Hong Kong | Hei Wan Dim Sum Specialist 喜運

Dim Sum is the quintessential meal experience of the Hong Kongers and is it any surprising that when we were in the city state, we had this on our priority list?

This time round, we wanted to go for a Dim Sum place in the neighbourhood and by that I mean not having it in some upmarket restaurants. The previous time when we were here, we tried Jade Garden which was fabulous. So my friend had a few Dim Sum places in mind and they are all in Tsim Sha Tsui area but unfortunately, when we reached the actual sites, there were no eateries to be found. Talk about changes! We travelled on, in search of more Dim Sum places. Thankfully, 喜運 still exists!


To order, we just have to tick against the boxes of items on the menu sheet. Easy? Nah, not at all! The food items are all in Chinese characters and I have long given back my knowledge of them to my teachers. Thankfully, we have some proficient Chinese/ Cantonese folks in our midst and we left this important task to them. We just had to pay and eat!

20140510_094634 20140510_095239
20140510_095230 20140510_103127

There are some basic Dim Sum dishes we will always order like (from top left in clockwise direction) Char Siew buns, Siew Mai, Fan Cheong and braised spare ribs.

It’s always a good idea to have Dim Sum with a group of friends because in that way, you can try more items and you are assured that they will all be consumed. Just imagine if it were only the hubs, Faith and I. We definitely couldn’t finish those delicious food!


We had quite a quick flow of food since they got gobbled up by everyone at the table and we had to order more. Fried carrot cake, har gow (shrimp dumplings), Lotus leaf rice, etc…

20140510_095413 20140510_102516

You can imagine how stuffed all of us were at the end of the meal. The best part is the bill didn’t come up to be hefty. After we split the cost among ourselves, we just need to pay S$10 per person. That’s really afforable!

20140510_104703 20140510_103034

Can you blame us if we were all smiles?



Faith definitely enjoyed the meal and had a good time ‘disturbing’ the elderly folks at the next table.


喜運, Hei Wan Dim Sum Specialist
G/F, 65 Portland Street, Yau Ma Tei

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