Fun @ Gymnademics

It’s been almost five weeks since we started Faith on the Crucero class at Gymnademics and what progress she has made!

When Faith had her first lesson, she was just creeping but now she is walking steadily and is more confident at performing the various activities in that one-hour lesson. Through each class, I became more aware of her weaknesses as they were pointed out during the class by the teachers and I could help her overcome them during the course of the week.


Each lesson is jam-packed with purposeful activities, ranging from thematic learning of language and music to physical activities that focus on areas of balance, manual, mobility and tactile competencies. We are advised to arrive about 15 minutes earlier for the class so that Faith could settle down and be familiarised with the environment and teachers. After all, she is only attending once a week.


Lesson begins with a welcome song and the teacher flashes the words of the song using her placards to each child.


Following that, Faith learns about the different parts of the body (which is the current theme) through the teacher’s use of word cards and picture cards, something that I’m not consistent in doing. Thankfully, after each class, we are given the Child Bonding Package which includes materials that we can go through with Faith for the week to reinforce her learning.

IMG_0264 IMG_0267 IMG_0263

I love the physical activities the most because through them, I got to know what Faith is afraid of in terms of her mobility, for instance, and then help her overcome her fears by working on them during the week. For example, Faith could not hang on to the trapeze bar (which helps strengthens the fine muscle tones like hands and fingers) for long and she definitely did NOT have a swinging good time because she is just frightened of the movement. But gradually, she could and I am so proud of her!


Faith loves to work on the obstacles and I believe it has given her much confidence when she could complete the course. I’m thankful that the teachers also share with us what we could do to encourage Faith to walk (when she was still at the creeping stage). As first-time parents, the hubs and I are not the most well-informed, I’m afraid and those information certainly helps a lot.


Not a minute is wasted in the one-hour lesson and I must say, it’s a pretty good workout for the parents too. For the rest of the week, I use what I have learnt from each class to teach Faith and go through the activities that would help her in terms of her balance (at this point in time). We are definitely looking forward to the next lesson!

Gymnademics is an early enrichment centre for children from 5 months to 5 years of age. They adopt a holistic approach towards early childhood development, by incorporating both intellectual and physical activities in the classes. The curriculum is designed to be purposefully fun and engaging for both parents and children and is built upon the foundation of the Glenn Doman method. To find out more about the classes at Gymnademics, you can visit the website or their facebook page.

[GIVEAWAY] I’m happy to inform you that Gymnademics is giving away a 4-hour Weekday Free Play pass worth $40 (you don’t have to use up all in one go) at ARC (Alexandra Retail Centre). Their fully padded and colourful studio is ideal for kids to play safely in, and there are a lot of fun and educational toys, musical instruments, learning materials and gym equipment to to be found there. I know Faith was fully occupied with them when we first visited the studio. 🙂

What you need to do is to share with me ONE purposeful play activity that you do with your child via the comment’s section in this blog post.

– 1 winner will be chosen at random
– Giveaway is only open to Singapore residents.
– Ends on 26 January 2014
– The winner will be announced on this blog post and on lynnlly’s facebook page the following day.

All the best!

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18 thoughts on “Fun @ Gymnademics

  1. Baby Jared loves balls. Hence we often play balls with him, be it throwing it around or learning to kick it like a soccer ball.

    • Hi Jenna
      Faith loves balls too! Haha..I read about your recent FB post about Jared. Praying that he will get well soon. Take care of yourself too!

  2. My boys love water so we do alot water play during bath time – measuring and pouring water, splashing, science experiment during bath time, bubbles, aim and spray water at alphabets etc.

    • Same here! Faith likes to feel the water from the tap… but I cannot always allow her to do that…waste water! hahaha…

      Thanks for participating!

  3. It is great to read about little Faith’s increasing faith in the capabilities of the body that her Creator has given her at Gymnademics. To expand my gal’s confidence in her psychomotor ability when she was around that age, I created our home “gym” for her. It’s a good replacement activity for days when we cannot make it outdoors to the park/playground. I varied the height of the different jumping platforms with the sofa, foldable floor mattress, firm pillows, bolsters etc… whatever soft but firm “cushion” items available in the house. Sing “Row, Row, Row the Boat” while rocking her with a bolster (learn to balance her body). Play see-saw by cupping the bolster or blanket around her back (strength abs muscles). I guess the list of home-based physical activities is limitless!

    • Thank you so much for your sharing, Vieny! You really go all out to create a home gym for your girl! She must have been having loads of fun then! You inspire me! Thank you so much!

  4. hi lynn, to create new interesting activity to insprire and excite Sefton, one purposeful activity i did with, to teach him colours using a wind mile, label it with words. hence can teach both colours and word at the same time. and he love it 😉

    • Hello Shirley! I would love to try your activity! Why didn’t I think of this??!! Thank you for participating and all the best! 😉

  5. My little girl enjoys playing with the maze bead toy. Initially she pushes beads from one side to the other. When we push it back, she pushes it again. We teach her colours and sizes ie big / small using the beads.
    Now she likes to spin the beads so that it travels to the other side. Sometimes it works sometimes it don’t depending on the amount of strength used. So we can see her trying again when it does not.

    • Sounds fun to me and I think your girl has patience! Faith moves on to other things quite quickly. She gets bored easily! Arghhh…

      Thanks for participating and all the best!

  6. Due to space constraint as I am living with my in laws, I have to create the most out of my room to create a play area for her which is on my bed. As she is approaching her next milestone to flip and sitting upright, to encourage her to do more tummy time, I lie down with her and encourage her with toys,singing and words of encouragement. I can’t wait for her to do her first flip!

    • You are such an encouraging mom! Your girl is blessed to have you! 😉
      Flip! Flip! Flip!

      Thank you for participating and all the best!

  7. I do different play activities at different stage of his development. Used to play hide and seek under the blankets and bedsheets and pillows when he was smaller to encourage him to crawl and learn object permanence.

    Now that he is toddling we place things like socks basket and diaper bin within his reach and encourage him to keep his own socks and throw his own diapers. He will have to walk to do these and he enjoys it. We are glad as well since that trains his walking and also teaches good habits. Still thinking of more things he can be allowed to do by himself to teach independence and reinforce good habits .. eg. Brushing teeth .. taking off shoes .. keeping toys .. 🙂

    • Why didn’t I think of getting Faith to throw her own diapers????
      Faith is getting the idea of throwing toilet paper in the bin. Hah!
      Oh! Do share with me more the next time!

      Thanks for participating and all the best! 😉

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