A new milestone reached

Faith reached a new milestone today! She could stand up on her own with much confidence! My in-laws were here to witness that proud moment and we were all cheering for her as she did that.


Prior to this, Faith has been learning to stand but she always has the fearful expression. Perhaps, she fears falling. At my dad’s place, she likes to move around with the tricycle and cruise all around. Finally she got it!

IMG_8778 IMG_8779

Other fun pictures over the week!

IMG_8735 IMG_8737
IMG_8738 IMG_8742

We bought Chinese books for her! And now the Mama has to brush up on her Chinese too!


And Faith loves Mama’s wallet … a lot!



Hello Kitty Cupcakes

I had another order – 20 Hello Kitty cupcakes – over the weekend and I thought I should just post the process of making them.

I made the toppers a few days in advance so that they can be dried and stored before the actual day of assembling.  They are rather easy to make as long as you have the mould which you can purchased from baking stores like Phoon Huat, Sunlik and Bake King. However, it can be time consuming too. 😉



After the faces have been cut out and dried, I applied yellow fondant as the nose.


The next step is to do the ribbons. I had made them using the mould but it was way too time-consuming to do that. This time round, I just mould them using freehand. Stick to the ears and dry them.


Then, ‘paste’ the face to the pink background – circles – which were made beforehand. Dry them.


Apply black icing as whiskers. I only applied light strokes as I don’t like them too dark. Dry them again.


Assembling time! The cupcakes are baked and buttercream applied so that the toppers can stick to them.


My place is rather warm and you can see that sweating happens very soon!


Since the customer is going to place these cupcakes in the fridge, I cling-wrapped them to minimise sudden change in temperature after they are taken out of the fridge. This is to prevent sweating. Not a very pretty and inviting sight to behold, ya know? ;p