Faith @ 12 months old

20131122-090317.jpgDear Faith, you are 1 year old! Yay! The whole family rejoices with you!

This month saw you reaching a few milestones. You had been cruising for some time now and recently, you were able to stand on your feet without any assistance. That’s quite a progress! Previously, you were so afraid that you would fall but I guess you have finally caught the idea of standing. The next step for you is to walk, baby! Don’t let fear grip you or else you will not learn!

20131122-090612.jpg 20131122-090621.jpg 20131122-090630.jpg

This month, you finally know how to hold the bottle and drink from it! Lately you also decided that you should just feed yourself as compared to having the adults put food into your mouth. Though that’s not very often, Mama is confident that you will do so more frequently and also learn to use the utensils soon!

20131122-090336.jpg 20131122-090541.jpg

Since you have turned one, Mama is really giving you freedom in the food that you eat. No more pureed stuff. Anyway, I think you don’t appreciate them anymore. You are still not good in your chewing but noodles, porridge and fish seem fine.


You take some time to warm up to adults. Are you shy? They like your company, you know? Do show your friendliness by your waves! Thankfully, you are fine with Gong Gong, Po Po and Ah Gong. Gong Gong said you like to hang out with Po Po and choose to play by her side. Hah!




Actually, you can be quite cheeky, letting out your laughter and cause the adults to chuckle. Gong Gong said you have become more mischievous! Stay that way! We suspect you like to hang out with peers your age because when Papa and Mama bring you out, you seem to like to be with the little kids! Perhaps, Mama should bring your out on some play dates soon.


Personally, Mama thinks that you have changed a little in terms of your look. Looking more like a lady eh?

IMG_8707 20131122-090655.jpg

Papa and Mama hope that you can sleep through the night. You wake up a few times in the night and also start the day early at 6am but… you will soon fall back to sleep and I have to put you in the carrier. Mama’s back is getting worse each time. You are not that light anymore! Hah. Maybe Mama shouldn’t indulge you anymore and should train you from now on.


Stay healthy and happy!