F’s first visit to the library

Ken and I love the library and we can spend a lot of time in it browsing the books. He will be flipping through sci-fi/fantasy novels while I will be at the cooking section. Naturally, we would like Faith to visit and like being in the library.

So, today, I brought her there. Thank God she wasn’t noisy, just babbling some unintelligible stuff. When she was at the children’s section, she broke free (and I let go) and started exploring the area. I think Faith loves the library! She soon treated it as her playground, greeting the older children and using the chairs to help her support in her walking. The folks around her were amused by her!

IMG_9663 IMG_9664
I’m hoping she will browse the books and select one for me to read aloud to her but she soon wandered off.


What are you doing, peeps?

Back to the books again!

Back to the books again!


Just look at her – practising her walking. Well done!
I guess we will be going to the library weekly now! Yay!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

The weekend saw us busy ourselves with the decorating of a ….Christmas tree!

It’s our first time having a real tree, courtesy of the sister-in-law who wanted to bring on some cheer to the folks. It’s rather fun, I must say!

On reflection, I’m thankful that the SIL bothered to do such things. In our busy and practical society, many of us tend to forgo such activities and would rather rest during this season. After all, we have worked hard throughout the year, so why do this? Gimme a break, you might say. But, it does lift the spirit, in my case, at least. I guess it all boils down to the heart attitude. If you decide that all these are unnecessary, and is a total waste of time, then perhaps you will go to the event with a hardened heart, a downcast spirit and a grim face. And this does affect the company you are with.

The Christmas season should be welcome with wide open arms. It’s a time that we remember that Christ came, to bring hope to the fallen world. It’s a season of giving, not just of material goods but of ourselves. He came so that we might have life, life abundant (John 10:10).

So, peeps, let’s bring on the Christmas cheer… 😉

The little one was involved as well!

The little one was involved as well!

Faith was intrigued by the baubles and stayed entertained by them throughout the session.


Step-by-step, we’ll make it. The guys setting up the lights.

IMG_9615 IMG_9618

And then, the star!

IMG_9617 IMG_9621

We dressed Faith up in santa’s clothing which a friend sent over to us. How apt! But the little one wasn’t very comfortable in it!


I sent some cheer by baking an adaptation of the peppermint mocha cupcakes.


And so, the Christmas spirit is definitely here to stay…for a while, at least. 😉