A day to remember

14 November. My menses came {finally} after almost a year of breastfeeding Faith. It is also a day that Faith got to visit a doctor (first second time!) after coughing and wheezing for days.

Thankfully, there were no M cramps which I normally would have. I guess the Lord must have known that I needed strength to bring Faith to the clinic and to look after her. The hubs would be out till late at night since he had a dinner to attend.

To save time and to prevent a cranky baby crying on the way to the clinic, I chose one that is near our place. The little one was excited to see other children in the clinic and attempted to play with the available toys. She was diagnosed to have bronchitis and her airways were blocked. No wonder she hasn’t been eating or drinking well. Poor girl! So she was given some medication and I just hope I’ll remember to administer them at the right timing!

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Bored and started to play

Bored and started to play

Faith's medication

Faith’s medication

To encourage her to eat, I baked pumpkin bread for her, pumpkin being her favourite vegetable.




Get well soon!
Oh yes, Faith manages to acquire the skill of holding the water bottle and drinking it by herself.
Thanks to the secret training Gong Gong gave her. =)

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