Thomas the train cake

Last Saturday, a friend, QX, asked if I could make a Thomas the train cake for her son’s birthday. She wanted a rainbow vanilla sponge cake.


QX gave me a few designs for ideas but the fickle-minded me changed my designs a few times until I finally settled on one.


I wish I had the time to do the train figurine but I was too busy that week which was a pity. On the day of the delivery, I made the rainbow cake. This time round, I changed the flour to cake flour which resulted in a lighter texture. I also doubled the portion and my cake ended up really tall! It turned out to be 5-inch tall!

20140125-094614.jpgContainers such as these are very useful for making rainbow cake. After weighing the batter and dividing the portions, the various colours – red, orange, yellow, green and blue – were added.

Each layer took about 20 minutes to be baked. Having many cake pans would help when you bake a rainbow cake. If not, laying the base and side of the pan with parchment paper helps too!


Cheery colours!

While giving time for the cake layers to cool, the next step was to make the swiss meringue buttercream which is a lot easier than the IMBC. Thankfully the portion was just enough for this cake. No leftover! Yay!

20140125-094650.jpg 20140125-094659.jpg
Note to self: Initially after adding the butter, it will curdle and looks a tad runny but just let it beat more and it will soon become creamy.

For the past few cakes, I had used IMBC and chocolate ganache as the coat before the fondant. However, there were air bubbles and this wouldn’t look nice on a cake. This time round, I used Wilton’s buttercream and the result was rather satisfactory! Perhaps, the breezy weather helped that day. Humidity was lower than usual too. I just wish that the buttercream isn’t that sweet. Well, I guess I can always counteract the sweetness with the addition of lemon or salt.

20140125-094723.jpg 20140125-094733.jpg


The decorating part is always the most fun. I added the embellishment and hid any imperfections with them.

20140125-094811.jpg 20140125-094820.jpg
20140125-094835.jpg 20140125-094854.jpg

That’s it. I had a good time with this cake. I certainly hope to have the opportunity to make the train figurine in future!


Toot! Toot!

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