WW | What’s next?


I spent the morning packing the milk bottles, breast pump and some baby clothes. As I was doing so, two questions came to my mind:

1) Do I want a second child? If so, when should I start planning?

2) Do I place Faith in a preschool or homeschool her? If preschool is the way to go, then which one, knowing full well that there might not be any vacancies left since she is born in the popular year of the dragon (sigh!). If I am to homeschool her, what preparations do I have to make?

For #1, many (relatives) have asked me if I want a second one. I guess it’s about time to think about this since Faith is already more than a year old and we should be planning for it if we do not want the gap to be too big. I’ve asked a few friends who have more than one child and many cited the reason that the second one can be a company to the first. If not, she will be very lonely leh. I guess that’s true but are there any more compelling reasons?

Recently, I met an auntie and she commented that it’s such a waste that I quit my job to look after ONE kid. Go for a second one…it’s about time. Based on her theory, I should maximise my resignation to look after more kids so that it is more worthwhile. That sounds quite right in a way and her statement made me think about our car which we could still possess for another two years. Having a car during pregnancy and when the child is young can be really convenient. Should I maximise the use of it? Heh…

So, I guess it’s time to sit down and discuss with the husband. More importantly, we do need to pray and seek the Lord in this matter.


What’s your reason for having a second child?

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2 thoughts on “WW | What’s next?

    • You know, I thought of you or the working moms when I was on a 2-week full-time course recently. Went home tired and had little time to interact with the little one. It’s so tough.

      Take care of your health. Whether or not we are going for a 2nd one, a healthy and rested body is still essential.

      Praying for you, Jenna.

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