Sleep-training and a change in diet

There have been some changes in Faith’s sleeping and eating habits recently.

Last week, we finally conducted sleep training on her. It was painful, to me. Her cries were so pathetic and I nearly, at that instant, dropped the plan to sleep-train her. But we all know that this will ultimately be for the good of everyone so I’ll just had to bear with those wails.

It got better by the third night. Faith was learning to self-soothe and could get herself back to Zzzzz land. The hubs did all the training, not me. I merely sat on my bed, waiting anxiously for her to stop crying. By Sunday (yesterday), the hubs and I could get a more restful night.

With sleep-training comes a change in her diet. The day after the first night of sleep-training, the little one suddenly decided to stop feeding from my boobs. I should have seen that coming since she has been eating more solids and biting my nipples. Ouch! Now, Faith doesn’t even want to drink formula milk and also finds the yogurt that I give her funny and pushes it away.

20131202-161218.jpg 20131202-161227.jpg 20131202-161236.jpg

This does pose a problem, at least to me. How would she get the calcium that she needs?

Thankfully, she loves, loves bread and last Saturday, a friend passed me a recipe on yogurt bread. So, you can expect me to bake more bread like milk bread, cheese bread and the like.


And now, I must busy myself with coming up with more Faith-friendly recipes! The above is pumpkin soup with broccoli, yogurt and cumin added. All thanks to the SIL. I added steamed sweet potato and chia seeds as well. Power food!

By the way, I really love the travelling spoon and fork set from Pigeon. They are the right size for Faith to handle and she could immediately use them to feed herself. Phew! All the other spoons are too long for her to transfer the food to her mouth. These are just the right size for her at this point in time!

2 thoughts on “Sleep-training and a change in diet

  1. Hi,
    Do u mind sharing how u did the sleep training? My girl is similar to Faith. She was able to sleep through the night from 3+ months, but evry night she will wake up 2-3 times & require us to help her fall back asleep. We tried to sleep train her by letting her cry it out. She cried for more than 30min & just refused to sleep. So painful to hear her cries. She also woke up 2-3 times in the middle of the night (as usual) but refused to sleep (unlike previously). She took like, 1 hr before going back to sleep. So after 2 days, we were tired & decided to stop. But we still think that sleep training her would be good for all of us.

    • Hi Huimin, went to your blog and noticed that little PJ is 6 months old? Could it be due to teething that she wakes up due to discomfort? Because that was what happened to Faith. Her ability to sleep through the night changed when she was teething. After that, she would need to be nursed back to sleep.

      Our sleep training would not be different from any other. For the first night, we let her cry out for 2 min then went in to comfort her, talk to her and then go out for another 2 minutes in which she would cry….we did this in intervals until she slept. Think she was too tired to continue crying.

      The next day, we lengthened her crying time to 5 minutes. Each time we lengthened it.

      The training was done by the hubs because I don’t have the heart to do it, even though I know in the long run, it trains her to be independent. The key thing is to be consistent. If you have decided to train her, you have to stick to it. Babies are clever!

      Some of my friends commented that they took a week and each time, the child took 1 hour too to fall asleep. So this period can be exhausting no doubt.

      Do consider other factors that might hinder the training like teething, not feeling well, cold, etc.

      Faith still wakes up like once in the middle of the night but we didnt go in to soothe her. We just let her cry until she sleeps…

      Hope this helps! All the best!

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