Faith :: 15 months

Health-wise: You were taken ill after we visited your cousin at the hospital. I guess the virus was everywhere and your immune system wasn’t that strong. Thankfully, this time round, it was not a struggle to get you to consume the medicine.


A lot of mozzie bites this month!


Eating habits: You are quite an eater. And I have heard reports that you can eat non-stop and I must say I’m not fond of that idea! The positive side, of course, is that it is really easy to feed you and you finish your meal real fast. However, recently, you spit out your food and I wonder why. Some mummy friends told me that you are exploring the different tastes and textures offered to you and that you don’t really fancy certain stuff now (even though you used to love them). Oh well, the adventures of young {picky} eaters, indeed.


Lover of animals: You seem to have a liking towards animals and dare to go up to them. Lovely!


Social: I do think you like meeting people because when we bring you out, you wave to everyone whom you see. And I don’t think you have problem with playing with other kids. At most, you play on your own if your peers ignore you. But, the problem is you still want me to be around you otherwise you will cry out loud. I’m hoping that you can be more independent. Hmm..

Sleeping habits: You seriously don’t like to nap, do you? It really takes a toil on us to make you sleep. While you have no problem falling asleep in the carrier, it’s a chore to get you to fall asleep on your own cot during the day. Thankfully, it is easy to get you to sleep at night. And just when we thought you can sleep through the night, you prove us wrong when you wake up a few times nowadays. We attribute this to teething since your pre-molars are budding. But really, please don’t get up in the middle of the night to play with us? We need the sleep!


Physical: You can get really active! Where do you get those energy from?? Now, you have started running instead of the usual walking. Climbing up and down is a common activity. I don’t really enjoy bringing you out for shopping now since you will take stuff off the shelves and place them on the floor and then I would have to put them back again. Very tiring!


You can get rather cheeky at times and purposely want to test us in terms of the boundaries that we have set for you. Thankfully, you get the idea that we are really serious in what we say and No means NO. You get disciplined a lot this month. Does your palm hurt?


But overall, you are still an obedient child and will do the things that you are asked to. You do understand the instructions though you don’t know how to articulate that. Nods and shaking of head is how you communicate to us now which can be really helpful albeit funny.

You will always be Mama's girl.

You will always be Mama’s girl.

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