Toddler Busy Bag Exchange (under 3YO)

I was introduced to this term – Busy Bag Exchange – via a meetup and thought the idea is brilliant.

Basically, a busy bag is a simple, fun and age appropriate activity that will keep your child engaged for a while. You can throw one in your bag to take out at a restaurant, on an airplane, use it at home or somewhere else when you need some time to get something done! This, this and this are cool examples.

In an exchange, each parent chooses a busy bag to work on and give to all the other parents at the exchange. During the exchange they swap bags and each gets to leave with a variety of activities for his/her toddler!


I’m listing the various activity ideas and hopefully I’ll be able to work on some in preparation for Faith’s homeschooling activities.

Oh what busy and fun days ahead!

WW | Happy days!

Our country experienced a dry spell recently and it was made worse with hazy weather. So, one can imagine our joy when it rained recently and the skies cleared! We took the opportunity to go outdoors! This time round, mom joined us too at the reservoir.




What an endearing sight. I’ve never recalled mom playing with us when we were younger!



20140318_093634 20140318_095656 20140318_110917

It’s so fun to have the kids playing together!


To the National Library we went!


Oh! Happy days! More of such days please!

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