Mid-week thoughts

This week has been crazy. Cakes/ figurines due, teaching assignments, teaching Faith (the bulk of the time), planning for playdate materials and on top of these, household chores. I’m physically tired but I’m thankful to the Lord that He has granted me with that extra portion of strength to go through each day.

And today ended beautifully.

I was teaching a class from morning till mid afternoon (no break!) and went back to fetch Faith. And the hubs and I decided to go for a walk after dinner.


And we saw snails. Many of them. Such a good Science lesson in the outdoors. Faith got introduced to this creature for the first time and met so many of them face-to-face. She continued to explore and though it seemed dirty for her to touch the fallen leaves and drains, we just let go and let her do her own learning. We had a good walk, with her greeting the folks who were exercising along the track and some four-legged animals.


I’m glad we got out of the apartment for some fresh air because it never fails to refresh.

And I’m thankful to the One who provides for us.

Yes, even this artwork.



Farm animals!

Our playgroup/playdate/co-op is moving into farm animals theme for the new term and how exciting that is! I thought it helps the moms streamline what we are going to teach the kids and it definitely helps in the preparation of the lesson.

To prepare Faith for the lesson, I created a sensory bin using salt and placed the farm animals in it. She was thrilled when she initially saw the bin and attempted to touch the salt. Thankfully, she is more willing to do so as compared to the previous time when we had our co-op and one of the moms set up a similar kind of sensory bin.


Faith has this book from which she inherited from an auntie and it’s about farm animals. The Old Macdonald song can be played with the press of a button but it got so irritating that eventually I had to hide the book from her. Of course, she went searching for it and played it the first thing she woke up (on a particular day). Noooooooo!

On our last playdate, Mummy C set up a ‘farm’ in her living room for free play. Awesome, isn’t it?


Recently, I came across some toy farm animals and they complete my collection of them. Yipee! Faith and I organised the farm animals and a related book helps a lot in understanding about them.


ย The setup in our place. Are you ready for more lessons on farm animals? ๐Ÿ˜‰