Hello 2014


There are a few books that I have bought but are left on the shelves, untouched. Some of them are on parenting while others, cookbooks. Personally I feel I need to be educated more on parenting, especially those based on biblical principles. Some of the titles that I aim to ‘touch’ are French Twist, The Mission of Motherhood, The Ministry of Motherhood, Instructing a Child’s Heart, Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Patisserie at Home, etc.

Designing activities for Faith
As Faith grows to be a toddler, there is much to be done in terms of exposing her to the various environments and people. Last year, I didn’t do much. Mostly, I allowed Faith to explore the apartment and I think she has become bored. Because of that, she isn’t too comfortable when it comes to meeting strangers. I hope to be coming out with a schedule so that she can learn more through such exposure and play. That would also mean that the amount of time that I can bake will be reduced. Gah… Oh well, I think it can be fun planning activities for the little one which I quite like too! Some of the places that I plan to visit with her are Botanic Gardens, the libraries (of course), waterplay areas, zoo, MacRitchie Reservoir, Henderson Waves, East Coast Park (definitely!), etc. I need to expose her to nature! Outdoor activities, here we come! Oh yes, that includes swimming!

Meeting up with friends
I realized that in 2013, I hardly met up with my friends. Everyone’s busy and even if we have the time, the tendency is that we would want to spend it with our family. However, I’ve come to realize that I miss my friends, those who grew up together with you, who know you well enough to be truthful to you and those who will laugh and weep with you. Personally, I hope to make time for my friends and if it’s possible, to go on a short trip with them sans the kid.

Time with God
If we want Faith to catch on to the Christian faith that we hold on to, then I believe we have to be role models ourselves. That includes spending time with the Lord, praying and reading Bible stories to her. I hope to expose Faith more to these practices and it doesn’t just mean going to Church for service. We want a living faith for her. 

One of the ways to practise hospitality is to invite friends over for a meal, a round of boardgames or just chit-chatting. We miss the good old days of playing boardgames with our friends in Boston and we hope to be intentional about this in 2014. So, who’s game for a round of Dominion?

Cooking and baking
I will still be cooking for most of the days since I believe very much in home-cooked food and would love to share this passion with Faith. Now, she joins me in the kitchen, watching me mostly but I believe there will come a time when I will cook and bake together with her. Hope to be committed to FFWD and to have a cake order each month, just to help to practise my skills.

So, that’s about it. What’s your goals for 2014?

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