Car washing day

Yesterday, we went down to support my nephew and his classmates who were involved in car washing organised by his school. I love it when young children learn to do these chores from young and I fully concur with the principal who advocates character building over academic excellence.


By the time I reached the school compound, the kids had already started washing and we love parents who lend their support to their children!


Under the guidance of the teachers and with much encouragement from their parents, I must say that the kindergarteners did a good job and more importantly, they had fun. This is really like waterplay for them!


Our younger kids stood nearby and observed the busy activities…


 Lester stood by the pail and watched….


 Faith wondered what was happening…


And then the mother got her to join in the act…


The children had a wonderful time!

2014-08-01 10.13.30

I’m one happy woman because my dirty car got a tad cleaner!

Good job, children!