Faith :: 14 months old

Dear Faith
There have been a lot of development between your 13th and 14th month. Let’s see if I can list all of them down.


You are extremely active. Each day sees you wanting to walk all over the place. Initially, you were rather unsteady but by 13M 3W, you were basically on your own. I am glad, both for you and me because that would mean that I don’t have to carry you that much as you are rather heavy!


You like the playground a lot. Once we reach the neighbourhood playground, you let go of 20140120-132758.jpgme and climb up the slide and steps. It’s a good thing that you are courageous and I can see that you calculate each of your steps and are careful about it. Thank God you are not a reckless babe in terms of this. However, you seem to dislike sand. Does it hurt your feet? You made me laugh when we brought you to the playground at the reservoir. You basically held on to Papa when you had contact with the sand.

Remember there was once you were afraid of the water. Now, you love it! When I brought you to the water playground at Vivocity and Tampines 1, you were ecstatic and it is indeed a joy to see you so excited.

20140120-132846.jpg 20140120-132815.jpg

I think you can recognise dogs and cats and each time we pass by them, you would utter their names, though they may not be pronounced correctly. But we get it. You don’t fear them and instead would dare to get close and touch them!


You seem to catch the concept of putting things in their rightful place now. Recently, I got you to throw the toilet paper that you shredded into the bin and you did it! You do so for other things as well and I believe it is time to teach you to keep your toys. Slowly but steadily, I will be teaching you all these habits. 😉

20140120-132922.jpg 20140120-132706.jpg
20140120-132632.jpg 20140120-132611.jpg

You have a voracious appetite. It seems that you can’t stop eating. When you go to Grandpa’s place, I was told you eat non-stop. It doesn’t help that Grandma keeps giving you food to munch. Thankfully, she gives you fruits and not junk food. But I’m really afraid that you will inculcate bad eating habits. Can’t you, erm..maybe try to cut down on food? Eating shouldn’t be your past time, ya?


Papa and I think that you understand what we are referring to when we give you certain instructions. You actually perform the task. For example, when I ask you to fetch the book that we read before bedtime, you will get up from my lap and go to the shelf and pick up a/the book. This is pretty interesting.


I think you have slowly grown to like books, or being read to. You will go to the shelf yourself and pick up a book and start flipping. Sometimes, you will call out to me and point to the book and I think you want me to read to you? Reading is good. Keep it up!


There are so many things that happen each day. I’m thankful that I’m there to witness your development. But above all, we pray that you will always be joyful and healthy and that you will come to know the Lord and enjoy Him forever.