Friday Flips | 乐乐趣 奇妙洞洞书系列

I love Chinese books that have good illustrations, well-constructed storyline and more importantly, hanyu pinyin to guide me as I read to my children. One of those books that I personally enjoy reading and therefore to the kids are these books from 乐乐趣 奇妙洞洞书系列.

I was just randomly looking for Chinese books from the library one day and found this.  

This book tells of the twelve different months in a year and each line rhymes with the next, making the story a catchy one. After reading once through to Faith, she enjoyed it so much that she asked me to read again and again and again. So I must have read the book thrice in one sitting. And it didn’t stop there. The girl grabbed the book, came to me and asked me to read to her the subsequent days.

I was definitely more than willing to read to her since I enjoyed the story too. I must say that the hanyu pinyin helps a lot in enabling me to read fluently to her.

This book is also a great follow-up to the above activity in which she learnt the numbers in Chinese. The cutting and pasting helps in honing her fine motor skills.

We love the book so much that I went on to ask my friend to help me purchase the series.

These board books are suitable for babies too!  When I read the story to Daniel, he was listening intently and each time when I end the statement at a certain intonation, he would smile at me. Someone appreciates my reading!

Go on and borrow some from our local libraries soon! They can be found at the Junior lending section.

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