Playdate #3

After a few weeks of break, we finally resume our playdate! And I learn about exposure, age-appropriateness of any activities and readiness of the child.

Our plan is as follows:

– Circle time: Welcome song and introduction of the colour ‘Green’
– Storytelling and Craft
– Teabreak
– Quiet time
– Practical life
– Sandplay
– Goodbye song

IMG_2968 IMG_2974

This time round, I hosted the playdate and after the Good Morning song, we shared about Green and brought green items to show the kids. Hopefully, they can register that colour in their minds.


C read the story ‘Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?‘ by Eric Carle and I thought that is really a wonderful book. Since there is repetition in the story, children can expect what’s next. I like the big illustration too and our little children could even name some of the animals.


The follow-up activities require the kids to match the animals using the cards provided by C. Of course, this activity has to be guided by the adults. Faith wasn’t able to do the matching; she’s not ready for it. But the older ones, like R could do so and I heard him make the sound of the animals too. Maybe I’m just not patient enough with Faith. In any case, I’m going to continue doing this activity with her!

IMG_2979Homemade matching cards by C.


Teatime and I nearly fainted. Faith was dropping bread crumbs and cherries everywhere! I know she’s still working on her motor skills but I’m not good with the mess she’s creating! Arghh!

20140515_110418 20140515_110139 20140515_110713 20140515_111103

The individual station for the Practical Life segment remains more or less the same but C introduced the clothes pegs today as she wanted the kids to work on their ‘pincers’ skills. This proved to be challenging for the kids but they did well for the other stations. I did see an improvement in Faith for the matching of the bottle caps to their respective containers.


Originally, we wanted to bring the kids to the playground at the reservoir so that they could play with the sand. However, there was light rain before the playdate and we had to change the plan. So, we decided on art and got the kids to create their own artwork using paint and sponge. Faith didn’t want to work on it. I guess this is the first time that she’s introduced to this and would need some time for her to participate. Ok, time to get those Crayola’s washable paint!

noqLooking forward to the next playdate already!

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