[30 stuff] My breastfeeding journey

IMG_2022The first item on my list of 30 stuff is to breastfeed Faith for at least 6 months as recommended by most sources and I’m happy to announce that I did so for a year! And now I’m free!!!

The motivation behind breastfeeding the little one is both of nutritional and economical reasons. Breastfeeding, as commented by many, is the best form of first food for the baby and I didn’t want Faith to get her source of nutrients from FM unless I really could not breastfeed. This expectation did pose some stress on me (and I suspect many mothers) and I couldn’t get Faith to latch on for the first few weeks. Thankfully, there is the pump and I saw how miraculous the human (women) body is – we can actually produce milk! Pardon my ignorance but I really am amazed!

I finally engaged a lactation consultation to show me the way to get Faith to latch on and the latter could do so quite well on the spot! The week after that was really about more attempts on latching and having a supportive husband and confinement lady helped a lot! So, in the end, Faith could latch on and I had surplus of milk which was stored and given to my nephew! Hah!

The art of feeding Faith anywhere...

The art of feeding Faith anywhere…

The journey after that was smooth but a challenge to get Faith to drink from the bottle soon arose. When I had to place Faith at my Dad’s, it was ultra stressful for me since Faith refused to drink from other sources. After a few months of trying, she finally relented and I could relax a little. Having said that, I still rushed home to feed Faith because, well, the breasts were engorged. This, too, was stressful. Imagine going out and half the time, you are thinking about your breasts and Faith. Not exactly relaxing, I must say.

Just when I wonder when I would stop breastfeeding, Faith showed signs of resisting the boobs by biting my nipples and not drinking much from them. I guess it’s because she has learnt that there are more food out there to taste and she isn’t going to be contented by merely the milk. A few days after her 12-month’s injection, she totally refused my boobs. Is that it? The end?

And yes, it is!!! She has initiated it and I don’t have to feel guilty about it. The weeks after that saw me reducing the frequency of expressing the breastmilk and I guess now, I can say it’s almost the end of the journey for me! I can wear more dresses now without having to be concerned about breastfeeding! Woo hoo!

With that, I could go back to my jogging routine without having to feel embarrassed about those bouncing boobs. Yea, I got laughed at by some ignorant boys, BOYS! It’s back to the good old times again!

And just when I thought I could enjoy this form of freedom, folks asked me when I’m trying for a second one. But..but… I just came out of this cycle and haven’t had enough time to rest and enjoy! Give me a break? 😉

4 thoughts on “[30 stuff] My breastfeeding journey

  1. Congrats! I agree, the key is to take it one day at a time. My goal was three months with my twins, and I made it to nine months. But like you, I was very happy to have my boobs back LOL. Cheers 🙂

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