Vaby the box and so much more!

Last Saturday, our family was invited to a pre-launch of a newly start-up company – Vaby. What’s that, you might ask. It stands for Victory Baby and it provides a one-stop solution for all baby products and services as well as a new discovery online shopping destination for mothers. As new mothers, it can be really confusing and daunting to be bombarded by the many products that are available in the market. Vaby understands that and aims to make life easier by offering the best selection of products, speedy delivery and enjoyable and easy-to-navigate shopping experience for their customers (us parents).


The pre-launch was held at The Playhouse (awesome place, I tell you!) and we were introduced to the Vaby Box which features relevant sample-sized items and discount vouchers for parents to try out. This is an interesting concept and a helpful one too in the sense that parents can try out the product samples before making the decision to say, buy the full bottle of shampoo for the kid if they like it. Less wastage as a result, no?  This box can pass as a great gift too and is available through subscription but currently Vaby only has the mummy / pregnant mummy and baby sample box at $18.90 per month. In time to come, there will be three different boxes, specifically for mummies, babies and toddlers.

I forgot to take a picture of the contents because the little girl was too excited to play at the outdoor and indoor playgrounds and the adults were busy trying to know more about Vaby. 😉


And not forgetting the scrumptious brunch, courtesy of the Vaby team!


We received a Vaby box with a Korean-style’s dress for Faith! How thoughtful of them! I’m sure the little girl would love the soft material of the dress!

2014-06-15 11.28.23 20140619_215823

Vaby is going to have an official launch on 28 June 2014 and you can be part of the party!


All you need to do is sign up as Vaby’s member to enjoy special discounts on the products and services (don’t worry, the sign-up is free). Members will then be invited to attend the official launch at The Playhouse (7 Rochester Park) happening from 2-4pm. Members who “like” their Facebook page and attend the official launch will bring home the Vaby Box (one box for each member)!

Do hurry as there is a limit to the number of members to be invited.

Check out their website and Facebook page!

There will be a give-away after the official launch, so stay tune!

Disclaimer: Our family was invited to Vaby’s pre-launch event, and we appreciated the brunch, dress and transport allowance that were provided by the Vaby team. All opinions are mine. 

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