2015 is here!


A blessed new year to one and al! I can’t believe it’s 2015 already!

Looking back, 2014 has been good to me mostly because I was able to spend more time with my family. Those outings, scrumptious dinner prepared by mom and the fact that I have my family with me are important to me. Brother came back with his family and we had wonderful moments together. My in-laws are wonderful people to hang out with. The food prepared by our aunt was just too good to resist and I’m thankful that they are always willing to lend a helping hand to us.

My priority for 2015 remains the same – to spend quality time with the family. I think at the end of the day, when one is stripped of everything, there is still FAMILY.

I also want to grow with my spiritual family. We are blessed to be with a group who is encouraging towards one another and one who always reminds us to seek the Lord. For 2015, the hubs and I would probably be more involved in giving of our time to serve others in the church and there remains the question of whether I would want to devote some time in the children’s church.

2014 saw me baking cakes for friends. Thank you once again for believing in me and even ordering from me even though there are many excellent bakers and cake decorators out there. I hope to continue to hone my skills, experiment with more recipes and bake more cakes in 2015…


… and possibly record the cakes I make on this platform.

2014 was a year of learning for me in terms of teaching the young ones. Having a group of like-minded mothers to plan activities together for our weekly playdate is truly a privilege. While you may think that the kids benefitted from the activities, I would like to say that I gained much insight from the fellow mothers on teaching young ones.

Though F would be going to school this year, there would still be learning for her at home. I definitely hope to have time to think through the ‘curriculum’ and to carry it out dutifully. But above all, I pray that F would grow up a healthy and joyful child.


When I was younger, I used to come with up with a list of to-do items or goals, as you call them, for the fun of it. I wish to do one too for 2015 but I just couldn’t find the time to do so. For now, what I know is that I would want to channel my energy on my family.

May 2015 be a fruitful year for all.

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