” That night, I read Little blue and little yellow to her.

In the afternoon, we joined Mrs Eio to the Singapore Art Museum for some Over the ocean, under the sea experience, hence my artwork with Faith in the morning.

I won’t elaborate on what’s in store at the museum since one can easily check it up on its website. I would just review it based on how enthusiastic the kids were.

I like this exhibition (Where is Mogus?) at level 1 the best. Maybe it’s the colourful installation that are mainly made by knitted yarn. Or perhaps it’s the tactile sculptures which encourage play, imagination and exploration among the kids. I was just wowed by the display. Reminded me of the beautiful underwater world when we went diving. I also love it that there is one particular coral patch that was completely white. Why? The coral has been bleached as explained by the guide.

At the Submaroom, the kids could try their hands on the origami. There are step-by-step guide for them to follow.

Aren’t they beautiful? Now, if only I could fold them successfully…

I personally felt that the Plastic Ocean which is an installation with plastic, nylon string, wooden pedestals (or waste materials, to me) spoke to me. I told the kids to imagine themselves as creatures living in the sea. How would they feel if they find their environment filled with all these trash? I felt suffocated and wanted to share with them the meaning of pollution. Faith is obviously a little too young to understand. But it’s always good to just share knowledge with her.

The other installations are non-interactive and I think the kids didn’t know what to do. They looked and went off. Hah…

Faith was obviously scared by this shark. Just look at the body language.

At the Suara Muara, posing with this Javanese old couple.

Back home, I got Faith to finish up her artwork and read her a story on pollution and tried to help her relate to what she had seen at the museum.

First art piece that is 90% done by her. It will be displayed in her room. ✌️