To the farm we go!

My brother and his family came back for the CNY period and we took the chance to plan some activities for the kiddos. Our first trip? To the farm!

After listing some choices, we decided to go to Farmart which is located at Sungei Tengah Road. But before that, it’s breakfast at Riders Cafe since the kids could have a view of the horses and perhaps we could educate them on this animal. We tried…

Faith and Lester

Faith and Lester

BIL trying to read to animals!

BIL trying to read to them…farm animals!

IMG_0735 IMG_0624

Cousins unite!

Cousins unite!

We were all excited for this farm trip but were disappointed that many of the shops were not open. Nonetheless, we made do with what was available.

Thankfully, the animal corner was open and the kids could get up close to goats, bull frogs, tortoises, rabbits and fishes. Oh yes, pay a small fee and you could feed them!



Faith and her moo moo!

Faith and her moo moo!

The animal corner was rather small and we proceeded to a shop which sells live seafood such as fish, lobsters, frogs, etc. My nephews were excited and Dallen taught Faith a few of these animals. Educational indeed!

IMG_0653 IMG_0646


Ah! Lobsters!

The children got bored after a while since there was nothing much to explore after that. Thankfully, there were a few toy machines at the dining area.


Taking a good group photo of the kids can be very exhausting!

Taking a good group photo of the kids can be very exhausting!

Our next stop is Qian Hu Fish Farm which is just a short distance away. The kids were really mesmerised by the different variety of fish and were amazed. We spent quite some time at this place, not forgetting the fact that the adults treated themselves to a 30-min fish spa at $10/pax.





IMG_0729 IMG_0730

It was my first time treating the fish to some bites and it was so ticklish. We had a laughing good time there!


We had wanted to complete this farm trip with a late lunch at Bollywood. Alas, it was closed. Bummer! If you intend to do this type of trip, do visit Bollywood! The food is rather delish.


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