A day with Faith

It’s mid week! How are you doing? I thought I should just write about today because I spent the day with Faith and I enjoyed it.


As Faith grows, days as a SAHM become interesting and ultra-busy. Gone were the days when I found myself giving endlessly and the moments, dull and monotonous. Now, the act was reciprocated with cheeky smiles and obedience. I know my love for her shouldn’t be conditional but I’m just human and need some form of affirmation that my service isn’t in vain.

We got up early and went to Church to register for a place in Pre-Nursery class. I’m not optimistic that she gets a place since she would be on the waiting list (#yearendbabieslugi). We are not too anxious for her to start school that young anyway. The only reason why we want her to be schooled is because we want her to socialise with other children. Other times, I’m happy to just teach her some stuff but at the moment, it’s just skills and manners that I want to impart to her.

20140305-225308.jpg 20140305-225318.jpg

We set off to do some grocery shopping and she came back home hungry. Thankfully, I bought her favourite Char Siew Pau and she devoured it. I’ve got things to do in the kitchen and obviously she spent most of the time with me as well. Apart from whining for attention, she also… learnt some skills. Faith could understand instructions now and I find it so fun to get her to help me which she gladly obliged. Stay this way, Faith!

20140305-225351.jpg 20140305-225401.jpg
20140305-230520.jpg 20140305-230532.jpg

There are really a lot of things to play with in the kitchen and I’m not referring to toys. Once I open the fridge door, Faith would run to get a bottle of orange juice and put it back upon my (repeated) command request. She loves to help me throw things in the rubbish bin and at times, her own toys. Argh! I bake rather often and she likes to be a part of it, of course, messing things up in the process. Well, for today, she learnt that clingwrap can actually stick to the oven door! And yes, Faith likes to explore every nook and corner of the house and thwarts my plan of killing the ants (#i cantsettraps)


Faith complains if I spend too much time in the kitchen and that signals to me that I have to either play or read a book with her. She’s easily satisfied and then I’m back to the kitchen again. Today, I baked these Teddy Bears Buns.


One thing that I really hope Faith could do is to nap MORE and longer. Her energy is limitless and she gets up in less than an hour. Arghh! I can’t do much again. So in order to expend her energy, I have to bring her to the playground.


Since she is awake most of the time, quick-fix meals are the best and I managed to do something decent for dinner. Da man had a long day today and I hope that this meal would perk him up! Learnt a new recipe from a friend and I just need to marinate the chicken thighs with honey, whole grain mustard and olive oil before baking them in the oven at 200C until they are done. I’m into donburi at the moment so that explains the picture.


Such is one of those days that I’m thankful that da man wanted me to be a SAHM. It’s not always this blissful, just to be honest. There are many moments of frustration but for now, I just want to savour this sweet moment.


Hope your Wednesday’s been good.

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