Blessed Christmas and a time of thanksgiving

This Christmas, I thought I’ll just look back over the year and to count my blessings. There are certainly some highlights which I want to pen down on this page.

1) Earlier in the end, I was invited by a CG-mate to attend BSF which I have stopped for more than a decade. I’m thankful I went because I met some wonderful ladies who helped in encouraging me in this motherhood journey, and of course in my Christian faith.

2) My resignation is perhaps one of the most major decisions that I’ve made over the years. I have never thought that I would call it quits after just one decade. In fact, I’m prepared to give to the education service till I depart from this earth. Well, perhaps this service is going to take place in another form which I’ve come to realise later.

3) I decide to make this personal blog more public by my involvement with the Singapore Mom Bloggers. As a result, I made a few good friends, learnt a great deal of stuff from very experienced and knowledgable mothers and did some shout-outs and advertising for certain retailers. Oh, we even participated in a stroller fun-run to review a product. Absolute fun!

4) At the requests of friends, I started baking cakes for birthdays. I’m thankful that they trusted me enough though I personally felt there is much to improve. In any case, this has fueled my passion for baking.


5) To help a friend solve a problem, I was given the opportunity to teach baking to a class of 20 adults. It was just satisfactory only, in my opinion, but I was thankful that at the end of the day, the participants went back with happy faces and felt honoured to be given this exposure.

IMG_4416 (Medium)

6) I’m thankful that the dear husband supports my passion in baking and cake decorating by paying for all my courses this year. So, I’ve learnt a great deal in cake-decorating which I practise by baking birthday cakes for others. Towards the end of the year, I got myself a freelance job by teaching baking and cake-decorating to other enthusiasts. This is an awesome arrangement for a SAHM like me who needs some breather at times. To do the things you love is really a blessing.

7) The hubs and I attended a parenting workshop organised by our church and we decided to give back by serving in this area in church. We are thankful for such an opportunity and are excited to see what God has in store for us in 2014.

8) I’m thankful that the little one is growing healthily and happily. Though there is much frustration (which cannot be helped, I guess), there is greater joy in seeing Faith grow. Now, the question is ‘Shall we plan for #2?’. That itself is an issue that we need to commit to the Lord.


9) I’m thankful for my family and that they are all healthy. Each one of them has brought joy in my life. I can’t ask for more.

10) I’m thankful that our family of three is safe. Just a few days ago, we were involved in a car accident but thankfully no one was hurt.


What are you thankful for this year?