Cold noodle salad


This is a dish that is so suitable for our very warm weather! I had it at the recent cell group meeting which was hosted by Trisa and her hubs and I was instantly refreshed after taking a bite. It must be the cold noodles that did the job. So, I asked the gracious lady for the recipe and here goes. There wouldn’t be specific measurement though but you will get it if you follow the instructions.

Use angel hair spaghetti and follow the instruction on the packaging. Mine only needs to be cooked for 3 minutes and after that, I soak the noodles in icy cold water, making sure that the noodles are cold before draining them of the water. This stops the noodles from further being cooked.


Then add in some sesame oil and mix well. This is done to prevent the noodles from sticking to one another.


After this, I placed the bowl of noodles into the refrigerator for a few hours until before serving.


At the point of serving, I added the Japanese sesame salad dressing,  salad and black sesame seeds and toss evenly. To have a more substantial meal, you can add ham, roasted chicken stripes or like me, sausages!


Hope you like this dish!