The Animal Resort

The number of children for our weekly playdate has grown! Normally, it would be C and I bringing the kids out for some playground and waterplay fun but today, we had three more kids joining and that means more company for the little ones!


We went to The Animal Resort as suggested by C. This place is more accessible by car and is located near Jalan Kayu. We were there at around 10am and there was a group of kindergarteners being briefed by the staff on the food that they could feed to the animals. Since we were there, we joined in to listen to the short ‘talk’. Here, she showed us a skinny pig and we could purchase some food to feed the animals – $2 for every 3 packs. Oh yes, before you enter the premise, do put on the mosquito patch or spray some mosquito repellent!

20140715_100500   20140715_105524

The area is big by Singapore’s standard, I feel. There is a good selection of animals and the wonderful thing about this place is that some of the animals like the geese, hens and chicks are free to roam and the children can get up close and personal with them. Faith has been reading on animals and this trip is such a good opportunity to meet them in real life. Hah..

20140715_102416 20140715_103156
20140715_101956 20140715_111003
IMG-20140715-WA0015  20140715_104012

The geese, peacocks, parrot, hens, roosters, Marabou stork, ducks….

Noah and Faith fascinated by the guinea pigs and the skinny pig. 😉


Faith and the real life bunny…


The children love to gaze at the fish or is it just the water that attracts them? I can’t tell…


Getting really close to the horse! The children got scared by this big animal.

I’m not sure about the other kids but I think Faith enjoyed the animals a lot. She was intrigued by them and kept observing them. No prize for guessing what I will be doing with her at home after this trip. ;p

There is a small simple cafe if you need some refreshment. For us we went over to the nearby Greenwich mall for lunch. Parking space is available at The Animal Resort though it can be limited (at most 15 cars?). But I like it that we don’t have to pay entrance fee for this. #funforfreesg


The Animal Resort
T81 Seletar West Farmway 5, Singapore 798061
Opens 10am to 6pm