[Foodie Fridays] Mini Hamburgers


Sensory play gets real when you involve the kids in the kitchen. It’s no longer wooden fruits that they are playing with, for example, but real ones which they could smell and feel. I love to have children in the kitchen. Obviously, I roar if they play in it but I will always welcome them to help in the food preparation.

One fine day, I was in the mood for sliders and asked her to help out in mixing the raw ingredients with her hands. She thought it fun initially until she laid her hands on them. Eek! Gross! And quickly withdrew her hands from the bowl. Too late, the act must go on. It did get better as she continued and in the end, managed a smile and danced a little as she shaped the mixture into patties. I’m not asking for perfection; I’m asking for effort and effort she gave.

This following recipe is just a simple recipe to make the burger. It’s nothing spectacular and you can definitely use different meat or even toufu as part of the ingredients. Marinade is up to you. Normally I use oyster sauce and that will be enough.


This is another version of my slider – chicken cutlet burger.
Do encourage your kids to help out in the kitchen. They will be glad to do so. A little mess is expected though. Keep calm and carry on cooking.

Ingredients (good for 8 burgers)
300g minced organic beef
200g minced pork
1/2 chopped onion
3 tbsps breadcrumbs ( I used panko)
1 egg (whisked briefly)
1 tbsp chopped parsley
A dash of ground black pepper
8 mini buns
Slices of cheese

:: Put minced meat, chopped onion, breadcrumbs, egg, parsley and ground black pepper into a large bowl. Mix well with hand. So I had a red pepper in the refrigerator and I tried to sneak them into the mixture. Bad move because Faith noticed them quite immediately and subsequently asked to remove them as she ate the burger. And…I insisted that she ate some.

During the mixing part, there was resistance from the girl. I mean, it’s no longer pretend play but the real thing. You should just see her facial expression – disgust! This is real sensory play!

:: Divide the meat mixture into 8 portions and make mini burgers (of about 5-6cm wide). Put them into a plate and cover with aluminium foil. Steam over high heat for 5 minutes. Wipe dry.

It is important to keep encouraging the girl as she continued in her effort to combine the mixture together. Working alongside her helps greatly and before you know it, she was already at ease with it. She wouldn’t be able to make a consistent round shape in the same size. It’s okay! Praise is allowed for effort shown!

:: Heat a little oil in a pan. Fry the burgers over medium-low hear until both sides are golden.

:: Sandwich the bun with a slice of cheese, some greens and burger. You obviously can add other ingredients like tomato, mustard and the like. I think it’s up to individual’s creativity.


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