Playdate @10 July

Our group playdate resumes! I don’t know if I’m using the right term. Playgroup? Co-op? Playdate? Oh, whatever. Until I find a proper term for such a day as this, it will be called playdate for now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today, we had one more boy joining us and that makes four kids! Yahoo!

Our schedule goes like this:
-Welcome & circle time
– Big muscle movement
– Story time and craftwork
– Tea break
– Quiet time
– Sensory bin
– Action songs
– Practical life
– Closing time and goodbye song


This is rather different from the previous sessions that we had and to be honest, it felt like we were rushing through. But fear not, the mummies came together and discussed what needs to be improved. I like it that I’m learning from the other ladies in the group. Lifelong learning, eh?

What I have learnt:
– The children can’t sit through the entire story-telling time. They were restless towards the end. Perhaps find one with a short story?IMG-20140710-WA0012
– Faith needs more exposure to craftwork. More art sessions!
– Faith doesn’t like to get her hands dirty (except when it comes to food). She doesn’t like the idea of touching the playdough during the ‘sensory bin’ section. Need to work on that.
– Faith seems to like threading and the blocks that C used for this station (2) is of the right size and material for her!


Practical LIfe materials

Practical LIfe materials

I didn’t have enough time to bake something for the kids and just cut mickey mouse shapes from slices of chocolate bread using a cutter. They have fruits, bananas and the colourful goldfish crackers for teatime. We had wanted to teach the kids to peel the bananas but the mummies got distracted by their own tea break and went off to rest. All except for Jenna. Hah!


I baked a Yuzu sponge cake and carrot cake for the ladies. We had proper tea break today but oops, we lost track of time as a result. Hah! Teaching kids is a lot of hard work, I assure you, especially young kids. A salute to all preschool teachers!


ย The day was long and it was a tad more tiring than before. I’m sure the kids were too. But I’m just glad that we have this regular playdate/co-op going on.


J getting encouragement from hisย mummyย at the Big Muscle Movement segment.


Faith and her new-found friend, J. They hit it off the moment that met. I’m so surprised! They even didn’t mind holding hands together! Whoah! But I have to say that J is really a very pleasant and happy boy. Faith has much to learn from this gor gor!

What will happen next week?
I got excited just by thinking of it! Lots to learn!

12 thoughts on “Playdate @10 July

  1. Hi can my little girl join your play date too? She is 16 months old. I think she can benefit from mingling with the other children.

    • Hi
      Thanks for checking in.
      We would love to have you but I was thinking the group may not be suitable. The reason is this group caters from 19 to 25 months old toddler and the activities we design are catered to this age group. It will cause frustration for your kiddo in some aspects. We try to have weekly outings like going for waterplay and the farm. Would you be keen to come along?

      I have other friends whose kids are around your girl. Let me ask if they want to start something and I’ll let you know? I think it would be more beneficial because in the early years, a few months difference can be a lot of difference in terms of motor skills, for example.

      I’ll email you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. HI,

    Just came across your blog and saw your post. Its a great idea for gathering a grp of kids about the same age group to social and mingle ard to learn and engage them with activities. I would love to join in too however realize that it’s conducted on weekdays which I have to work. Would like to join in for activities that are on weeknd if there’s any.

    • Hi Wendy
      Thanks for dropping by. We are thankful that we have friends whose children are around the same age group. We would like to have more kids with us, as long as we can manage!

      We don’t have activities on weekends, I’m afraid. Weekends are family time so it would be difficult to meet up. If there’s any chance at all to join us during the weekdays, let us know! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • hi,

        I have been trying to teach on my own as well but been working mum time is quite limited and sometimes too drain so just try to do what i can. Sometimes do envy Sahm can teach their kids more and spend more time with them. As I’m working hence weekdays im unable to make it, except only for tomorrow.

      • Hi Wendy
        I know it’s tough. It’s definitely difficult to juggle both work and family (& kids!).
        We only meet twice a week since every one of us also has our own commitments. We can chat more via email if you need. Meanwhile, I can only share ideas with readers like yourself.
        Sincerely hope this helps.
        Hang in there. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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