Splash, splash!

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One of the skills that I want Faith to acquire is the ability to swim. So, the hubs and I finally called on our friends who stayed in a condo nearby and asked if we could use the swimming facilities and it’s an absolute YES! Yay!

Initially, our dear girl was afraid. She did not even want her legs to get wet and held on tightly to the hubs.


We had to coax her and made so much laughter just so that she would think it is fun.


We bought this float for her at one of the stores near the wet market at $12. She didn’t want to go in at first but I kind of forced her to sit in it and then started making chirpy sound to entice her. See her unwilling facial expression?


In the end, our friends’ daughter came down and played with her and Faith got used to the water. When we went to the children’s pool, she was all smiles. Thank God! Hopefully, we can make this a weekly affair!


Relaxing at the jacuzzi. I like this condo! I like my friends even more! 😉