Faith @ 13 months old

Oh Faith, the period between the 12th and 13th month is oh-so-interesting!


Initially you gave Mama a scare. Right after your 12-month’s injection, you lost appetite and 20131223-170929.jpgrejected all forms of milk. I was anxious and looked for alternative. I shared with friends about your condition and one of them recommended a yogurt bread recipe to me. Thankfully, you took to it very well and since then, you love bread, on top of the Char Siew Pau that you so love. A week later, your appetite came back and you wanted milk! These days, you would want to drink a bottle once in the morning when you wake up and before you sleep. And each time you will utter ‘ne ne’ and point to the milk bottle indicating your need for it. When we are preparing it, you will imitate our action of shaking the bottle. Adorable! You love grapes and strawberries. Mama suspects it’s because I ate a lot of these fruits when you were in my womb. Hah! As usual, Mama feeds you salmon, cod fish and threadfish porridge for lunch whenever possible and thankfully, you don’t reject them. 😉

Physical development

You seem to be working on your fine motor skills now and love shredding tissue/toilet paper, bread and whatever not and then Mama has to pick up the pieces for you. Sigh!


You love working out on the steps too. Each time Mama goes into the toilet, you will follow suit and climb up and down. Recently, you surprised me by climbing up and down a big step in the playground very quickly, all by yourself. You don’t seem to have any fear but Mama panicked at that point. I was so worried you might fall! Also, a day before you turned 13 months old, you showed us that you could take a few steady steps by yourself. Well done! So, now you can actually find your way to the kitchen from the living room. Hah!

Social development

Till now, my greatest concern is your social skills. I know I have to bring you out more often so that you can meet people and not be scared by them. So, Mama has intentionally brought you to the market, supermarket, playground and the library. I think you love the library the most and love interacting with fellow kids in your own way. It’s a delight to observe you do your stuff without my interference.


Your cousins are finally back…for good!


Recently, Mediacorp has this very catchy advertisement for the Christmas season and it certainly helps you in articulating ‘Pa Pa’ well. Everytime when you hear the music play, you will stop in your track, listen and then flash your smile. So cute! Of course, you will go ‘Pa pa’ a lot which makes Mama jealous. Hey, where’s ‘Ma Ma’? ;p

I’m happy that you are growing well and happily!

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